hot trash in cleveland


filth - don’t hide your hate

this is going out to the douchebag who just called my radio show to request a song, telling me to choose something by a particular artist and then calling back to complain “now, why would you play their most popular hit?” if you’re going to be choosy about what i play, they make a REQUEST in the first place (and i don’t think it was their “most popular hit” anyway).

dude went on to tell me that what i was playing “didn’t vibe with the fifties music” to which i replied WELL MAYBE THAT’S BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A FIFTIES SHOW. i play what i want, whatever shit rules, and if you don’t like it you can just as soon TUNE OUT.

sorry, just needed to vent :D

chaoskirin  asked:

HAY! Are you broadcasting tonight? I'm gonna try to listen, but I need the link again. 'cuz I can't keep anything organized. :|

SHO ‘NUFF. anyone wanna join me and chaoskirin for a rock and roll party later?

the link to listen online is and the page with all my info (and where you can leave requests as early as NOW!) is HOT TRASH!