You’ve probably seen this or this by now and if you haven’t you’re probably lucky. Actually nah they’re the best things I’ve ever made go watch them now.

I plan on making more from here on out, but I can’t just do it alone. My vocal range is pretty wide, being able to go from Edgy Hedgies to Wacky Narrators. However, I can’t voice every single character. I already have characters sounding like each other whom shouldn’t sound like each other, and if I do the same screechy bad feminine voice impression for every female character, the joke would get old fast. That’s where this post comes in; I need voice actors. List of currently need characters for “Chaptar 2″ and “Chaptar 3″, criteria, and how to apply under the cut.

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Hot Topic tv commercial 1993

Princess Cadence and Shining Armor Vinyl Figures Available for Pre-Order at Hot Topic

  Hot Topic has now listed Funko Vinyl collectibles of Princess Mi Amoré “Cadence” Cadenza and Shining Armor for pre-order on their website.  The figures, which release on March 24, can be pre-ordered now for $18.50 each.  View all images and information after the break!

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Why I love hot topic

people always ask me why I love hot topic. Let me explain. So I went there today and looked for some marvel shirts and an employee helped me out. Instead of saying oh these are the men’s shirts or are you sure you want these, like every other fucking store she said without a second to spare, “let me find some for you! They might be a little bigger in sizes because they’re men’s.”

But she didn’t care that they were men’s, that store doesn’t care if they’re men’s. You can be male or female and wear anything in that store and no employee will give you a second glance. That is why I love hot topic.