hot subdwarf stars

The quest for knowledge gets really frustrating when what you want to learn about is such a niche topic that like only 2 fucking people in the world actually have information on it like do you know how many fucking people I had to email to get my hands on papers about hot subdwarf stars I fucking,, Skyped people in GERMANY just to have them explain to me how they came to some frankly ludicrous conclusions about submass white dwarf supernovae and how the fuck they think it ties into hot subdwarf binary systems and how I had to compare data that they had to the data that some other dude from North Carolina had from some data sets from NASA’s swift satellite oh my god anyway moral of the story is don’t let anything stand in your way in your quest to Know Shit

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Im pissed off that whenever I used to ask my teachers stuff about supertasks and general relativity I was told to quit daydreaming and focus on the lesson. They made me feel so stupid and useless just because I didn't wanna do fucking times tables. I can't believe they ruined something I was so passionate about with how they decided to teach it. Why is our education system like this

It gets better in college like I asked my astro prof for more info about hot subdwarf stars and he was like “okei hereS 15 PAPERS FOR U ALSO MY FORMER GRAD STUDENT STUDIES THEM HERES HIS EMAIL”