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Discussion: Satsuki Shishio

Can we take a moment to discuss how perfectly imperfect Satsuki Shishio is?

Let’s start with his hair. He has three different hairstyles - normal/school version, day-off/Saturday/Sunday/bed hair version and out of bath/weighed down version. The author draws his hair differently when he doesn’t care to make it look good and draws it differently when he does put in the effort. And she even draws his hair differently when he teaches!

What’s more, his hair is long enough (most of the time) to pull back into a pony-tail, need I say more?

And at one point he got it cut and it looked awful! It was too short and it made his ears look big but as perfect as he is he can’t be perfect all the time!

Now let’s take a look into his wardrobe.

Half the time, his clothing choices are straight out of Hot Topic - skinny jeans, oversized plaid shirt, and a pair of sneakers. But when he teaches, it’s all sweaters, collared shirts and ironed pants. And the best part is: he looks good either way.

It just goes to show that he has a personality outside of the classroom.

And last but not least - he smokes! This quirk is the one thing that bothers me about his character but like I said before - he is perfectly imperfect and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

And he’s not afraid to show his emotions! (See picture below - all explanations are unnecessary)