hot triggers

Jimin : jungkookie what would you do on our comeback?
Jungkook : working out baby i need to work out
Jimin : …. will you take off your shirt?
Jungkook : no .. Unless you want me to?*smirk*
Jimin : well … It will be a waste … Not to take off your shirt *looking at his feet*
Jungkook : hmm and what will i get in return ?
Jimin : *cheeks burning* Me
Jungkook : then taking off my pants would-
Jimin : *hitting him on the chest*
Jin : no one takes off anything you two dirty ppl ! Im watching YOU!

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The one where Harry fucks Y/N  in a fitting room while she’s wearing his jersey.


Harry’s cock is throbbing in his pants.

Y/N has been modeling clothes for him for about fifteen minutes now, and with every short skirt and tightly fitted dress came torturous teasing. Whether it be through innocent batting of eyelashes and cheeky smiles when he has to readjust himself again, or ‘accidentally’ dropping something on floor and having to bend down to pick it up, giving him a full view of her ass. Least to say, he was damn glad they were at a boutique whose owners’ were kind enough to leave them to their own room for dressing up, in their case down, to give them some privacy from the customers milling about.

His cock was straining against his boxers and jeans with every passing minute. After the final outfit Y/N poses for him, he knows that he cannot hold on any longer, and certainly not until they get home. The more time passed, the tighter the dresses were becoming and shorter were the skirts, he needed to have her. Now. As she sways her hips and walks away from him, Harry wastes no time jumping out of the leathery sofa to slip into the small dressing room with her.

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I’ve never seen anyone point out how shitty the media portrayel of asthmatics is. We are a running joke of weakness and being super lame. Seeing a hot girl doesn’t trigger attacks. Needing a rescue inhaler throughout the day isn’t funny, it’s a sign of uncontrolled disease. This has a direct link to increased death AND death rates from asthma attacks are higher among black and hispanic children! This is life or death for so many children and my whole life I’ve just been taunted for being a dweeb carrying an inhaler around.

trauma measures thick layers of dirt on the floors she’ll never scrub
she says it takes more energy to try than to sleep and we’ve already painted on permanent dark circles
we are so used to looking dead,
why go back now

trauma pours a cup of the strongest coffee and melts into the walls at the sound of footfalls

trauma wants to know why we have to remember and I ask her why she thinks we have the ability to forget

trauma cries in the shower and pretends the spicket is a waterfall and she is finally clean

trauma screams at loud movies and flinches when touched

trauma stops episodes mid watch ‘cause one flame can turn white hot wildfire and triggers can kill

trauma decorates her prison and celebrates isolation

trauma renames fear “safety” and says if she has to be a loaded gun she’ll do it right and make her mother proud

trauma cannot forget
trauma cannot forget
trauma cannot forget

Setting up your enclosure: Temperatures

One of the greatest confusions for new keepers tends to be setting up the correct temperatures for a ball python. Most of this stems from incomplete care sheets that don’t adequately describe the difference between ambient temperature and surface temperature. It is said that ball pythons require two different temperature types: an ambient temperature gradient that is 85 degrees (F) on the warm end and 78-80 degrees (F) on the cool end, and the hot spot, or surface temperature, of 88-92 degrees (F). This is important because many keepers confuse the two temperature types and think the air temperature on the hot side needs to be 88-92 degrees, which could easily make the hot spot around 100 degrees. Definitely too hot for a ball python!! So, what does all this mean and how do we measure it?

Ambient temperature is the measure of the air temperature in the enclosure. The ambient temperature is best measured with a digital thermometer or hygro/thermometer combo, but definitely not with one of those pet store dials because they are often incorrect.

As shown in the following picture, ambient temperature creates the temperature atmosphere. Ball pythons should be allowed a gradient from warm: 85 degrees (F), represented by the red, to cool: no lower than 75 degrees (F) but, ideally, 78-80 degrees (F), represented by the blue. This will allow the snake to regulate its temperature by its own choice, instead of being forced into one homogenous temperature. When a temperature gradient is provided for a ball python, they will readily use the cool and warm sides. This is beneficial because it allows them to move more, fulfilling enrichment and health needs.

*image for illustration purposes only. not intended as an example of correct husbandry.

