hot shelter

dream: seeking shelter in an abandoned mansion after some kind of apocalypse. turned out to not be abandoned, the owner just hadn’t left his panic suite yet. we found it when i was trying to take videos of his ridiculous bathroom for snapchat. it was implied that someone was going to have to bang him if we wanted to stay in his house. we did not finish sorting out the logistics before i woke up.

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What are your opinions on the Adventure games from a critical standpoint? It's obvious that you like going through them and finding unused content but do you genuinely enjoy playing through them?

I could go all day about positive aspects of the games and why I find them good so I’m just going to address what I see as the negatives of the games.

The problems I see with them are:

  • Camera
  • Collision
  • Game Design
  • Localisation
  • Development Time
  • Port Quality

I’m going to explain each of these, because I see a lot of people complaining about the games these days and then not knowing what they’re supposed to be talking about when asked to go into more detail.

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Shatter me again [5]

Title: Shatter me again [5]

Author: @deanwinchesterxreader

Beta-reader: @eyesxsewnxopenx

Summary: Dean has been living a normal life with his girlfriend Lisa and her son Ben for the past year. Everything seems to be going well until his past comes knocking on his door.

Type: multichapter

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 5439

Warnings: angst, swearing, depression.

Tagging: @deanssexyassbutt@sherlock44@anokhi07@supernatural-jackles @winchesterprincessbride @daydreamingintheimpala @training-wolves @poemwriter98 @starlingfalls @superwhomerlockinuum @destiny14444 @speckof-rarity @wonderless-screwup @yaya-snowflakes @life-is-supernatural- @hell-h0undd @dancingalone21 @lexipasta @bender-overr @kevstiels @jadedhillon @xfanqirlinq @harleenq4life @cloudroomblog @a-court-of-stydia @voidjillybean @xxsugarturtle @otakuforlife12 @basicallyspn @baitellasupernatural @manawhaat @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Part one. Part two. Part three. Part four.

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"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" for Aria bc she's pretty both outside and inside.

Her heart fluttered, her cheeks grew increasingly warm, she didn’t want to think to hard on this one. Max, Max was just a friend right? He’s such a nice guy, it was only probably a really nice compliment and Aria’s heart was misleading her, its all that it was.

The day was nice, it was so rare that Aria would be awake during most of the daylight hours but Max convinced her they should go out and explore when the world was quiet. Checking out the sunrise, watching clouds go by, playing in a meadow full of strange and wonderful plants, resting in a decent shady area when it got way too hot, and then finding shelter when the rain decided to poor and cool down the day, it was good.

She was soaking wet and cold to the bone and thought it silly he said that to her but it was ok, it was alright, those words made her body heat up from embarrassment.

“Y-you’re ridiculous!” she stuttered and then quietly spoke, “I-I have an idea, but I feel like you’d tell me why in a second if you wanted to answer your own question…” 

i definitely think the spread of religion has done more harm than good historically but hating it outwardly, and unforgivingly modern day isnt totally reasonable 

bc a lot of people who would otherwise be totally hopeless and helpless turn to religion, especially living in abject poverty

and part of the reason for that is bc a lot of religious organizations provide mobile showers, and hot meals, and shelters, and clothes and other stuff to people in need and no one else does 

i have a friend who sailed to philly on a boat from vietnam and arrived with absolutely nothing, but a church gave him a place to stay and food and now hes a devout christian 

so like, religion as a vehicle of power is pretty dangerous and fucked up, but religious people provide services to poor people that no one else is willing to give so i’ve never really been able to hate religion for that reason 

Puppy Love (12 Days of Christmas, Day 5)

AO3 link here!

12 Days of Christmas/Destiel Masterlist here!

12 Days of Christmas | @waywardlullabies | Day 5

Prompt: Snowman and Reindeer

Summary: Dean goes to the animal shelter to adopt a puppy for his brother and he meets there someone who he didn’t expect to see.

Word Count: 1132

Characters: Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean Winchester & Castiel Novak (platonic!Destiel)

Warnings/Tags: fluff, animal shelter!AU, puppies!

Beta: @oceanblue-and-forestgreen (thank you so much, love <3)

Idea provided by @hideyourdemoneyes, thanks very much, Dee!

Big thanks to @hideyourdemoneyes​ as well for listening to my whining about lots of things, constantly cheering me on and helping me incorporate the prompts into this fic. You’re the best!

A/N: It’s the fifth out of 12 Destiel pieces I’ll be publishing daily, from December 14th to 25th, as a Christmas Celebration. Every day is a separate story.

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag list! (Tags at the bottom of the post, those that are crossed out mean that Tumblr didn’t let me tag you.)

Feedback very welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to check out my Masterlist if this piece leaves you wanting more :)

“Is anybody there?” Dean wondered as he entered the animal shelter, the hot air from the inside making his fingertips burn as they thawed.

The weather was terrible that day, the blizzard outside making it almost impossible to see anything, but Dean was determined to get Sam, his little brother, a perfect present for Christmas. Sam had been asking their parents for a puppy since he was a toddler, to the point they were beyond annoyed with it. Still, they secretly agreed when Dean asked them and gave him permission to choose the puppy.

That’s how he found himself in an animal shelter, as he didn’t want to just buy a dog. He preferred to choose a puppy that nobody wanted. His goal was to give this puppy a present as well, the present being the sweetest owner it would ever see.

“Hello?” Dean repeated, taking off his jacket and hanging it near the door.

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Branch would be the guy who tells children that Santa Clause isn’t real, while also being the guy who spends all winter doing fundraisers and charity drives to get those poor kids, homeless people, etc. the winter coats, hats, gloves, blankets, hot meals, and shelter that they need.

