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Pink Hot Chocolate Milk - A Self-Love Potion

A potion for self love. Take as a ‘self love pick-me-up.


  • ½ c. Strawberry Nesquick or other strawberry milk flavour (add more to taste if desired.
    Strawberry represents love, sweetness, passion, softness, and warmth.
  • 1 c. white chocolate chips
    Chocolate represents sexual and non-sexual euphoria, communication, love, desire, and acceptance. White chocolate is a ‘whiter’ version of this.
  • ¾ c. instant dry milk
    Milk represents, peace, fertility, a healthy body, and having plenty.
  • ½ pkg instant white chocolate pudding (3.3 oz)


Grind up white chocolate chips. Freezing them first helps. Mix all ingredients together, using about three teaspoons per cup or water, milk, or coconut milk.

Hot Chocolate Magic ☕

with hot chocolate season on the way, there are a lot of subtle ways to work a little magic into your mug! a compiled list of easy recipes to have some magic in your day

for all recipes, melt chocolate in the microwave, and mix in heated milk.

Caramel 🍬

½ cup milk, 5 oz. chopped milk chocolate, 3 tsps caramel, ¼ cup heavy cream.  for love, kindness, domestic works

Cinnamon Spice 🍃

1 cup milk,  5 oz. chopped dark chocolate, ¼ tsp cinnamon, a pinch cayenne pepper. divination, fortune, healing, power, prosperity, protection, psychic abilities, spirituality, wealth, and wisdom.

Orange  🍊

1 cup milk,  2 oz. chopped dark chocolate, ½ tbsp sugar, ½ tbsp grated orange peel. for beauty, divination, fortune, love, purification, and wealth.

White Lavender 🌾

1 cup whole milk, ½ chopped white chocolate, ¼ tsp lavender flowers. for chastity, happiness, love, peace, protection, and purification.

Peppermint 🍬

1 cup whole milk, ½ cup chopped milk chocolate, 1 peppermint candy.  for healing, love, psychic abilities, and purification.

Pumpkin Spice 🎃 

1 cup whole milk,  1 tsp. chocolate powder, ½ tsp pumpkin spice, 1 tsp. maple syrup.  for banishment, divination, healing, prosperity, and protection

Hazelnut 🌰

1 cup whole milk, a pinch salt, 1 tsp cocoa, 2 tbsp nutella or ¼ tsp hazelnut extract.  for fertility, protection against evil, creativity, intuition, and psychic abilities

Vanilla 🌾

½ cup milk, 5 oz. chopped milk chocolate, 1 tsp vanilla extract. for happiness, love, and lust.

Peanut Butter 🌰

1 cup skim milk,  2 oz. chopped dark chocolate, ¼ cup peanut butter, add cream to taste. for wealth, love, and fortune.

Potions - Warm Night

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Hi witches! 

Who doesn’t love a warm, steaming, insanely sweet hot chocolate? This one will radiate happiness and comfort.

let’s get started shall we ?

For this cup of heaven you will need

              • milk / powder chocolate / powder cappucino / honey / acacia honey / vanilla honey / vanilla sugar / vanilla extract / cream & sprinkles !

how to ?

     • fill one half of the mug with milk and the other half with cream, mix it slowly while pouring happiness and warm feelings into it.

• drop one spoon of each honey and mix, imagine the honey being liquid sunshine.

• then drop half a spoon of vanilla sugar and three drops of vanilla extract. mix.

• put it in the microwave for one minute and thirty seconds.

• take it out and add the chocolate and the cappucino powders. 

• stir and sprinkle the sprinkles on it.

It’s done !
Enjoy this calming drink !

Sebastian Stan just does things to me that no one else does

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but believe me, Taylor Kitsch comes close!!!

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First Date - Jamie’s perspective

I wrote a ficlet ( that got a lot of requests to continue it. So I did. Here is the sequel ficlet to that ficlet with another ficlet from Claire’s perspective coming soon.

Jamie was jittery about his first date with his nephew’s teacher, Miss Beauchamp. He had been standing in front of his open closet attempting to choose the perfect clothing combination for over an hour. It made no sense why he was so flustered with such an incredibly simple task. A few exasperated sighs later the penny finally dropped. He remembered his late father had discussed the feeling he’d get when he found the right person.

A spark. A pull. An urge to be with them. Do you understand what I say? You’ll ken if they’re the one, boy.  

