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I have to remind myself that the curse words I seem to accumulate from tumblr aren’t exactly the things to be saying out loud because today I was making some lil old lady’s latte and i dropped her cup and it was really hot and it splashed on my leg and I immediately went “suck my entire asshole” and that poor elderly woman gave me the most horrified look I have seen a human being give me

Hers: chocolate mug cake with chocolate custard (dairy and gluten free)

Here’s how I make mine, although it’s a sketchy recipe I’m afraid as I just measure the cake ingredients by eye:

I put about 75-100g egg whites in a measuring jug then add two heaped teaspoons chocolate protein powder, one heaped teaspoon organic cocoa powder, a little stevia powder, about 1/3 heaped teaspoon almond flour and a large splash of hot water from the kettle and use a whisk to blend the ingredients thoroughly. I then pour the mixture into a shallow bowl and microwave for about three minutes. I then cut into slices and serve as it is or with a quick chocolate sauce, as pictured here.

I sometimes eat this (plain) for breakfast and it keeps me going for hours and hours! If I want to have it for dessert, I like to make the sauce to go with it. I make it with

30g cornflour
8g cocoa powder
Stevia to taste
About 100 ml unsweetened almond milk plus about 150 ml water.

I mix the dry ingredients with a whisk first then add a little of the water and almond milk to make a paste then slowly add in the rest of the liquid. I whisk this over a medium heat until the chocolate custard thickens. It’s one of my favourite little treats.

And as treats go, it’s pretty healthy! The cake is high protein both cake and sauce are dairy, sugar and gluten free.

Hades ~ Chapter 2

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ravi x reader 

warnings: none really 

word count: 2.7k

demon au!

i tried to make him old timey and failed so be warned at the cringey use of old english 

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Day One 

You inhaled the rich smell of the coffee which you held in your hands.  You need coffee for this early Sunday morning. What a terrible night. Between the ten days to live and having to go back to college you couldn’t tell which one was worse. 

“What is this beverage?” You dropped your mug. The shards exploded on the floor and the hot liquid splashed on the title of your kitchen and your feet. 

“It’s coffee dipshit!” You yelled as you turned around to the person that was your roommate but instead you were met by a puff of silver hair. You screamed and the kitchen door flew open revealing your raven haired roommate. His white t shirt hung loosely to his body and his sweat pants were on backwards. and he was holding a baseball bat. 

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Brighid is fire-in-water.

Brighid is peace and balance among elements with opposing agendas, for where there is water there cannot be fire and where there is fire there cannot be water. With Brighid, there is fire-in-water.

Brighid is the tealight floating on the surface of a warm bath.
Brighid is the lightning-struck tree burning in the rain.
Brighid is the reconciliation of opposites.
Brighid is the very possibility of paradox. 
Brighid is persisting through the delicate danger of extinguishment.
Brighid is a freshwater oasis of psychic peace in a conflagration of angst. 
Brighid is never letting life’s troubles subsume you. 
Brighid is going with the flow like a lamp-boat down the river. 
Brighid is a lighthouse on the crags. 
Brighid is sunlight glistening white on the surface of a pond.
Brighid is being soothed by warm waters.
Brighid is the steam when water is splashed on hot, fire-exposed rocks. 
Brighid is the rainbow, the sunfire light on a rainy day.

Feel free to add more. I’d love to make this theme a collaborative effort.