hot yoais


This is and always will be my favorite video

candied-corpse  asked:

Lmao logging onto tumblr seeing people complaining about mercy not being a black guy is honestly just the dumbest shit ever. Like half the people just want a hot yoai or a soft pure mlm bullshit couple and the other half are just virtue signaling. Get a life perhaps gamers?

my main this is they bullied blizzard to get rid of the gency shit but as soon as “ oh mercy wouldve been a guy “ its suddenly ok….

We ship it because they're cute together / have chemistry, not because it's "hot boyxboy YOAI don't like don't read"

applies to f/f ships as well but accusations are usually about m/m
doesn’t apply to pedophilia or other problematic ships
still applies to queerbaiting ships