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hey Andi I'm curious to know if you know anything about the new CN short, Villainous? and if you do, do you have any thoughts about it? oh, but if you don't know anything about it, it's got a super cute smiley boy with BIG SHARP TEETH, and he's got a fun, showcase kind of personality. i'm not one for analyzing plots and stuff so i don't kno what to tell u how it is story-wise, but the show has great characters like the one mentioned above. i hope u have a good one!!

Let me be honest: I am SUPER FREAKIN HEARTWARMED by the fact that you thought of telling me about this cartoon because that means you know my tastes 100000% and I am beyond touched by that!

And, to summarize my feelings on it: I like it! Makes me feel 14 again. Just reminds me about how much I LOOOOVE concepts centered around villains, morally-bankrupt main protagonists, mean humor, crazy teeth, I love all that jazz!

Though I will be honest, it is almost laughable how incredibly Tumblr DeviantArt Bait™ it is and yeah, it’s obvious this thing is gonna blow up and already has a la Undertale, but like I’m cool with it so long as people aren’t disrespectful nor overly-defensive of it (which lots of people already are, can you believe it????)

Basically: I really like it! Even when it’s stupid and try-hard (and I HAAAAAAAATE that Funimation Scene Girl and Bootleg Boskov), I like it!
BUT, for the love of SWEET PANCREAS, know that not everybody has to like it and don’t take criticisms / jokes / negative reviews at heart. 

Also: just the same, as overdone and edgy and baity and scene this show is… come on, guys. Some young kids really like this stuff. And it can inspire them to keep drawing and making more wild jazz that can develop their skills into something pretty epic. 

Stages of fangirlsm

I grew out of the immature phase of my fangirlism of “loving a villainous character because there is good in them”. No, sweetheart, i’m a responsible and mature adult now and I am in love with their murdering/ cannibalistic/ twisted arses for who they are and I wouldn’t change that. *sassy finger snap*

  • Loki: kneel before me, puny huma-
  • All of tumblr: *falls to the floor*
  • Loki: ...well,that was
  • Loki: wha-
  • All of tumblr: look you can see the pain in his eyes even now!
  • Loki: look here, i am trying to control your lives,you insolent little-
  • All of tumblr: jkyigkgkgkgg loki fjckcidsndj