Hot spots, on the other hand, are a measure of surface temperature. Surface temperature is how hot an object feels when you touch it. Think about it like this- if you were to walk outside bare-footed on a hot summer’s day, the air outside would be warm (ambient temperature) but the concrete would be much warmer on your feet (surface temperature). So, when applying a hot spot to your enclosure you’ll need a tool that measures the surface temperature in addition to your digital thermometer that measures ambient temperature. To properly measure the hot spot you will need an infrared temperature gun. They’re simple to use- all you have to do is point it at the surface you want to know the temperature of, then pull the trigger. (Hot spot represented by red)

Hopefully, the distinctions between temperature types are easy to understand now so you will be better prepared to set up an accurate habitat for your animal! Remember: ambient temperature is the air temperature whereas surface temperature is how hot an object is. Ball pythons need an ambient gradient of 85 on the warm side and 78-80 on the cool end with a hot spot of 88-92! 

Good luck, and as always, please use my ask box to send questions or corrections instead of reblogging. Both your followers and mine will thank you.

Offensive Humor (Sincerely Three x Reader)

a/n; this kinda sucks but i got my first request woo!! feel free to send in requests if you want to!!

request;  Can you do something with the boys with a reader who is a comedian who writes songs and stuff? (Like Bo Burnham)

warnings; mild swearing

wc; 1.2k (i kinda got carried away whoops) 

You let out a nervous sigh, waiting for your name to be called in front of hundreds of people. You’ve performed at bars, clubs, tiny arenas, but nothing anywhere as big as this place!! You were just starting to get really well known for your comedy and comedic songs, gaining a larger fanbase on social media and a lot more people coming to see you perform.

“Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Y/n Y/l/n!!” You heard being announced over the speakers. You ran onto the stage and smiled and waved at everyone before standing right in the middle of it. Applause and cheers roared through the stage, which made you feel more confident.

“I just wanted to start off with saying thank you all for coming out tonight,” you spoke into the mic, “I would make an unnecessary gay joke about coming out… butt fuck it,” You faked a laugh into the microphone, earning some laughs.

You continued your newly-written routine while looking into the audience. You looked in the front row and saw an anxious-looking guy in a cast, fiddling with his blue shirt with his eyes still fixated on you. Next to him was a guy with insanely long legs, who you thought looked came right out of Hot Topic. The boy next to him was your average high school nerd.

“So if you don’t mind, I’m going to play you a little song. I call this one A World On Fire,” you said into the microphone that was resting on top of your piano. You took a deep breath as if you were going to sing something beautiful, while instead you pounded on the keys and screamed repeatedly into the microphone. “This next one is a song that means a lot to me, it’s called Sad”

You played your songs and crappy little jokes, and before you knew it the hour you had to perform was up. “Thank you so much for coming!” You smiled as you turned to walk off the stage. People cheered and whistled, which made you feel so happy.

You went backstage to regain yourself, that was such a rush!! It was amazing, you were glad you were given the opportunity to make people laugh through doing something you love so much. After a minute of deep breaths and almost passing out, you pulled out your phone to tweet something.

If you saw me perform tonight - meet me at the front entrance! We can talk and stuff :D

You peeped out front and saw quite a people lined up. This was going to be fun…

You grabbed your sharpie and headed outside, immediately followed by cheers and people saying your name. Almost immediately, you saw the three boys that were sat in the front row, “She looked at me!!” The nerdy one yelled to the long-legged Hot Topic man. You smiled at him before starting to take pictures with people and sign their things.

You eventually made you way down to them, and the nerdy looking guy was practically losing his shit. “Okay you’re my favorite comedian! You’re super funny,” he smiled and nodded at you. You blushed and gave him a cute little smile, “thank you so much!!”

“Honestly, I think your comedy is quite offensive and triggering.” Hot Topic mumbled. Well so much for everyone being nice.

“Sorry you feel that way, Hot Topic.” You faked a smile. The nerdy guy laughed at your remark, while the tall boy just rolled his eyes. You looked at the boy with the cast and he looked like he was going to pass out.

“Is he okay?” You asked, pointing towards him. Hot Topic responded that he has anxiety and he hates crowds, but he looked really pale and unwell. “Okay, I’m going to let you guys go backstage with me so he can get some water, stay right here,” you mumbled.

“Thank you all so much for coming! Good night!” You waved to everyone. You took the anxious boy by his unbroken hand and led him inside with his two friends following. Eventually you two were backstage, where things were a lot calmer.

“You okay?” You asked him again. He gave you a small nod in response. “It’s going to be okay. I know crowds are really overwhelming. I used to have really bad anxiety too.”

“But yet again you bash people with depression by saying completely shitty things about it.” Hot Topic interrupted again.

