hot shelter

Lexark Headcanons Pt. 2

•"You tell me to take shower, but you decide to go first which lasted up to two hours and you didn’t even leave me any hot water.“
•Taking shelter in a boxcar
•Alicia getting frustrated when she fails to make a fire
•Elyza watching her at first with a smug smirk on her lips before saying, “Need some help with that, Sweetheart.”
•Alicia giving Elyza a broken infinity tattoo
•Elyza starts drawing/leaving notes on Alicia’s arm when she’s sleeping because she figured Alicia has a thing for artists
•Alicia’s frozen still and doesn’t turn around until the last second when Elyza’s undressing
•"We’re going on the roof.“
“Isn’t that dangerous? There’s walkers strolling around at night and this roof looks like it’s about to collapse.”
•Sharing a bottle of liquor they found in a grocery store or house
“On a scale from one to ten, how drunk are you?”
“Drunk enough to kiss you and hoping that it’ll lead to a heated make out session.”
•"We’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you decide to suddenly ask me out, now?“
“Why did I even ask? It’s not like you’re getting rid of me that easily, we’re practically dating.”
“We are not dating.”
“Should I list the reasons why we kinda are?”
“I hate you.”
“At least that’s the beginning of a love story, not the end of one.”
•"You son of a bitch, you could’ve gotten yourself killed!“
“Ohh, you kiss your mother with that mouth?”
“Hopefully you too.”
•"You shut everyone out who genuinely cares about you-“
"Not everyone, not you.”
•Alicia stealing the cigarette between Elyza’s lips
•Elyza getting slightly irritated, but Alicia just rolls her eyes and pecks her on the cheek leaving Elyza a blushing gay mess
•Elyza’s lame attempts at pickup lines
•Alicia deciding to play along and leaving Elyza with proud shock
•Finding spray paint cans and deciding to graffiti walls for fun
•"If you don’t shut up, I will not hesitate to beat the pulp out of you.“
"Are you threatening me?”
“And what if I am?”
“That’s hot. And I may or may not be low key turned on.”
•"Do you trust me?“
"Are you quoting fucking Aladdin?”
•Their each other’s personal heater
•Alicia shyly reaching out for Elyza’s hand
•Elyza instantly lacing their fingers together
•Sharing Alicia’s earphones when they’re listening to music
•Alicia thinking Elyza’s ear piercings make her all that more badass and attractive
•Elyza wearing Alicia’s t-shirts
•Alicia wearing Elyza’s spare hoodies and jackets
•"You’re an ass.“
"Correction, a smoking hot badass.”
•Elyza calling Alicia, Princess and Ice Queen
•"Please don’t do anything stupid or reckless.“
"But I am stupid and reckless.”
•"So what made you kiss me?“
"Humanity is being wiped out, The world is going to end, You’re a tease and I’ve also had a really crappy day and I needed it.”
•Alicia being a natural at braiding hair

So if

Vale = valley area?? = dark = needs light = Signal & Beacon (big signal)

Mistral = probably has been through a lot of disasters?? = needs safety = Sanctum & Haven (big sanctum)

Vacuo = desert area?? = hot = needs shelter = ????? + Shade (big… what?? what’s a smaller version of shade???)

Soooo I’m guessing Atlas has a warmth-themed academy name, cuz it’s cold up there…??

Bad Taste Aquarium...For Hot Shelter
Jun Senoue
Bad Taste Aquarium...For Hot Shelter

Hey guys! It’s not four in the morning!

I have been replaying Sonic Adventure, and you know what, the soundtrack gives these grooves amazing names. This is “Bad Taste Aquarium”, and damn don’t I love it!

What do I like about it? I really love the intro, how it really kicks in, and the slap bass is also A+. I’m a sucker for horn kicks as it is, and these ones give it a nice touch to it. I’m trying to remember myself what level this actually goes for, and I think it’s Gamma’s journey through Hot Shelter. The synths are definitely prominent, but I can live with them. It grooves man, it grooves. You can tell I have a thing for funk beats, huh?

Also, I like how a majority of Sonic tunes don’t fade out into endless repeat and actually have a solid ending. I think it gives them more enjoyability as a song by itself, y'know?