hot water*

some things to consider about andrew and neil showering together -

  • andrew washing neils hair which has gotten very long lately (kevin has told him off because ‘its impractical’ to which neil just looked pointedly at allison who has the longest hair on the team, maybe any team, and still plays brilliantly) and anyway he knows andrew likes it long even if he’ll never admit it  
  • andrew giving neil massages under the hot water when he goes too hard at training and blows his arms out (which is almost always… and this is not discouraging him…)
  • andrew kissing down neils throat and across his chest completely undeterred by his scars (which, over time when neil looks in the mirror, he comes to see as markers of where andrew’s lips have been rather than an awful reminder of his father’s abuse. the memories are still there of course but they’re pale in comparison to his memories of andrew)
  • neil washing andrews hair, on the rare occasion that andrew lets him, and letting his fingers slide down his neck against his very sensitive skin. andrew trying not to shudder too visibly and failing because f u c k that feels good 
  • andrew getting soap in his eye and refusing to blink it out because he’s unshakable, and neil giggling at him because his bf is an idiot 
  • neil gently closing andrew’s eyelids with his fingertips and pulling him under the water to flush the soap out for him
  • andrew opening his eyes to find neil a breath away and asking ‘yes or no?’ 
  • the two of them kissing under the water for so long that it turns cold and they start to shiver. they turn off the water and get out and wrap themselves in their thickest towels before going to bed and getting under the covers still cold, still damp, and still smelling like soap and shampoo 

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Okay so like imagine, Taehyungie surprising you by coming home early with a box of chocolates and roses. Aw, when you open the door he'd smile so bright and say "Hello gorgeous" and of course you'd be emotional because you haven't seen him in 6 months. The closest thing to communication you guys have had were quick messages to each other. Tae would of course kiss you and hug you like the big teddy bear he is (pt1)

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Hey wrought, I'm drunk again, tell me an even better joke

i’m reading the disaster artist so i’ll tell you some funny parts from that instead

tommy wiseau always orders a piping hot glass of water when he goes to a restaurant

when a crew member asked why tommy didn’t have any water for them to drink on set, tommy said “no one in hollywood will give you water” and threw an empty water bottle at her head. she quit that day

tommy spent 6000 dollars on a private bathroom for himself on set, but was too cheap to purchase props for the movie so he instead had a bunch of people from the art department go out to a framing store and get sample frames with pictures of plastic spoons which he then hung up all over the place.

very little of what happens in the movie has any relevance to the plot

tommy wiseau made everyone go inside on the anniversary of sept. 11 and made them all sit down for five minutes of silence until somebody laughed, then he said that he would make them sit for five more minutes every time someone laughed. after the five minutes he went on a rant about how osama bin laden couldn’t “stop america”, chanting “USA, USA”

