hot yes very hot

So…which one of your OTP is dumb enough to ask if a lightbulb that’s been on all day is hot, and then proceed to test it by pressing their finger hard against the top of the bulb as long as they can before screaming, while the other person just watches in silence like ‘wtaf’?

semi important

Yknow that one interview where the cast were asked that if they had to dress each other up in cosplay? what would they be

and Becky got SO EXCITED about the idea of Naomi dressing sexily as Tomb Raider. She keeps repeating herself

And then Naomi says … I’d put you in a chicken suit.

someone write a fic where Trimberly go to a comic con as gf’s in these outfits please

Hickeys (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where you wake up next to shawn after a hot night and he wakes you up with hickeys and morning sex ? (Obviously you gave him consent to wake you up like this before haha) ?

Word Count: 1,773


I felt the sunlight from the window burn into my skin. Whenever Shawn was the last one to go to bed, he always forgot shutting the curtains. It never woke him up when the room started to become light, but it always ended up pulling me out of my sleep.

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BTS as shit I (Admin Unnie) have said pt. 2
  • Jin: *mom drops me off at school at 7:45 am* What's for dinner tonight?
  • Yoongi: *nephew cries when time for nap* you're gonna regret this one day
  • Hoseok: of course you're having a good day, I'm here
  • Namjoon: You cannot trust me with anything I could potentially burn myself on. I once burned myself making hot chocolate with a Keurig.
  • Jimin: *nephew puts his hand on mine and says "hot"* why yes I am hot thank you very much
  • Taehyung: Whenever I begin to lose faith in humanity, I remember that Park Jimin exists
  • Jungkook: I got a 31 on the ACT!! *classmate says he got a 32* Screw you and your 32

Inktober Day #20: Worried

It’s not even that cold outside, but Mob is still kinda getting over a cold and his friends/brother are…a bit worried…

Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this last night so you’re getting this now :P

nem | igen | nemigen

nem [ˈnɛm]
1) no; not
2) sex; gender

igen [ˈiɡen]
1) yes
2) quite; very
[e.g.: Igen sok ember volt ma a koncerten. – “Very much”/A lot of people were at the concert today.]
[e.g.: Igen meleg volt ma. – It was very hot today.]
[e.g.: Igen, meleg volt ma. – Yes, it was hot today.]

nemigen [ˈnɛmiɡen] – hardly; not really; not too much; not particularly
[e.g.: Peti iskolakerülő, nemigen jár iskolába. – Peti is a truant, does not go to school much.]
[e.g.: Józsi nemigen hitte hogy léteznek földönkívüliek, míg egyik éjjel el nem rabolták. – Józsi did not really believe that aliens exist, until one night they have abducted him.]
[e.g.: Nemigen lesz meg a vizsgád, ha el nem kezdesz most rögtön tanulni. – You are not really going to pass the exam, if you will not start studying immediately.]
[e.g.: Ez a dal nemigen szól semmiről, csak egy szokásos diszkó dal. – This song does not really have a meaning, it is just a regular disco song. / This song does not really talk about anything, it is just a regular disco song.]

fun fact, the other day at film studies class we had to watch a sex scene because we were talking about how to film and shoot and direct actors in that type of scenes and we just—you saw the room full of 20-something trying to hold a laugh and all the girls blushing.

it was also a michael fassbender sex scene so—

So my sister is going to University and she found a house but she’s living with 4 guys, One has bright red hair and is a drama student, One is a second year with shaggy brown hair and a guitarist, Another one is a first year with a skateboard and training to be a stunt man and The other one is a Third year studying Law and has black hair and glasses. Im sorry, Did my sister sell her soul to live in a anime??