He’d be like toys are great and all, but you know what I think those kids REALLY want for Christmas? Warmth and safety. Also, Santa isn’t real so us actual existing adults need to pony up and look after these kids instead of waiting for some fat guy with an elvish sweat-shop to do the work for us.

My inner mind whirls and grinds
I close my eyes against the storm
Rain pelts down from high above
Thoughts coalesce and take form

I turn my back and take shelter
From hot raging winds, I spend
Bruised and battered from within
I suppress a desire for it to end

In a daze I gaze upon the sun
And let it fill my heart once more
Allow the warmth to fill my soul
Reminded to renew my core

Forgive me for my indulgent ways
I have within me the path and means
I allow the words to capture my emotions
And swear that all is not what it seems

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prompt 30 for bellrk or prompt 44 please and thank you :) <3 btw: your gg au was amazing!

i picked #30 (”Can I sit here? The other tables are full.”) but i might do 44 one of these days. stay tuned. also thank you so much!! hopefully will have part 2 up this weekend :) <3 

ao3, prompts list. ask box open! (rated T)

It’s days like today when Bellamy really regrets his decision to not own a car.

To be fair, his regret is not limited to days like today, when the sky breaks out in a spontaneous thunderstorm, when he has foregone his umbrella, when every passing vehicle makes him shrink away for fear that they’ll hit the gutter puddles just right and spray dirty water all over his work clothes. He’s also regretful on days when the bus makes him late to work, when it’s unreasonably cold or unbearably hot outside, when he’s had it up to here with strangers being in his personal space.

At the end of the day, the extra cash in his bank account outweighs the convenience of having a car (which, considering city parking availability, is not that convenient anyway). But it is one of those days, and Bellamy has forgotten his umbrella, and a car did spray him, so he’s not in the right frame of mind to remember why selling his car was a good thing.

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Herb of the Week-Saffron



Saffron, also known as Crocus sativus, is a plant that grows from a bulb and belongs to the family of Sword Lily. This is actually a spice with an intense aroma and is used extensively in a variety of cuisines. In fact, saffron is among the most expensive spices available.

This yellowish spice is obtained from the blooms of the species called Crocus sativus, which is widely called saffron crocus, The saffron crocus plant grows up to a height of anything between 20 cm and 30 cm and each plant produces a maximum of about four flowers. Each flower of this species has three bright crimson stigmas that are located far away from the point of attachment of a carpel. In conjunction with the stalks or styles which are connected to the stigmas to the plant hosting them, the dried out stigmas are mostly used in a variety of cuisines in the form of a seasoning as well as coloring agent.

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So if

Vale = valley area?? = dark = needs light = Signal & Beacon (big signal)

Mistral = probably has been through a lot of disasters?? = needs safety = Sanctum & Haven (big sanctum)

Vacuo = desert area?? = hot = needs shelter = ????? + Shade (big… what?? what’s a smaller version of shade???)

Soooo I’m guessing Atlas has a warmth-themed academy name, cuz it’s cold up there…??

Lexark Headcanons Pt. 2

•"You tell me to take shower, but you decide to go first which lasted up to two hours and you didn’t even leave me any hot water.“
•Taking shelter in a boxcar
•Alicia getting frustrated when she fails to make a fire
•Elyza watching her at first with a smug smirk on her lips before saying, “Need some help with that, Sweetheart.”
•Alicia giving Elyza a broken infinity tattoo
•Elyza starts drawing/leaving notes on Alicia’s arm when she’s sleeping because she figured Alicia has a thing for artists
•Alicia’s frozen still and doesn’t turn around until the last second when Elyza’s undressing
•"We’re going on the roof.“
“Isn’t that dangerous? There’s walkers strolling around at night and this roof looks like it’s about to collapse.”
•Sharing a bottle of liquor they found in a grocery store or house
“On a scale from one to ten, how drunk are you?”
“Drunk enough to kiss you and hoping that it’ll lead to a heated make out session.”
•"We’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you decide to suddenly ask me out, now?“
“Why did I even ask? It’s not like you’re getting rid of me that easily, we’re practically dating.”
“We are not dating.”
“Should I list the reasons why we kinda are?”
“I hate you.”
“At least that’s the beginning of a love story, not the end of one.”
•"You son of a bitch, you could’ve gotten yourself killed!“
“Ohh, you kiss your mother with that mouth?”
“Hopefully you too.”
•"You shut everyone out who genuinely cares about you-“
"Not everyone, not you.”
•Alicia stealing the cigarette between Elyza’s lips
•Elyza getting slightly irritated, but Alicia just rolls her eyes and pecks her on the cheek leaving Elyza a blushing gay mess
•Elyza’s lame attempts at pickup lines
•Alicia deciding to play along and leaving Elyza with proud shock
•Finding spray paint cans and deciding to graffiti walls for fun
•"If you don’t shut up, I will not hesitate to beat the pulp out of you.“
"Are you threatening me?”
“And what if I am?”
“That’s hot. And I may or may not be low key turned on.”
•"Do you trust me?“
"Are you quoting fucking Aladdin?”
•Their each other’s personal heater
•Alicia shyly reaching out for Elyza’s hand
•Elyza instantly lacing their fingers together
•Sharing Alicia’s earphones when they’re listening to music
•Alicia thinking Elyza’s ear piercings make her all that more badass and attractive
•Elyza wearing Alicia’s t-shirts
•Alicia wearing Elyza’s spare hoodies and jackets
•"You’re an ass.“
"Correction, a smoking hot badass.”
•Elyza calling Alicia, Princess and Ice Queen
•"Please don’t do anything stupid or reckless.“
"But I am stupid and reckless.”
•"So what made you kiss me?“
"Humanity is being wiped out, The world is going to end, You’re a tease and I’ve also had a really crappy day and I needed it.”
•Alicia being a natural at braiding hair