“Okay, Hot Topic-”

“I have a name, you know.”

“Okay, what is your name then?” You questioned him, then mumbled Hot Topic underneath your breath.

“The name is Connor. I would say pleasure to meet you, but it’s really fucking not.” He shot you a fake smile. You rolled your eyes then turned to the nerdy looking kid (who was trying his best to stay calm). “And you? What’s your name?”

“I’m Jared. I wouldn’t worry about Connor, he just doesn’t appreciate offensive humor like us,” he nodded and slightly raised his eyebrows. You chuckled at him and nodded.

“Hey, what’s your name?” You asked the last boy. He nervously looked up at you with anxiety filled in his eyes, you couldn’t help but feel bad for him. “I-I’m E-Evan,” he stuttered. “Hi Evan, I’m Y/n,” you put out your hand for him to shake it and he wiped his hand on his jeans before actually touching you.

“He’s touching her oh my god!!” The boy now known as Jared tried to quietly squeal, but completely failed.

“So, do you guys want to hang out here for a while? Unless if you have somewhere to be.. you guys just seem pretty cool so why not?” You offered. Connor was about to speak before Jared shoved him back to answer for him. “We’d love to!”

You spent the rest of the night talking to the boys, and they were the most interesting guys you’ve met in a long time. Each boy was remarkably different - but you liked that about them. You found out that they were also seniors in high school (you graduated a year early so you could pursue comedy and music), and it was super nice to make some friends and not constantly talk to tour managers.

At the end of the night, the three of you exchanged numbers - which practically killed Jared when he saw you touch his phone and put your actual phone number in there. You also made a promise that you would come see them once things were calmer for you.

“Bye Jared!” You happily hugged him, almost making him melt. You moved onto Evan, “is it okay if I hug you?” You smiled at him. He then wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in for a hug. “T-thank you for… for um.. helping me earlier,” he told you as he let go, not making eye contact. “Anytime!” You patted his shoulder and gave him a gentle smile.

Then there was Connor.

“Well, I guess this is goodbye Hot Topic,” you shrugged at him. He nodded and put his hand out for you to shake it, you shook it in a heartbeat. They all turned around to leave before Connor turned around to tell you something.

“Oh.. and your comedy isn’t that bad. I was just.. being a dick.. it’s kind of my thing,” he bit the inside of his cheek.

“It’s okay Connor,” you nodded. His eyes lit up when he heard you say his name, making you blush. You waved him goodbye, and just like that, the door was shut and they were gone.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing an essay on this but I just watched this porn video and it’s so hot I came to it…. they’re both just fucking in what looks to be their house and they’re both in dressing gowns so they look like they just woke up and decided to go raw. At the end they just casually kiss and it’s like wrow they must be a couple

The bottom cums while being fucked plus the top is so verbal and aggressive and he’s spanking the bottom while fucking…………………… but he genuinely reminds me of a guy I dated who had the same sexual mannerisms and he genuinely looks like him wow… this could’ve been us

bipp-bopp  asked:

If everyone had a future diary, what would it be? I think levi would have the "don't fuck up" diary but that's what I think!

Mikasa: Babies diary (always tells her where her babies are)
Reiner: Dodging diary (Let’s him know the move of his enemy so he can dodge it)
Bertholdt: Hiding diary (Best hiding places)
Annie: Weakspot diary (Let’s her know other’s weakspots)
Eren: Titan diary (Always know where them titans are)
Jean: Motivation diary (So he knows how to motivate the peeps around him)
Marco: Bean diary (Let’s him know how to help others)
Sasha: Animal diary (All kinds of stuff involving animals and trivia about them)
Connie: idiot diary (let’s im know idiotic mistakes)
Historia: Judging diary (Let’s her know who she can judge for what)
Armin: Clever diary (Knows about the books he read before he read them)
Ymir: Booty diary (Always knows where the hot girls are)
Levi: Trigger diary (Let’s him know about stuff that triggers his anxieties etc. but also what triggers other’s visibly)
Hanji: Torture diary (Proposes great torture ideas)
Erwin: Manipulation diary (Can manipulate other people’s diaries)
Nanaba: Desperation diary (Picks up negative thoughts of others)
Mike: Smell diary (Notifies him of smells)
Moblit: Hanji diary (Always let’s him know what reckless shit Hanji is going to pull)

Road Trip With A Stranger? (Tim Drake x Reader)

Request: “Ooooh for Tim !!!!!! Prompt: I ran away from home and you were nice enough to pick up a 17 year old hitch hiker and when I said I didn’t know what to do you suggested road trip and I said yes because your hot” from anon

Warnings/Triggers: mentions of abuse and alcoholism

A/N: Finally, another Tim request. You guys reeeaally love Jason. Not that I’m complaining, it just feels nice writing for the other guys. xD

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @avengerdragoness @kazuha159 @scarletsmaximoff @insideoflit @just-another-fandomite


Running away from home has always been on your agenda. You always thought you were cursed to live with alcoholic parents since birth. Who knows, maybe in your past life you weren’t a great person?

