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“I’ve heard some rumors from some heartbroken students that you’re currently in a relationship, Elric. Care to inform me?”

“Oh ha ha, wonder where they got that idea, with you following me home everyday. You’re grading your own papers tonight, bastard.” 


*Throws my favorite RoyEd AUs*

Have I told you that I love College Professor AUs? 

You do not PLAY with Yugioh shippers, i swear to Ra have you seen the shipping list? THEY HAVE TO DIVIDE IT INTO SECTIONS ITS SO LONG. and noooo, no simple name combined ship names, nope, nope, they have to have meanings like Puzzleshipping, Tendershipping, Stepshipping, Conquestshipping, Chibishipping, etc….AND because there so many versions of Yugioh, there are more ships, and inter-world ships, and you just do. NOT. PLAY WITH YUGIOH SHIPPERS

sum headcanons for champ that i have cultivated over the past two days via myself or the help of others:

  • champ has a lot more facial hair than that. sometimes a full on beard, sometimes a larger stache and goatee
  • he’s goin’ through a phase at the moment cos recently he fuckin lost a bet to @statesmancider​​ ( the only agent he ever loses bets to ) and he had to shave his entire beard
  • he does not approve of agent/agent relationships inside of statesman. however, the unspoken rule is that if if it doesn’t get in the way of their jobs and missions then he wants nothing to do with it.
  • he holds a small glass bottle in his coat pocket wherever he goes. inside of that bottle contains the secret recipe to his great great grandmama’s bbq sauce recipe.
  • at the statesman rodeos/picnics/you name its, champ is on the grill. until he needs a break, and then one of the other agents is.
  • the statesman have barn cats at their distillery. champ feeds all of them and knows every single one of their names. literally. every. single. one.
  • he will never admit that he likes pumpkin spice lattes. ever.
  • ( he puts liquor in his pumpkin spice lattes )
  • statesman created the title of champagne so they could call him champ
  • champ is the #1 statesman in the history of statesman
  • if you go to a statesman party, champ will make you dance.
  • champ is a smooth dancer. he still gets the ladies to dance with him. he will MAKE you look good if you are dancing with him.
  • he loves horseback riding.
  • he owns a large ranch.
  • his favourite song is september by earth, wind, & fire
  • champ is the reason statesman parties are the best.
  • champ does not act like an old man.
  • he fucking LOVES karaoke.
  • and he fucking loves football.
  • and baseball.
  • there is a photo somewhere in the halls of kingsman hq where champ is riding a t-rex, holding the statesman bourbon in one hand and the american flag in the other.
  • he will host sunday and monday night football at his house every week when it’s football season.
  • he’s actually pretty serious when need be. he can be downright terrifying and intimidating when he has to be.
  • he has a family. married for 40 years to grace, has one daughter and two sons. isabelle, ford @statesgin​, and atticus.
  • his entire family works at statesman hq. his daughter works in the med bay, ford is agent gin, the other son runs the distillery, and grace is in charge of their research department.
  • he’s literally such a fucking social butterfly it’s ridiculous.
  • he is the embodiment of statesman.
  • but don’t let his jovial self blind you, cause this guy. he DOES look down on certain people ( i.e. @statesscotch​, because he’s an ex-con. )
  • his trademark phrase is literally just a long groan. his trademark symbol is a facepalm. ( he does that a lot @ whiskey and tequila. )
  • he appreciates when his agents BEHAVE. 
  • it’s always a sad day when an agent is lost, because the statesmen are like family.
  • champ will go on the occasional mission, but they are far and few in between. he’s the arthur of statesman.
  • he’s been all around the world, both vacationing and on missions.
  • vacationing with his family, he goes to the nicest hotels, but loves to get down and dirty. vacationing by himself, he wont ever spend as much as he spends on his family.

anonymous asked:

Grow up and stop attacking fandoms. I bet you are a hypocrite that enjoys anime that, just like frozen, isn't diverse. - Anonymous

Hey Anon,

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Anime has diversity, so just don’t think you can stick to the mainstream anime stereotype of big eyes, fair skin, and that “kawaii desu nii” shit. I suggest you actually look at some of these animes before talking like you are hot shit. 

Anime listed here:

Revolutionary Girl, One Piece, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tamakos Market, HunterxHunter (2011), Nadia Secret of Blue Water, Monster, Michiko to Hatchin

Another thing I suggest, if you think you are so big and bad, get off anon and talk to me.

-Anyone can add in more anime if they would like-