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Prepare yourself to soar through the fairy tale landscape of majestic Cappadocia in a spellbinding new video experience from Turkish Airlines and renowned filmmaker Rob Whitworth.

Experience the towering fairy chimney formations, immense subterranean cities, stone-carved mansions, and inimitable cultural energy that make Cappadocia one of the world’s most unforgettable travel destinations.

Shot in the filmmaker’s signature flow motion style, the video takes viewers on a time-distorting, gravity-defying tour of Cappadocia’s unique natural and manmade attractions, while immersed in a lyrical narrative of the region’s cultural and historical pedigree. Filmed in brilliant 4K resolution using cutting-edge hyperlapse techniques, the video presents one of Turkish Airline’s most amazing destinations as it has never been seen before.

                         Magic morning - by Kelvin Zhang

               [Another Beautiful Photography from Cappadocia,Turkey]

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have you done headcanons for turkey? also, your blog is 20% cooler

1p Turkey/ Sadık Adnan:

  • -If you thought he was a show-off before then God bless your soul
  • -But he’s only showing off to get your attention and hopefully impress you
  • -You think that dude’s strong? waTCH ME LIFT THIS CAR
  • -But he’s (still) kind of a child and if you praised him or complimented him on something he would melt into a puddle and then steam into nothing bc it’s fucking hot in Turkey
  • -But he’s hella protective
  • -And he gets jealous (and violent) really easily

  • -He always wants to be your center of attention, so someone taking up any amount of your time that HE could have had is unacceptable
  • -Also he never leaves your side so
  • -“back off” “give me space” and “I need alone time” Are not phrases he understands, I mean, why would anyone NOT want him around
  • -Would kill a man in broad daylight if they started getting pushy at you or get on your nerves
  • -Not very prone to kidnapping, but if you make it clear enough to get through his thick ass skull that you DON’T want him around, he will
  • -He is pretty controlling, honestly
  • -“don’t dress like that” “don’t talk to Greece” “stop hanging out with them”
  • -But he says it all playfully (but he means it)
  • -Even if you consider the two of you just friends, he’s coming up with a hundred different ways to make you swoon
  • -The kind of yandere who only has eyes for one person and every other being on this planet has no worth
  • -He’s one of the only nations who would stand a chance against every single one of the other nations, he’s been through a thousand different wars and has scars to show for it, and he’d go through a thousand more wars if it means keeping you with him