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And just like that, everything was over again.
Just like that, I was shattered all over again.
Just like that I knew,
I had to begin again.
And just like that,
I had to drag myself out to
a new beginning (again)
-Just like that we were over again

“It’s pointless to count stars.”

“It’s also pointless to count freckles, but I know you have 36 on the edge of your left hand.”

submitted by anonymous someone who could probs woo me in a day


Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

Some of my friends had arrangements with ‘sensible’ girls. Not I – I was in love with a whirlwind.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Early Success”
You can’t kick me out, This is my bed!

A Pietro x Reader for @umwhatandrea​ . I’m super into Pietro right now too. Thats why most of the stuff Iv’e written so far has been for him. Most of my requests are for him too, so his list just gets bigger and bigger. I hope you like it love! 343 words of Pietro cuteness. Requests are open so send them in! Enjoy!


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Summary: The air conditioner is broken in the middle of the summer in all rooms except yours. Pietro wants to sleep in your room to avoid being hot.

You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!” I yelled up to Pietro. “The air conditioner is broken everywhere else in the tower (Y/n). Its hot.” He whined. Tony had been creating another Iron Man suit, and somehow managed to blow up his lab, destroying the central air unit for the entire tower, in the middle of summer. But being the amazing  intelligent person I was, I went to target and bought a mini air conditioner so my room was cool.

“Pietro you can’t sleep in here.” I said sitting on my bed and crossing my arms. “Why not?” He asked. “I only have one bed and I’m sleeping in it.” “Can’t we share the bed?” He asked sitting next to me. I sighed and looked at my bed. It could fit two people but it would be pretty snug. It was super hot in the tower… “Sure Pietro, you can sleep here.” I said moving over to the far side of the bed. “Thank you (Y/n).” he said sliding down next to me.

“Aww they’re so cute.” I heard Tony’s voice drift through my sleepy mind. I opened my eyes slowly and saw the entire team gathered in my bedroom. I tried to reach up to rub my eyes, but my arm couldn’t move. I turned behind me to see one of Pietro’s arms over my shoulders and the other wrapped around my waist. His legs were tangled with mine, and his head was resting in the crook of my neck. “What the?” I murmured as flashes of light overwhelmed my eyes. The team had their phone’s out and were taking pictures from every angle. “Guy stop it.” I said burying my face into my pillow, and accidentally waking Pietro. “Whats going on?” he said lifting his head and staring at the team. “Is there something you want to tell us Pietro?” Tony asked walking forward and showing him a picture of us. Pietro blushed horribly, but didn’t move. “It was hot.” He groaned before pushed his face into the pillow right beside mine.