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So…which one of your OTP is dumb enough to ask if a lightbulb that’s been on all day is hot, and then proceed to test it by pressing their finger hard against the top of the bulb as long as they can before screaming, while the other person just watches in silence like ‘wtaf’?

Inktober Day #20: Worried

It’s not even that cold outside, but Mob is still kinda getting over a cold and his friends/brother are…a bit worried…

Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this last night so you’re getting this now :P


Pairing(s): Reader x Derek Hale
Request: Can you do one with Derek being your teacher and he find himself falling for you and he tries to tell 😍
Warning(s): teacher and student relationship, just so you know if you’re not okay with that (it isn’t okay I know)

“Ready for Mr. Hale’s class?” Your friend, Y/F/N, asks you while wiggling her eyebrows at you. “Oh, please, will you stop?” You say, annoyed. Yes, he was hot. Very hot. But you knew crushing on a teacher would get you nowhere. “We all know you’re crushing on him, and let’s be real, he’s checked you out as well.” Your friend responds. 

While you were working on your schoolwork in Mr. Hale’s class, history, you felt a pair of eyes on you. You slowly lifted your head up, your eyes meeting Mr. Hale’s beautiful, green eyes. You felt yourself getting red and tried focusing on your schoolwork again, which was not a big success as you could not stop think about why he was staring at you. “Y/N? You okay?” Your friend asked you, noticing that you weren’t focused. “Hmm? Oh yeah, fine.” You answered absentely.

When the bell finally rang, you quickly stood up and packed your bag. While walking to the door of the classroom, you looked back at Mr. Hale and noticed he was looking at you once again. Weird. Walking out of the classroom quickly, you walked to your locker and put some books away and grabbing your lunch before shutting your locker again. Once you were done, you went outside to eat your lunch with your group of friends. “So, Y/N… I noticed Hale giving you heart eyes,” one of your other friends mentioned. “Not you too.. Can you all just stop, he’s a teacher and like, 10 years older?” You defended yourself. “He’s 23, that’s not too much of a difference with you, that’s like a 5 year difference which is not too bad.” You nodded, hoping they’d shut up about it. “Well, whatever.” 

The next day, you unfortunately had history again, which sucked for two reasons: 1) history and 2) Mr. Hale. One of the two reason was not as bad as the other though. Walking in, Mr. Hale was already standing in front of the class.  As you walked to your seat, he walked over to you. “Miss Y/L/N, can we have a word after class?” He had a serious look on his face, so you immediately assumed you were in trouble. Maybe that was the reason he was giving you looks all the time. Now you were feeling nervous. “Eh, s-sure.” You responded with a tight smile. “Great.” He gave you a toothy smile back. Goddamn, he was gorgeous.

Sixty minutes later, the bell rang and as you were packing your bag you felt even more nervous than before. You walked over to his desk and waited for him to sit down once all the students were gone. Well, at least you were expecting him to sit down, seeing as how serious he was. You were definitely not expecting him to place a hand on your hip. As he did, you turned around. “Miss Y/L/N…” he sighed, but you cut him off. “You can call me Y/N.” You said, hoping to cut the tension. “Right, Y/N… I-I don’t know how to say this, but…” He looks down to his feet. “It’s okay, I can handle it if I’m in trouble or something, you know, my parents will probably be mad but-” You were cut off by a pair of perfect lips pressed against yours. “I’m crazy for you, Y/N.” He whispered against your lips. “Then I’m definitely in trouble.” You whispered back, taking the opportunity to press your lips against his now. 

i picked up this book last time i was at barnes and noble, even though i dont have anytime to read these days, thanks to my ap classes. it’s been on my to read list for ages, and look how gorgeous the cover art is! i couldnt bear to pass it up.

Quiet genderbend just for fun! personally i think the design would work for a male soldier too, but maybe thats just my libido talking me

The Signs as Things My Grandma Has Said
  • Aries: I bought you a cactus!!
  • Taurus: Oh they’re gay and in love!! Aw so sweet~ You’re fake people are very progressive
  • Gemini: I’ll just put soap all over the counter. Then the ants will D R O W N
  • Cancer: Oh go ahead and buy two whole tubs of ice cream, who cares?
  • Leo: Tim Burton! That scary Skeleton Guy. Yeah, I like him.
  • Virgo: My hat is so fashionable you guys check this out!!! [pulls out the ugliest neon hat ever but genuinely thinks it looks good]
  • Libra: Is that anime?
  • Scorpio: You could kill him,,,, **I** could kill him.
  • Sagittarius: Oh give me some of your chicken wings they cant be that hot. [takes and eats the hottest wing] [pauses] okAY YES THAT IS VERY HOT
  • Capricorn: Nei men! No!! No but,, , , he needed to die? This is unrealistic and unbelievable. What BALOGNEY!!! Oh goodness sorry for that potty mouth.
  • Aquarius: Who cares anymore honestly? It’s 2016, let the women go around topless what do you care? Some of them are really attractive anyways, so why wouldn’t you want to see that?
  • Pisces: I know I’m supposed to like this because I’m from Norway, but that one particular fish is So Bad. Honestly I don’t know how you guys do it. I guess I’m an alien.