hot tub in the dorms

yoooo halloweekend was fuckin l i t (this whole thing at least borders on vaguely-nsfw-ish)

~~Friday night~~

ok so i thought i was only gonna be seeing bf saturday night to sunday, but he got out of work friday night with nothing to do so we went to see the new blade runner movie (super good btw, i cried) and when he was driving me back home he was like “hey wanna grab your swimsuit and we can go back to my house and go in my hot tub” and i left my swimsuit in my dorm bc i forgot to grab it so i just grabbed gym shorts and a t-shirt bc why not and i had nothing else anyway

so we get back to his house, it’s like 1:30 in the goddamn morning (blade runner 2049 is almost 3 hours fair warning) and we get into the hot tub and for a little bit we just talk about normal stuff like school and friends and stories and the movie

and next thing i know we’re making out. I don’t know how it got to that point but i do know that he instigated it (!!!) and it gets a little blurry after that point but next thing i know his hands… start wandering… down my back and sides and i tense up. This motherfucker just chuckles and goes “what’s wrong?” and i could hear the smirk in his voice. I… didn’t even provoke him or hint that I wanted him to tickle me but gdi he knows. he k n o w s and i honestly wonder if he knows it’s a kink or not but more on that later.

So we’re in the hot tub and his hands are getting braver and he stops purposely doing the light/teasy tickling and then he squeezes my ass and I squeak becAUSE APPARENTLY I CANNOT CATCH A BREAK FROM BEING TICKLISH LITERALLY ANYWHERE OH MY FUCKING GOD.

He laughs again and k e e p s  a t  i t. holy fuck. so we’re making out and he’s tickling me and i’m in heaven but then he moves to my thighs and ok. I know i don’t know my worst spot but. Jesus. My thighs are really fucking bad ok. And now he definitely knows they’re really bad b/c they’re so far the only place that nearly sends me into a panic

So far they are the only place where I have grabbed his hands and actually pulled them away because it was almost too much.

Moving on usually I’m the one to say “I missed you” but he said it during a lull. He also said “I love you” out of the blue at one point and… I don’t think he’s ever said it before? Like he’s said “I love you too” a bunch but…? i d i e d . 

His hot tub also has colored lights in it that you can change and we started it on blue, then later on changed to green, then about halfway through set it to red and left it like that and JEFMSKEDAJKWEMD HE WAS TICKLING ME AND SAID “looks like your face is as red as the lights” and i just “…it’s not…” “oh really?” “…yeah it’s just the lights…” and god that killed me… (it wasn’t just the lights)

So yeah friday night was a movie and then an hour and a half of talking and splashing and making out w/tickles and comfortable silence in his hot tub and it? was amazing.

Also? As I was dying: “Just wait until tomorrow night when you’re in my bed.”

~~Saturday Night~~

Ok so this was the night i had been waiting for. This was the night of the party, where I was gonna sleep in his bed and we were gonna fall asleep in each other’s arms. Sound cheesy? Yeah. But I’m a hopeless romantic <3 I couldn’t wait.

So the party winds down, everyone who isn’t spending the night has left, and he and I join one of our friends in the hot tub for about half an hour. I go inside (in the same makeshift swimsuit from the night before) to dry off and get into pajamas. He comes in about ten minutes after me, and we climb into bed. Not much happens at first.

So this time, I instigate. I start playing with his hair as he’s wrapped around me. I start kissing him, and it takes off again. Now since we’re laying down it’s much easier for him to run his hand up my side and pull me into him. Again, he does this unprovoked, which I am still amazed at. So i tense up, he chuckles again, same routine. But it doesn’t last as long. But I’m not satisfied yet (of course) because he said it’d be even more than the previous night.


Me being a little shit mentions that. It gets a little blurry from there on until he slows down his hands and he stops kissing me and I manage to whisper “people are sleeping we have to be quiet,” he replies “that we do,” and I finish it by saying “then don’t make it so I *can’t* be quiet!”

he: “oh now you asked for it.”

and he began actually tickling me almost-fully while i tried as hard as i could not to laugh, opting for covering my mouth with my hand and basically letting out breathy (BUT QUIET!) laughs into it.

and a minute or two later after he stopped, you know what that fucker said, in the most amused yet teasy tone possible?

“Good job.”



i tried tickling him back at one point and it didn’t work well bc he’s not as ticklish as i expected goddammit so he ended that attempt pretty quick

other things that were said include:

  • someone really missed what we had going last night”
  • “you just keep directing me here” (referring to how i kept moving his head to my neck b/c jesus FUCK neck kisses make me weak and 8 times out of ten tickle really badly)
  • he said i was like a baby at some point friday night for whatever reason while we were making out and i was like “are you sure because you seem like the one who needs constant attention” and he was like “don’t pretend you’re not loving this” and i just couldn’t argue with that lol
  • “i thought you liked being touched!” at one point referring to how i, ya know, kept flinching every time he hit a sensitive spot and i don’t even remember how i responded

remember how i said “i honestly wonder if he knows it’s a kink or not but more on that later”? well it’s later.

ok so, like, most of the times he tickled me this weekend were unprovoked. Very few of those unprovoked ones were accidental, aka he knew exactly what he was doing. And the fact that most of times overall either led to or were during making out… also when he found out that it tickled when he squeezed my ass he kept going… a lot… it took a long time to get a break from that lmaooooo. Also the more he did so the more handsy he got… the more his hands wandered to my inner thighs… and that spot not only is an absolute death spot, i’ve also figured out that it’s a massive turn-on there. Now, earlier this evening he was teasing me a lot and it turned sexual and… like… he brought up tickling when he was trying to fluster me more and …

shit. maybe he has a kink for it. That would make a lot of sense… anyway i think he’s either very close to figuring out i have one or he’s figuring out he has one for being a ‘ler or both 


i love halloween