hot sim guy


ezra, laughing softly: i’m…. getting dizzy.
kirk: i think all that liquor you downed is catching up with you, love. 
ezra: i think it’s just you.
kirksmiling to himself: let’s get you an uber home, yeah?
ezra: could—could you maybe drive me? if you have a car, i mean…
kirk: are you sure?
ezra: if you’re okay with it.. i don’t wanna force you to drive me anywhere—
kirk: i’d be happy to, ezra. 

complaining like always. 

I’m like sooo tired of the people who follow only to unfollow once they get their follower count to go up. 
It just irritates me. To me my follower count means absolutely nothing if no one’s checking my stuff out. Like I don’t care how many followers I have. 

So like, sorry for being the biggest asshole alive but I’m not going to be following back anymore.
I just went through and about 15 blogs weren’t following me and I had no idea who they were either, so I un-followed them right away. 

I’m just feeling like my dash is so incredibly cluttered and I’m feeling irritated about it, and about 90% of the time I see the url and I’m like who the hell is this?! 

i got a new phone a couple of days ago, upgrading from 12gb to 64, so naturally the first thing i did was download a bunch of shitty dating sims to fill up all that space

and i was playing yet another voltage one today and i was like ‘i should probably use a japanese name cause why would a white australian be in japan in the edo period’ (or idk when this was actually set i hav no idea abt japanese history tbh)

and i used the first name that popped into my head

shame me


“Do you remember that day in the hospital, how I told you that dress was what I always pictured you wearing on your wedding day?”


“Well, I was wrong. I like this one better.”

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for little blogs? :(

  1. be yourself. 
  2. post because you love what you are posting, not because you need or want notes and reblogs. You will be happier in the long run.
  3. On the front page of your blog, have a little blurb about yourself and sims so when people stumble by, they get a sense of what your blog is about.
  4. remember, it takes time to get rolling. It took me about seven months to become part of the community.
  5. don’t worry about notes, your work will be highly appreciated, without reblogging your stuff 10 times a day.
  6. follow other simblrs! Most simblrs follow back simblrs.
  7. create, sometimes it’s nice to get a break from what you’ve already saw/read.
  8. tag, tag and tag your posts some more. If you are doing a story/legacy/challenge/offering downloads/etc and you want people to be able to follow it, tag it with a unique tag. Then create a link on your main page. [ex.:]
  9. a great screenshot makes simblr smile! Learn how to take and edit your screenshots.
  10. keep it sim related as much as possible. Personal posts here and there are fine but if you have more personal/fandom/surveys than sim stuff you might lose simblr followers.
  11. keep the original/to reblogged posts ratio favoring originality. You will get more positive feedback by posting your own things/stories/screenshots (It is nice to reblog others now and then too, just not 80% of the time). The exception to this is if you are a “specialty simblr”, for example, you only post house design, custom content finds or hot sim guys, etc.
  12. reach out to other simblrs, send a nice message, leave a nice reply. Who knows, you could make someone’s day or even a new friend. If you’re shy or scared, because you could say something wrong, don’t worry I’m just like you!
  13. common terms used in simblr posts: wcif=where can I find. nsfw=not safe for work. wip=work in progress.

Can I just gush about how absolutely excited I am that the Sims 4 is FINALLY coming out for console? I haven’t played a Sims game in far too many years. I’ve been watching build videos for weeks in preparation. Is it 9 PM PST yet?