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The first opening act was his keyboardist Colin Lee – a local from Jersey who was really good. The second act was also from Jersey so yay David for supporting local artists!

He came out wearing a sport jacket over an Alice Cooper shirt and he looked soooo good! I literally almost fainted we were so close and he is so handsome in person.

He was like an energetic puppy the entire time – dancing and bouncing around the stage. He looked like he was having so much fun and it was amazing to see!

He was so great about using the entire stage. He walked back and forth and spent time in each area so everyone near the stage got a close view of him. I swear he was making eye contact with everyone (or maybe just me 😉)

I think he played 3 new songs: Roman Coin, Sacred Heart, and Half-Life. It was hard to really hear the lyrics because we were standing close to a speaker, but they all were really good. Half Life was my favorite….the music was amazing and from what lyrics I could make out it was just great.

He played some great covers!! 10,000 Maniacs Because the Night was such a random surprise but it was FABULOUS!!! He also did Tom Petty’s Square One and he started out with just him and a guitar. You guys, it was beautiful– he was so good!

When he was doing a Bowie song he came out into the audience and I swear he was walking right toward me. I totally froze and then just before he got to me some drunk chick put her arm around his shoulder and started dancing with him. He played it cool for a hot second then retreated to the stage and she followed him up there!! He was clearly trying to not embarrass her so he just moved to the other side of the stage while she danced like a fool and until finally security came up and removed her. So bad.

It was also awesome to watch him through the 2 people in front of me ’s phones while they Facebook Lived or Snapchatted the ENTIRE show…..and by awesome I mean so f*cking annoying!!! I mean JFC people – live in the moment. Don’t get me wrong I took some pics, but don’t hold up your phone when you’re in front of the stage blocking everyone’s view the entire time!!! #rude

The only real negative I have about DD is that he didn’t come out for an encore…so bummed! But the actual show made up for that.

He is so gorgeous. I kept catching myself staring at either his arms or that lower lip of his. And when he started to sweat I wanted to lick that sweat right off his neck (sorry not sorry). When he was playing the guitar I was mesmerized by his arms and those muscles 😍!
Gillian Anderson is a very lucky girl!

It was a wonderful night and I’m so glad I got to see him doing something he clearly loves.

Still feeling unwell today so I’ve reverted to my home made hot toddie remedy to hopefully make myself feel better.

First up get a mug:

No, a proper sized mug:

Into said mug add some sugar,:

3 or 4 spoonfuls to taste, them some lemon juice:

What can only be described as a scoosh. Then get some whisky (preferably a blend, dont waste a single malt!) and pour in a good measure:

Then top up with hot (not boiling!) water and stir:

And there you have a decent hot toddie, guaranteed to make anything feel better.

Han and Lando’s costumes for the Han Solo movie have to involve crop tops in some way I don’t make the rules Disney


Mice with beans 200g 280cals
Special tea:
Hot water
Tbsp:lemon juice
Cals:idk lol
And some white toast 94cals (not sure if im gonna eat that)

Total~365cals can be lower bc of the toast

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Luke Alvez, steamy

Your eyes were closed, as to not get any soap in them. And with the shower running, you didn’t hear Luke enter the shower. You wouldn’t have known he was there if he didn’t smooth his hands over your midsection. Despite having yelped in surprise, Luke laughed out laugh.

“I’m gonna get soap in my eye, and it’ll be your fault.” You grumbled, and Luke allowed you to slide out of his arms to continue rinsing your hair.

Finally, you turned around to face Luke, the hot water pounding against your back. Through the thick steam, your boyfriend gave a grin. “You like the water really hot.” He commented, hands coming out to once again touch your skin.

“No, you just like the water cold.” Was your response. “Now, why are you interrupting my shower time?”

Luke gave a shrug, taking a step closer so his face was mere inches from yours. “Got some time before work. Thought I could spend it with you.”

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Personal Shielding Visual Aids

A lot of my students often tell me that they struggle with shielding because they don’t know what to visualize their shield as. So I thought I would make a list of examples to try out!


 Layer your shields for various things using various visualizations, makes your shield stronger and can work like a coffee filter (if you want it to) filtering out things more and more (I have starred * my favorites for layering)

  • Cement blocks*
  • Bricks
  • Chicken Wire*
  • Barbed Wire
  • Clouds
  • Fog
  • Glass*
  • Crystal Shell
  • Colors*
  • Fuzzy energy (Think the haze that comes off the road on a hot day)*
  • Water
  • Fire*
  • Electric Fence
  • Chainlink Fence
  • Inside of a Redwood Tree
  • Mirrors (Regular or like the police use (2 way? 1 way? idk)*
  • Bubble
  • Tent Material
  • bullet proof glass

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

1. Notebook
2. Protein bars
3. Spare headphones
4. The lip balm my gay disaster neighbour gave me
5. The Preacher comic I’m continually trying to finish

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

1. Shitty folding table
2. Hot water bottle with purple stag jumper on it
3. Trans pride flag and fairy lights
4. Lots of nail polish
5. Rock rainbow

5 things I’m currently into

1. Mr Robot
2. Hamilton
3. Cooking
4. Aesop Rock
5. Photography, borrowed a camera from a bae and getting back into it

5 things on my to-do list

1. Renew my lease
2. Book leave at work
3. Find a better job
4. Take out the trash and get groceries 
5. Write some fucking fic I stg