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taegi 😍

  • big spoon/little spoon: taehyung is the big spoon! yoongi denies that he likes being the little spoon tbh 
  • favorite non-sexual activity: cuddling, taehyung really likes the way that yoongi falls asleep when they cuddle on the couch and yoongi adores the way tae’s scent engulfs him when they cuddle
  • who uses all the hot water: tae, yoongi doesn’t really mind because he sometimes just forgets to shower
  • most trivial thing they fight over: music! yoongi doesn’t really like listening to classical music and girl groups all the time like tae does
  • who does most of the cleaning: tae! yoongi is too tired so taehyung takes it into his own hands to clean up after them
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: yoongi would never ever give up control of the queue, tae would have to take it from yoongi’s dead, cold fingers cause he’ll hold onto it with all his might
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: yoongi! he gets cold much more easily than tae, so if the heat’s not working, he will definitely be the first to notice
  • who steals the blankets: yoongi! he does get cold much more easily than tae after all
  • who leaves their stuff around: both of them omg they’re such slobs, but tae does a good job of cleaning so its cool its not like their apartment looks like a pig’s den half the time
  • who remembers to buy the milk: yoongi~ tae would buy sweets and meat and forget about everything else
  • who remembers anniversaries: taetae~~~~ its not that yoongi forgets, he just doesn’t see the point to celebrating certain things because he wasn’t raised like that
  • Who cooks normally? taehyung! yoongi can cook, he just doesn’t want to, and he isn’t as skilled at it like tae is
  • How often do they fight? like all the time, but its domestic fights like “why’d you leave your come-rag on the bathroom floor?” “i have no idea what you’re talking about” “damn it, tae, i told you not to leave your bodily fluids all over the place” “my bodily fluids will go where they please and you can’t stop them” “fuck you asswipe” “PLEASE DO” “OK GRAB THE FUCKING LUBE” “DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO” “DO YOU WANT TO GET FUCKED OR NOT” “IDK IF I DO” “FINE, I’LL GET THE LUBE” and yeah that’s usually how it goes with them
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other? yoongi writes down random things he thinks about tae and later uses them as lyrics for a new song. taehyung starts thinking that every cat he passes is his yoon-goon and coos at them
  • Nicknames for each other? tae, taetae, t, asshole. yoon-goon, yoon, hyungie~, and cumbucket.
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner? they fight over that. tae likes to spoil the people he loves, but yoongi hates it when people pay for him so they just end up splitting the bill most of the time
  • Who steals the covers at night? tae! yoongi is always swaddled in them when they go to sleep, but in the middle of the night, tae will steal the blankets from him
  • What would they get each other for gifts? tae would either get yoongi a cock ring from amazon or spend over a million won on music equipment. yoongi would write tae a song because he isn’t about the materialistic things
  • Who kissed who first? yoongi kissed tae~~
  • Who made the first move? tae asked out yoongi! they were in the line to check out books at the library and tae had noticed yoongi hanging out in the corner of the library for months beforehand so when he was finally face-to-face with him, he jumped at the chance to take out the pretty, pastel kid out to the movies (aka they showed up, sat through half of some stupid romantic comedy that yoongi had groaned at before they slipped into the bathroom and dry humped each other in one of the stalls)
  • Who remembers things? tae, yoongi often forgets the little things because he’s too absorbed in his own thoughts to really think about them
  • Who started the relationship? taehyung! yoongi acted like he didn’t care if they dated or not, but he was lowkey thirsty for taehyung even before tae saw him in the library
  • Who cusses more? yoongi! tae doesn’t usually cuss to be honest
  • What would they do if the other was hurt? tae would be calm, getting yoongi to control his breathing while he either tended the injury himself or called an ambulance. yoongi would be freaking out in his head, but he’d stay calm for taehyung’s sake and help him in any way he could cause he’s older and he can’t act like he doesn’t have his shit together if tae gets hurt (but listen, yoongi would lose his shit once tae is ok and tae would just call him a big baby over and over again until they end up back in the bedroom with yoongi curled into him in a ball, kissing on tae’s collarbones)
Caryl prompt -  14. Why are you naked?

She always was an early riser, thanks to Ed, nowadays though it was good thing, mornings were the only real privacy she got.

Letting the shower run for a few moments while she got underdressed she stepped into the bathtub, allowing the stream of hot water to run down her body. She basked in the heat taking her time to let it work at the muscles that always seemed to ache in her back. Once she was finished she blindly grabbed for her towel only to come up short.


Her towel wasn’t in here, in fact it was on the chair in her bedroom. Perfect.

She stood out of the bath and debated her options, no one was awake yet so no chance of getting a towel passed to her. She could put on her clothes but she’d fallen asleep after yesterday’s run without changing so they were covered in blood and grime. Her room was of course the last one furthest from the bathroom, she’d have to run past Tara and Daryl’s room in order to get there, she could make that right? She poked her head out of the bathroom, it was still dark but like hell was she turning on a light and bringing more attention to herself.

Taking a breath she bundled her clothes in her hand before making a stealthy sprint towards her room.