When Jenny had first asked him to help out with the morning school run he had balked, saying he needed to be at the office. He was in charge of the family’s distillery business while she and her husband were running the award winning farm. They had several heated arguments on the subject until she pulled rank as the older sister. She loudly reminded him that they were a family who supported each other and that he didn’t get to choose when. He didn’t argue a bit anymore.

A scream from downstairs snapped him back to reality. He dashed downstairs to see Ian cradling Kitty as she red faced bawled louder and louder.

“She tried to get a biscuit in the pantry and fell.” Ian confirmed. “We’re taking her to A&E and need you to stay with Jamie and Maggie.”

Mo Chreach!”

The moment he said it, his sister smacked the back of his head as she scowled at him. He returned the glare but decided against verbal retaliation, considering the situation.

“ Jesus, Mary and Bride! I know!” he replied with a wince. “I shouldn’t say such things in front of the wee’uns.”

“Why did you then?” Jenny demanded. “If you know you shouldn’t and you should be smart enough to know you shouldn’t then you should not do it!”

“What?” Jamie shook his head. “Nevermind. Just go. I’ll text Miss Beauchamp to cancel. Go.”

His sister gave him a peck on the cheek as he pushed her towards the front door.

“Take care of Kitty, mo piuthar. We will be okay here, I promise.”


Supper with two rambunctious children left with their young uncle went as well as he expected, although the gravy hitting him square in the face was unforeseen. As they did the washing up his mobile began to buzz in his back pocket.


Both children pointed at him then gave him a smack rather reminiscent of their mother’s. He would have to apologize to her in front of them and a long speech on why swearing wasn’t a good idea would have to be worked on as well.

He flicked his mobile open to answer it when he saw it was his date, well, who he would be dating if he wasn’t trying to wrangle children who were currently hellbent on flooding the room.

“Miss Beauchamp! I am so sorry!” he babbled. “My sister and brother-in-law had to take the youngest to A & E. I can’t apologize enough for not calling you!”

“I was hoping it was something.. No. Erm. I’m glad it wasn’t me.” she sputtered.

“Dinna fash! I do have to get these two hooligans tucked in bed. D’ye think you could help me do that?” he laughed.

Both children decided it was time to be as loud as possible since the adult in charge wasn’t paying enough attention to them. Jamie was sure it was something their mother had taught them just to be extra aggravating

“Certainly, Mr. Fraser. I am a professional, after all.” she yelled over the din. “I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

By the time she arrived Jamie had the children in pyjamas, teeth brushed, and done toileting. He was honestly proud of himself until they were greeting her at the door. She  mentioned Maggie’s top was on inside out and Wee Jamie had put an old pair on that was entirely too small.

“Weel, I did leave it up to them.”

Another half hour later, six drinks of water, two trips to the bathroom and about a hundred questions from a confused little boy who still didn’t understand why his teacher was at his house, the children were asleep.

Claire and Jamie chose the settee in the front room just to make sure they could hear any curious noises from upstairs. They didn’t even have enough time to get comfortable when they heard gales of laughter along with some rather loud splashing. It didn’t take long for them to find out what had happened.

“Why did you put your animals in the toilet, Maggie?” Jamie demanded. “Now it’s made a flood and there’s a massive mess…”

Claire put her hand up to let him know he needn’t continue, she could handle it.

“Okay, you two!” she enthused. “Go get an armful of towels from the linen closet and we’ll get this cleaned so you can get back in bed, alright?”

The young pair nodded their heads and followed everything she asked of them. Everything was cleaned up, returned to order, and might have even looked a bit cleaner when they completed the task set before them. Both Maggie and Wee Jamie yawned as they were tucked in bed for the umpteenth time.

“Night Uncle Jamie. Night Aunt Miss Beauchamp.” they chimed sleepily.

Claire laughed. Jamie blushed red all the way up to his ears.

When they were completely sure the children were asleep they walked downstairs to the kitchen to put the kettle on, tea was much needed after an ordeal it was agreed. But before the water had time to boil, the missing Murray family arrived back home with Kitty sporting a purple plaster cast on her arm.

This would be remembered by Claire to be their first date, but their worst date ever by Jamie. Thankfully, there were more dates. And thankfully for both of them, there was kissing.

Witch tip! 🕯

OKAY. GUYS. SERIOUSLY. If you are not aware of how to clean off or out a candle holder throw that shit in the freezer! When you’re done put it in the freezer over night or a few hours, come back and boom! The extra wax that you couldn’t burn or can’t get off should now just fall out. Easy to reuse the candle holder it came in for something else. I hear boiling water helps too but if you spill everything known to man (like myself) this saves you and everything else from the boiling hot water.

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