5 things people may not know about me

1. I used to be really good at drawing and then fell out of practice, would like to pick it up again.
2. I’m technically a middle child of three brothers, but my older brother (who’s 13 years my senior) didn’t grow up with us so we’re both kind of big brothers.
3. I have really vivid dreams which take the form of very structured narratives, usually like horror movies. They’re not actually scary, just vivid.
4. I live opposite a Yates Wine Lodge - which for those of you not familiar is a dreadful chain bar full of middle aged drunk people screaming at each other. My phone tries to get me to check in there every time I get home. 
5. I used to be able to create stories in my head when I was a kid, shot like a movie, and be able to go back and replay/edit dialogue etc as much as I wanted. I lost the ability after I started writing but I remember it still. 


JOKESSs, but seriously what the fuck. this looks pretty fucking burnt to me….. & this stuff is legit “glass” shard, icey & not buffed to shit, i had my doubts actually when i looked in the bag last 2 pick ups, because i am a total snob about my meth, but it was good dope & it melted down nice, beautiful crack back.

SO WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK, DO I ALWAYS END UP WITH THIS COLOR? this was the last straw, do you see how much I got in there? Fuck.

I clean my pipes well enough, hot ass water, acetone soak, water again, then dry with air & sort of cloth thats not super linty. No torch cause it stinks like shit. My cleaning method might seems weird but im not concerned about taste or whatever (and im pretty damn sure that is not whats making my dope like this…?) i always have gum or a mint tucked in my cheek.

I dont hold my light to close or for a long time, i literally smoke gak all the time & ive watched veteran tweakers for years. Theres the odd time where im in a rush maybe that is what does it, but ok, what im wondering is my fucking dope actually burnt or just overheated or what is it? I still feel like im getting high, but not like a fresh bowl.

I know enough about jib but not that much, I’m not familiar with it when its burnt. fucking help meeee. This is gross to look at & i dont wanna waste.

So this morning, I set up and made my coffee, then left the room. I put hot water in my coffee cup to keep it warm. I came back, glanced at my coffee maker, and didn’t immediately see coffee in it, so I assumed Mom had put it in my cup like she sometimes does. The liquid in my cup tasted like watered-down coffee because coffee is all I put i  that cup. I’ve been sitting here like an idiot drinking water and wondering why I’m sleepy for an hour.

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For the WIP meme: curls

Harry’s very proud of his arse, with good reason, and seems to like any excuse he can get to stand around naked and show it off, a vanity that Merlin still indulges far more than he probably should. The urge to actually do something about it isn’t there as often as it used to be - familiarity, the aches of a body half a century old, exhaustion from overwork, so many things over the last few years have shunted sex way down his list of priorities - but it’s a sight he’ll never, ever tire of: Harry, flushed from the hot water, gleaming damp and gold in the lamp light with his hair, scuffed dry with a towel, gathered in messy, clinging little ruffled curls to his forehead and nape. The pleased, almost surprised little smile he drops back over his shoulder, as though somehow it’s always a revelation to him that Merlin’s still in his bed, still watching and wanting, after so many years.

“Absolutely terrible,” Harry murmurs, though his tone implies the opposite. He paws through the dresser drawer for clean pyjamas, choosing the deep royal blue silk set and beginning to dress himself slowly in a reverse-striptease that makes Merlin’s mouth feel dry: he imagines the whispering slide of the fabric on Harry’s bare skin, too quiet to hear but just clinging enough that he must be able to feel the feather-weight of the shirt stroking his shoulders and broad chest, the waistband knotted against the softness of his belly. “I’m just a trophy wife for you, I always knew it.”

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sup K&L STEPBROS ANON BACK AGAIN. picture this: K and lance fighting over everything. lance gets a 100? well, bitch, K got 110 due to an extra credit question. in return, L befriends S first - leaving K to blister slowly - beneath that thorny grumpy exterior he has that huge crush on S from afar. prank wars ensue and K is childish when it comes to L, lmao. and their parents have NO IDEA because they both try to be the perfect children.

PLEASE k is already petty to l without reason but now that he’s jealous he’s 20x worse he would do things that he *knows* annoy l like taking forever in the bathroom in the morning and using up all the hot water but l retaliates by being That Guy who drinks most of the juice and leaves only a little bit but still puts it back in the fridge anyway 


Texas high school students throw up Nazi salute during “silly picture” for senior class photo shoot

  • Earlier this week, candid images taken during Cypress Ranch High School’s senior class photo began making the rounds on social media showing some students at the Cypress, Texas, school doing a Sieg Heil.
  • According to a tweet, the students were reacting to a couple girls in the class who threw up a black power fist during the “silly picture.”
  • In an email sent to Houston station KPRC, a student said at least 70 students made the gesture, shouting “Heil Hitler” and “Heil Trump." 
  • According to KPRC, the school principal sent home a letter to parents noting that the school is investigating the case of the "inappropriate gestures” and asking that parents discourage their kids from disseminating such images on social media “as this perpetuates a false image of Cy Ranch HS.” Read more

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everybody loves to talk about velma and daphne but y’all seem to forget that velma and hot dog water from mystery incorporated were obviously gay