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Hotty Totty: Recipe

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Wanted to know what the pink flames of hell taste like? Well here nyall are! A spin on the hot toddy to make for all your annoying brothers or to get the attention of your friends at the next mixer!

You will need:Jack Daniel’s Honey whiskey/Honey/Grenadine/Water/Milk and your favorite mug~


Step one- add your honey, grenadine, and whiskey!

Boil some water and add it to the cup till it fills about half way and mix until completely diluted!

Then add milk! (or for a creamier drink add some cream!)

Add some aesthetics ™ and enjoy~!

Thanks for reading and happy drinking!!!!

anonymous asked:

How would the dads react to their s/o having a nightmare?

Craig: He’d stay up the rest of the night with them if they can’t sleep. Maybe whip up a late night snack for them to take their minds off the nightmare.

Brian: Brian would talk out the dream with them and council them. Reassuring that things will be a-ok.

Damien: A sample reading of some of his favorite poems. Plenty of back hugs and soft comforting words are sure to follow.

Hugo: Cuddles and more cuddles. Nothing like a bit of physical comfort and perhaps even some soft humming to calm their s/o.

Mat: Soft ambiance music can help calm someone who’s anxious or afraid. He’d provide them with some calming herbal teas such as lemon balm or chamomile.

Robert: Bear hugs and hot tottie, a hot drink comprised of honey, lemon, water and a splash of your booze of choice.

Joseph: Holding his s/o close and caressing their cheek. He may sneak them a sweet to make sure the rest of their night is just as nice.

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Hey, I'm writing a fight scene at a fancy restaurant. If my character had a choice of weapon between grabbing a fork or a butter knife (rounded point), which should they choose?

The fork.

It has pointy ends and it’s better for stabbing.

However, in a fight scene at a restaurant, it’s worth remembering all the other available pieces that will allow a character to smoothly transition between weapons. Most of the time, thought stops at the cutlery but a restaurant is full of makeshift weapons that will aid the characters in their fight if they’re clever enough to see them.


Heavy duty, ceramic plates are good for bashing, throwing if necessary. It’s usually a stage gag, but it works really well.

Wine. Water. Coffee.

Hot soup also works. Grab it off the table, throw it in their eyes to blind them to create opportunity for an attack.

Wine Bottles

If left at the table, the solid glass of the wine bottle can be useful for hitting. It’s not as heavy duty as a Jack Daniel’s bottle, but it’ll get the job done. This is even more true if the wine bottle has not yet been uncorked and is still full. Then, it functions as a makeshift club holding up against a great deal more abuse than an empty wine bottle which will break apart in your hands.


When dealing with multiple opponents, but if they’re light enough to be picked up and wielded then the chair’s legs can be used to deflect attackers and maintain distance while backing toward an exit.

If they are sitting at the table, a good basic combination would be:

-grab wine glass, throw wine into attackers face

-grab hold of their wrist, take fork, stab hand

-pick up plate, smash plate into face

-if it survives then possibly edge into throat or sharpened edge of now broken ceramic.

-exit hastily if enemy is no longer capable of fighting to avoid confrontation with local law enforcement.

Restaurants really are full of weapons, plenty of weapons, including many objects that the average person won’t regard as a weapon. You just have to sit down, adjust your perspective, think about it, and start getting creative.

This is all just in the main dining area, long before we move to even better areas like the food preparation and the kitchen. Remember, a lit cigarette can be a weapon. It’s all about how you think and how rough you’re willing to get.

The Ambush vs. The Preparation

Another thing to consider is whether or not this scene is planned out in advance by the characters rather than it being spur of the moment (such as them being ambushed or suddenly decide to attack). A character who is preparing to make their move can set themselves up with better options than a character who has to hit the “go!” button.

They can:

If there is a bar, they might order hot alcohol like a hot tottie which is a hot mixture of water, lemon juice, whiskey, and honey. The alcohol will burn when thrown into the face, the honey (or any kind of sugar) will ensure it sticks thus prolonging the burning. This is surprising thick for a beverage. Excellent for creating openings or tying up one attacker while moving in on their friend. (This is not an approach for kindly characters.)

Order any kind of red meat or food type that will ensure they have a steak knife. They may have come without weapons or been forced to leave their weapons at the door, but they can have some of them back with clever dinner pick.


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((It's good that you are battling the hot weather well, Totty :3 But may I ask, do you enjoy ice cream during the summer? And if you do, what's your fave flavour? ;p))

I like really photogenic flavours and tall, fancier ice creams. I’m not all that big on eating them, I like parfaits and milkshakes better, but they make such great pieces to take instagram pictures of.

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In honor of CAMP TAKOTA I made HOT CHOCO TOTTIES (chocolate covered tater tots)!