You were walking on the side of an empty road, in the middle of nowhere, carrying a duffle bag with all of your valuables. The sun was beaming down a cloudless sky, making you groan in regret for forgetting to bring sunscreen.

It’s only been a few hours since you left your disgraceful parents and not once did you stop for a rest. The further away from them, the better.

Every 30 minutes a car drives by, and every 30 minutes a car never picks you up. So when a black Maserati stopped at your side, you were unbelievable surprised. You were beyond curious, so you leaned down to see who slid open the passenger window. You eyebrows shot up when a really hot guy smiled up at you, “Hey, need a lift?”

He chuckled when you answered him by flinging the passenger door open, “Thanks.” You muttered as you flopped on the seat, feeling the cold A/C air touch your skin. You closed the door as he shoved your duffle bag in the back.

The attractive stranger grinned and put the car back in drive, “No problem, I’m Tim by the way, so why is a cute person like you hitch hiking in a deserted place like this?”

You debated whether you should tell him the truth or not, but you couldn’t help it, you started ranting about your parents and how you’ve wanted to leave so badly. The last thing they did to you was the final straw, “My dad held me down on the floor while my mom tried to…burn me with a cigarette.”

TIm’s grip tightened around the steering wheel, “Did she do it?” He asked, voice low and dark.

You leaned the side of your head on the window, “No, I kicked my mom and punched my dad, they were way too drunk so they passed out right away.”

He let out a sigh of relief, “So you ran away?”

You nodded, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t have much money and I don’t have any other family members that I could trust.”

Tim fell silent for about a few seconds, but another smile slowly crept on his lips, “Well, you don’t have to worry about any that. How about a road trip?’

You turned and beamed at him. Road trip with a hot stranger? Your answer was obvious, “Sure!”

anonymous asked:

how would pentagon be during a serious argument with their s/o? thanks and I absolutely love your work!!!

thank you for requesting and I’m glad you’re enjoying!!

Jinho: I could see Jinho as the type to hold back his anger so even when you’re accusing him of something, he’s trying his best to remain calm rather than just lash out. He’ll listen to what you have to say and carefully plan out his words before saying them.

Hui: I think Hui would be more likely to calmly listen to your side before rashly defending himself. Even if you’re accusing him to no end and he’s getting upset, he’ll keep his cool. He wants to hear your side seriously so that he isn’t accusing you of anything you didn’t do or say anything he doesn’t mean.

Hongseok: I think Hongseok might be a little intense in an argument and may have a hard time admitting he’s wrong, so he’ll argue his side to no end. But later on, he’d come back and apologize if you haven’t resolved your issues yet because he doesn’t want any hard feelings between you two.

E’Dawn: I think Hyojong might be a bit rash initially but he’d be quick to catch himself and would apologize if he hurt your feelings by accident. I could see how he could be easily annoyed and if you just come and start arguing he wouldn’t be happy about that so that could trigger a hot temper.

Shinwon: I think Shinwon would have a hard time admitting he’s wrong, as well. I think he would subconsciously make excuses to save himself rather than telling the truth because he thinks the truth might upset you, but later he would realize he should’ve been honest to begin with.

Yeo One: I think Changgu would manage to stay very calm during an argument. Though he’s so full of passion, I think he’d be able to listen to your side of the story before he starts going off for no reason. Though, I can see how his usually cheerful expression could turn dark and serious.

Yan An: I actually think Yan An would still be just as a soft as he is in real life. I think that he would remain submissive and wouldn’t so much as raise his voice at you. He’d be very rational and calm and listen to everything you have to say.

Yuto: I think Yuto would be similar to Yan An in that he wouldn’t lash out against you, but instead, calmly explain his side of the story so as to avoid an even more intense argument. I can see how he’d be more cool, calm, and collected at all times.

Kino: I could see Kino being more concerned about you being mad at him than proving that he’s right. He would be very cautious when approaching the argument so as not to say the wrong thing.

