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A Lesson in Love (The End)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,898

A/N: This is it, y’all. We’ve finally reached the final part of the series and, because I’m a sentimental son of a gun, I’ll post a proper goodbye post to this story sometime in the next day or two.

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@avengerstories - Without you, there would be no ALiL. I can’t thank you enough for you endless support.

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You wake up early the next morning, eyes blinking wearily as you struggle to free yourself from the last remaining tendrils of slumber. It’s not a simple task, mostly because you’re still exhausted and all you want to do is fall go back to sleep.

But you can’t. Something woke you up and you need to figure out what it was.

As you begin to come to, so do your senses. A quick sweep around your surroundings lets you know that you’re not in your apartment and the feeling of someone wrapped around you is the only clue you need to figure out that you’re not alone. You turn your head slightly, nose catching the scent of antibacterial soap - a smell that your brain immediately connects to doctors and hospitals.


The last bit of confusion about your current location fades away as your brain catches up with your senses. You’re with Bucky.

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sans: …yeah. i wouldn’t tackle tori in any way if i were you.

Toriel: Hmm, my ears are a little sensitive, but not as much as Sans’ ribs, right~? It makes him all flustered!


today was completely lovely✨ this morning my love and i went christmas shopping and ate crepes, then we bought a tree and had a super fun time decorating, and i ended the day sipping cocoa and prepping for tomorrow. hopefully tomorrow will be another happy, cozy day!🎄☃️💫

I love these hands of yours.

Nico was sleeping easier these days.

He didn’t sleep at night. Night was a big no-no. The nightmares came too often, too quickly whenever he slept at night. And the longer he slept, the harder it was for him to yank himself out of that dream and the longer the aftershocks shook him. He found it easier to just take naps. Small naps, no more than an hour long at different times of the day. He takes one after meals and one at mid-morning before or after he teaches the younger campers fighting at practice.

Nico doesn’t usually wake up during one of these naps. His cabin is dark, it’s cool on hot days but warm on frigid ones. He takes a tablet that Clovis gave him with a glass of water that helps him sleep and wakes him up automatically. He doesn’t use it all that much though, he is usually tired and manages to fall asleep almost as soon as he gets comfortable. He only sleeps for an hour at a time because after an hour the really bad nightmares start. The deeper the sleep, the worse the nightmare.

He also isn’t really aware of much of anything during them. He kind of just goes… numb. His senses dull so he can’t catch the scent of death and lavender that his cabin naturally smells of, the feel of the mattress beneath him and the covers draped over his small frame, the taste of saliva and the lingering but faded taste of sulphur , the sounds of commotion going on outside and the clashing of sword-on-sword, the sight of dotted multi-coloured patterns dancing behind closed eyelids and the ever present darkness even becomes absent.

Nico, being a child of Hades could naturally sense and feel when someone was dead or dying. He doesn’t feel that when he’s asleep. He can even feel when someone he cares about is in distress or danger. Nothing can wake Nico up while he is sleeping (much to Percy’s annoyance as he lost 50 drachmas to Annabeth and the Stoll’s), and unless the hour is up he doesn’t get up at all.

Until today.

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Pukwudgie Slytherin aesthetic

Cold nights and warm blankets, stormy evenings, keeping cool in the heat, cold showers after a hot day, warm tea, wanting to start an herb garden, glass jars, sweet coffee, brown boots, sunsets, thigh high socks and knitted cardigans, old casette tapes, falling asleep on the car ride home, worn out books with dog earred pages, telling friends to put themselves first, saying it’s okay to be selfish, learning new words, fake smiles and polite conversation, worried glances, connecting freckles to form constellations on skin, warm eyes, nervous laughs, fidgeting hands, loud thunder, cats lazing in the sun, a fireplace used for smores, harsh words and awkward apologies, running away from home to find a new one, trusting few but being respectful to all, dancing under the sun on the walk home when no one is looking, owing nothing to no one because kindness should always be free, knitted blankets, making plans for the future, keeping kids from crying, telling someone the answer when the teacher calls on them, messy desks, always having an extra pencil, modern twists on fairy tales, setting fire to a forest to make way for new growth, a practical heart, big dreams, something more, this is good enough for now but not forever

It’s (FreshPaper)

Ok… so this is like the first part to who knows how many parts there will be… it was suppose to be fluff but I don’t know how it is now… -_-

And it kinda ends within the middle cause I didn’t really know how to continue from that last line… (and I kinda wanted it to end like that *shrugs*)

ANYWAY! My attempt for Floof Day!

Prologue -> HERE

Characters: Paper Jam (created by me) and Fresh (Created by CQ)

Setting: A post-pacifist run universe

Story is under the read more!

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A short fem! Kurotsuki fic

Ah summer, hot sunny days with warm gust of winds. The time for short shorts, skirts and cute shirts. Kuroo loved summer because she loved summer time fashion and having a reason to go to the beach. She also loved to look at cute girls in little clothing. So why is she staring at Tsukishima who, in a 80 degree weather, is wearing a sweater. Not because it turns her off but she’s worried the poor girl might faint because of it. Of course she’s wearing shorts for practice but isn’t she hot under that thing, Kenma who hates the sun didn’t even bother to bring hers.

It only took a couple of matches before she actually nearly fainted, but she still refused to change. For some reason that pissed Kuroo off not because she’s gay but she doesn’t like seeing her hurt herself.

“Yo Tsukki.” She jogged over to the girl and sat next to her. “Quiet a fall you took there, are you okay?”

The blond nodded taking another sip from her water bottle. Her cheeks were red and her face was covered in sweat. As hot as that was it wasn’t the healthy kind of picture you’d want to see in the summer. The blond paused for a moment and shook her bottle.


Tsukishima nodded in response and got up to refill. Kuroo caught her at that moment before the younger girl could take another fall. She grabbed her by the waist and put her arm around her neck. Kuroo wondered if it was blush or heat that she saw in her cheeks.

Once they reached the water fountain Kuroo finally found themselves alone. Like a cat to a mouse she pounced on Tsukishima and pulled at the sweater. Like it was a act of God Tsukishima freaked and tried to fight back. Kuroo argued that she was going to die with it on and that it needs to come off. Tsukishima cried for help as she blushed harder.

“Tada! Now don’t you feel much better no-” just before she could finish her sentence her eyes widened and jaw dropped.

Tsukishima was on the floor blushing trying to hide a pair of huge c cups in a cute lacy strawberry bra.

‘When the hell did does things get there?! They’re bigger than Bokuto’s!’ Kuroo thought as she was going to breakdown from embarrassment and from being turned on. As if her legs weren’t enough. Tsukishima got up and ripped the sweater from her grip.

“Oh… oh ho omy Tsukki I am so sorry I…” Kuroo blushed, “didn’t know they…” she continued to stare.

“Shut up, Kuroo-san.” Kei Blushed and walked away.

(Mm I might post more girls but not of this maybe suggest some aus?)