Of course it could have been just that easy though.


She’d successfully ploughed down whoever blocked her path, dropping her clothes in the process, falling as well.

Oh god this was a bad predicament to be in…so very very bad.

The fall had left her in the most compromising of positions, her legs now straddling a very dazed looking Daryl, her hands braced on his shoulders, their bodies flush together. His eyes were heavy from sleep as they strained in the darkness, craning his head to look at the idiot that collided into him as he stepped out of his room.

The last thing he was expecting to see was that.

She was so embarrassed that the shock of it had prevented her from moving and it was most definitely not helping that his morning wood was pressing up against her in a way that was flustering her beyond belief.

Daryl’s gawping gaze travelled the length of her once more before the words fell out of his mouth.

“Why are you naked?”

And that was a more than reasonable question, one that Carol could quite find the answer to as she made the mistake of shifting in his lap to try and elevate some of the pressure he was pressing up into her. It made the sensation so much worse. She bit down on her lip the same time he hissed his eyes widening at the heat she was currently radiating from that area.

“I- uh- forgot my towel,” she managed to blurt out still unsure as to why she hadn’t got the fuck off him, feeling the need to explain herself was greater than her need to move off him.

He tried not to look anywhere but her face but even that felt like an invasion of privacy given the current faces she was making as his erection grew harder against her.

“Right,” he said slowly, “ya finished mountin’ me now then?”

This seemed to snap her back into the reality of the situation, she completely stark naked (and still damp at that), sat in Daryl’s lap, nothing between them but the thin layer of his sleep pants, her breasts pressed against him through his white t-shirt.

“Uh yeah- sorry- I just-,” she flung herself up, grasping at the clothes strewn across the floor in a feeble attempt to cover herself.

Daryl remained on the floor, his eyes closed, hand rubbing at his forehead.

Even after he heard her door slam he still stayed there, not feeling ready to move.

He heard the door closest to the bathroom open but he still couldn’t find it in himself to peel himself from the ground.

“The hell you doing Dixon?” Tara asked staring at over at him as she walked towards the bathroom.

He could even give her a response, just grunted hoping she’d get the hint.

“Y’know there’s a perfectly good bed in your room,” she commented before smirking, “or Carol’s for that matter, I’m sure she’d be more than happy to help ya with that tent you’re pitching.”

Daryl felt his face flame as he looked down at his very obvious boner, wrenching himself up he stormed back into his room and locked the door behind him, he wasn’t ready to face the rest of the day yet.

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Okay okay but modern Leggy Roomate AU where they both like to take boiling hot showers but Peggy always showers first so she uses all the hot water and it ends with a lot of bickering and an agreement that they switch off who gets to shower first

Or they could just shower together winkwonk
Pegs already walks around the place in her bra anyway

To the person who’ll love me

say good morning, but take out the good
and just say morning
that person is not an early bird.

prepare some hot water and take out the cup
make tea with lots of sugar
that person prefers tea over coffee.

turn on Netflix, or stream a movie
music is for cooking or on the train,
that person likes to watch something while eating.

on a date, keep close distance and walk slow
and when the place is too crowded
that person will cling to your jacket.

be expressive, through words and simple gestures
how genuine and sincere your love is
that person is too shy and tactless to notice.

The list is to be continued by whoever is reading this.

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Ohhhh we're solving a case! My solution: Lady was in the sauna for a long time, with something preventing her from leaving. If the sauna was under 90 degrees hypothermia can happen-- It just takes a longer time. Google warm water hypothermia it's something that happens to swimmers who stay in warm/hot water for too long. People have also died of hypothermia in hot cars.

good shit


don’t you love when you’re sick and go take a shower to discover that your mother, who took a shower before you, finished all the hot water, so you have to take a shower with water at the normal temperature. isn’t it amazing? i just loved it
now really talk, momy i love you but please next time you gonna take a shower please let me go first….so i can FINISH ALL THE HOT WATER!

