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↳ “He could have had me… but he picked her. That could only be love.”


My three solid Sugar Daddy type relationships seemed so neatly summed up by our last texts (From left to right)

1. The Exhibitionist. We are great friends, the most I’ve done is watch him jerk off. Never kissed even. It’s effortless. He’s never asked for more but I do wonder if, now that we are very much friends, he’s nervous to ask because he would find it disrespectful. But what we have does seem too perfect to mess up. I’m very comfortable with what we are and I’m comfortable around him…as you can see, I sang freely around him. Something I rarely do around people unless I know them and don’t feel judged. And I don’t realize I’m doing it. And he noticed. He cares for me, I know from our conversations and how he treats me. And I care for him. He’s a wonderful man.

What I feel he needs: A companion. He works too much. He is in his forties and never been married, he wants feminine energy and loves to travel. And he’d rather not travel alone. He enjoys sharing the experience. He loves intellectual discussion and good food. Cracking jokes together and exploring the world and each other’s minds.

Our arrangement: Originally it was watching him jerk off in hotel rooms. Then we always ended up talking hours after so he offered the L.A. trip. I went. It was awesome. Now we have a weekend travel arrangement. 1,000$ each trip, he covers all trip costs as well. Currently brainstorming for our June trip!

2. Southern Gent. He’s exactly that…a southern gentleman. And he’s always generous without ever questioning it. He gives beyond what is expected from our arrangement and he does it with a smile. Kind of shy but with a touch of spunk, he’s a nice guy to his core. He also works too much and is used by his wife and daughter for his money. It’s sad. I wish he would get out of his marriage and stand up for himself more. He adores me.

What I feel he needs: Affection and attention. The man just wants a real lady. Not to be nagged but to be surrounded by youth and have an escape from his mundane life. He craves affection. He wants to be wanted and thought of.

Our arrangement: From the start, he respected my boundaries and invested his time and money in getting to know me for a few dates before we jumped into bed. 1,000$ per meeting once a month. We go to dinner and then are intimate. He also blesses me with random expensive gifts.

3. The Debater. Still new but he has been pursuing me for months since our first date. He always says finding someone hot and bright is as rare on SA as finding someone willing to pay thousands a month for an allowance. We had a second date and it’s a good fit. He’s a horndog. He’s been in this game a while. Huge thing for young, hot, smart girls. He likes to dress his mistress in designer clothes and lingerie and he’s into the “Daddy” roleplay. Very liberal but into traditional gender roles. Very dominant. A smart and challenging conversationalist. It’s quite natural. Fun dynamic. The richest of the 3. A millionaire with quite the lifestyle.

What I feel he needs: Releasing the testosterone. Living out his urges to dominate women and pick away at innocence. It’s less about the connection I believe and will be more about the sex. But he also emphasizes he only likes girls who are smart and have their shit together, which I believe deepens the powerplay. And just a way to blow all his money.

Our arrangement: Right now still platonic. Will be 1,000$ a meet as often a month as we can meet. Also buys expensive dresses, shoes and lingerie.