hot smiles

Monday 9:29pm
You’re so stubborn.
It’s one of the qualities I love most about you.

Tuesday 7:12am
I feel so dizzy, so, so dizzy.
Maybe it’s because I just woke up, or maybe
it’s because I dreamt of you last night.

Wednesday 1:25am
You fell asleep on me.
I’m not mad, not in the slightest.
I just wish I were curled up by your side.

Thursday 11:14pm
It’s crazy how even when I’m surrounded by friends,
and you’re not even here, you still have the power to
make my thoughts get rude.

Friday 8:11pm
I can always tell when you’ve been drinking;
You only call me babe when you’re drunk.
I think it’s because you don’t have the guts to say it when you’re sober.

—  words about a man i don’t love anymore, c.j.n.

“Sam and the Tabby” - Digital Oil Painting

“I know it’s a little strange, for the guy who flies around like a bird to own a cat, but I found him setting off a perimeter alarm while on patrol. He was all thin and sick and, well… I got attached. And hell, I’m down for irony. So, yeah, the Falcon has a cat.”

Sam is a soft touch for poor, neglected creatures turning up on his doorstep. He lets the cat chase Redwing around for fun and exercise.

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