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Do you get cold if your halves are split for too long? What's the longest you've kept yourself split?

“W-well….  Hehe, I try not to keep split for too long.  I usually just open like a hinge, put what I need inside me, then close and go about my day.  It all takes only a few moments.  The inside edge of my seam is rather sensitive, so if I’m open for more than a few moments to hold some things, that usually would mean I’m completely disconnected and/or, erm…  Rather busy.  So perhaps 30 minutes at the very most.  It’s rather rare.

“To answer your first question, I can feel temperatures more strongly when I’m open.  Hot, cold.  I can feel temperatures to a degree normally, so to fix that I tend to wear a sweater, hat, and even hold onto a hot water bottle.  If I was split, I would certainly want to close myself quickly!”

@ariukoart @odaazai the asks came at the same time and I love you both <3

ship asks

chuuaki yay!

  • Who’s more dominant: Yosano tends to be bossy ^^;
  • Who’s the cuddler: Chuuya. Not that Yosano complains.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: It really depends on the day, they are really into kind of draping their limbs around the other and stay like that.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Dancing!
  • Who uses all the hot water: Usually Chuuya.
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: Yosano likes dressing Chuuya’s dog up. Chuuya would rather have his pet look kind of threatening, thank you very much.
  • Who does most of the cleaning: Both :P
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Yosano, since she watches TV more often.
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: It depends on whose house they’re in.
  • Who leaves their stuff around: BOTH. But Yosano more.
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Yosano.
  • Who remembers anniversaries: More often? Chuuya.
  • Who cooks normally: They both cook, but while Chuuya likes trying new recipes, Yosano is more practical (=she tends to make too much food on accident but who cares, it means she doesn’t have to cook for the next four days).
  • How often do they fight: Over silly things? Quite often.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: Calling each other and tease them because a) they like bickering, b) they’re not going to admit they miss the other and c) it’s a way to feel closer.
  • Nicknames for each other: Yosano started calling Chuuya ‘Mafia Boy’ just to tease him but she grew fond of it; Chuuya calls her sarcastically ‘Doctor’ sometimes.
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Chuuya. I mean, he earns more :P
  • Who steals the covers at night: Chuuya, definitely.
  • What would they get each other for gifts: Gloves. No, but Yosano would probably get Chuuya a music CD. As for Chuuya, he’d invest his money in spending time together, like, say, a dinner or a short holiday.
  • Who kissed who first / Who made the first move / Who started the relationship: [answering these three questions together because well reasons] Chuuya’s memories about that particular night are blurried but he was the one who approached Yosano, she kissed him first and uh, the relationship was kind of an accident on both parts.
  • Who remembers things: It depends on the thing :P
  • Who cusses more: They don’t curse often… and Chuuya never expects it when Yosano does.
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: *gestures at Yosano* I mean… rip Chuuya
  • Who is the dirty talker: Yosano is a biiiiiit more into that, but they’re pretty even.
  • A head canon: I already mentioned their favourite non-sexual activity is dancing; well, they really like it. (maybe as much as sex?) and they’re both good at it. Every now and then they spend the entire evening dancing in Chuuya’s living room, at first pretty wild, in the end just hugging each other and swinging on the spot.

Thank you! ^^


Texas high school students throw up Nazi salute during “silly picture” for senior class photo shoot

  • Earlier this week, candid images taken during Cypress Ranch High School’s senior class photo began making the rounds on social media showing some students at the Cypress, Texas, school doing a Sieg Heil.
  • According to a tweet, the students were reacting to a couple girls in the class who threw up a black power fist during the “silly picture.”
  • In an email sent to Houston station KPRC, a student said at least 70 students made the gesture, shouting “Heil Hitler” and “Heil Trump." 
  • According to KPRC, the school principal sent home a letter to parents noting that the school is investigating the case of the "inappropriate gestures” and asking that parents discourage their kids from disseminating such images on social media “as this perpetuates a false image of Cy Ranch HS.” Read more

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