Wooseok: I think Wooseok could easily get frustrated if you weren’t listening to what he was saying and just blaming him to no end. He just wants to explain his side of the story but if you keep accusing and interrupting, he may lose his patience and blow up. 

Colloportus (Locked Doors) [M]

Taehyung x Reader
Harry Potter AU
Word Count: 4,780
{Request Filled}

His warmth radiated inside the Hufflepuff common room, competing and effortlessly winning against the magical sunlight that was always present within our homey dorm. It reached each corner, wiping the dust from the floor and window sills like a fresh spring breeze. I couldn’t help but stare at the honey highlights in his rich chocolate hues hair, the smooth line of his neck, veins pulsing with hot blood that called to me from across the room. My mouth watered with want, my heart fluttered with affection, my brain buzzed with an overload of stimulation that made me forget how to use words around him. The few occasions we had conversed, albeit they were short, highly awkward ones thanks to me, he had always been completely nice and sweet. And that smile, god that smile. The way it took up his whole face and packed so much joy in one motion, it punched the air from my chest instantly.

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Rating Ninjagos

Tagged by @fropeshjay (can always count on you to tag me thank :3)

Rules: Rate each of these categories from 1-5 and tag others.

Characters: 4; I love all of them but a few could use some better development.

Humor: 4.5; Not lying, on many occasions I have actually burst out laughing from Ninjago. :33

Villains: 4; A lot of them are really solid villains with solid motives. Anything from Pythor to Nadakhan have all done real good with their goals, but sometimes they just lose sight of their powers (looking at you Nadakhan) and seemingly just give up??

Morro: 4; Heh, he’s great. His character is one of the strongest I’ve seen development-wise. he can work great as both a villain and a supporter.

Echo Zane: 3.5; Okayy just like everyone else for the most part I fell in love with him the second I saw him peak out. And I knew he’d become popular but I’d just want him to be more in the show than just a filler for season 6…

Darkness: 5; I LOVE the progression of darkness over the seasons in Ninjago. I’ve always been an angst queen and so covering topics that are a little more heavy for the older audiences are a bold move for the writers, producers, etc. I really appreciate what they’ve done as it’s really given the show a sense of realism and not just some perfect world.

Hotness: 3; This is tricky since I really just think they are all so cute so I won’t say hot exactly…buuuttt let me tell you young Garmadon was pretty fiiinee (and not gonna lie Skylor and Seliel both are pretty hot to me :33).

Triggers: 2; Ninjago has still been a kids show, and personally I haven’t really been bothered as much by some things but I’m sure it could be sensitive to others. I mean, Morro for one pretty much commited suicide and so you can clearly see how this could bother some viewers… Other than than nope nothing really that bad.

Ships: LET ME TELL YOU…I’m putting it at a 2.5; Ninjago really hasn’t been strong in this department with shoving relationships down our throats and not actually stepping back to see if it works for the show. I’m not picking sides and I’m not hating but for ships such as Kailor and Jaya they really could have been done differently to make it more natural and nicer. To me Kailor is more platonic and I really appreciate their relationship especially in season 7 even if I don’t ship it myself. NOW JAYA. I don’t even want to get started on this because I used to ship this die-hard, but ever since episode 58 I can’t bring myself to enjoy it nearly as much. Yes they have their cute moments but I don’t see how they could have good chemistry now (just my opinion pls ignore if you disagree sorry I ranted). Also for ships like Pixane they can be done right but still I find it raw that they were solely in love because they are both robots aww!! But it was done well with development so I believe it is one of the best ships of Ninjago (canon wise at least :3).

Your Love For It: There is no number that could express my love for it. :33 Ninjago has been in my life for sooo long it really has become a major part of me. I’ll always love it :)).

Fandom: 4; You guys are really amazing! Even when lots of us clash heads we always are there for each other. We fight and do have discourse and sometimes we can be pretty toxic but I’ve met sooo many amazing people out of it all it really is overlookable of all the issue we have. No fandom is perfect and I’m proud to be part of this one. <333

Tumblrs: 4.5; This is really my only fandom area besides DA or FanFiction. Lots of people here are mature (most of the time :3) and we can really post amazing work ranging from fanfics to fan art, to even shitposts. There are so many things people do here that make me smile yo! :D

Wow that got mushy at the end! I tag: @lovestarr5, @ookamihanta, and anyone else! (man I don’t know anyone or at least no one else comes to mind ahhh) You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. :))