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@buzz-cat​ asked: Can I prompt Darcy x Tony with the soulmate AU, but with the idea that you can’t see whatever color their eyes are until you meet them? (ex. can’t tell what color the ocean is until you meet your blue-eyed soulmate)?

Here’s a different take on the soulmate au – not just with seeing color as the soulmate-indicator, but also with the writing style of this prompt being a little more introspective. A bit cheesy and fluffy, but it’s a nice break from the darkness of the previous prompt and all the angst that came before. Thanks for prompting!

When Tony made the Mark I of the Iron Man suit, he chose hot rod red and goldenrod yellow for the color scheme – flashy colors, bordering obnoxious, that he knew every single person could see. The point was to stand out, and when a good chunk of the world couldn’t see greens, or blues, or even browns – not that he’d ever choose those colors, but it was the principle of the thing that mattered – what use was there in picking those colors for his precious suit? 

Except… well, blues – he didn’t really know about blues. Pepper’s eyes were blue, but to Tony they looked a flat grey, odd against her bright hair and pale skin. To her, she couldn’t see browns, but Tony figured that there wasn’t much missed in a world like that. He was always more of a steel and glass kind of guy anyways, and since brown was likened to earth and wood most of the time, Tony always happily passed.

His own eyes were brown – dark brown, nearly black in fact, but he figured that his soulmate got the better end of the deal. He didn’t know what the sky, or the sea really looked like – all he saw were greys, shifting and sliding into purples and pinks and reds at dawn and dusk, and then into slate black at night. He’d asked Pepper to describe it  to him, but he couldn’t picture how a color could be both soothing and electric, or stormy and calm. It made no sense to him – if anything, blues sounded like they were the ultimate mood swing, with a spectrum broad enough to make anyone’s head spin.

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Requested by anonymous

“Tony Stark, meet Peter Quill. Peter Quill, Tony Stark,” you introduced. You knew this was a bad idea, but SHIELD insisted. Peter apparently had experience with Kree, and so SHIELD wanted him to team up with the Avengers while a Kree invasion was a possibility. So the tree of you were standing in a meeting room in Avengers Tower.

“You can call me Star Lord,” the space traveler said with a mischievous glint in his eye as he reached out to shake Tony’s hand.

Tony shook his hand. “Name’s a bit ostentatious, don’t you think?” he asked.

“You have no room to talk, Mr. ‘let’s paint my flying metal suit hot rod red and gold’,” you commented.

Star Lord laughed. “I think we’ll get along just fine,” he stated. “What do you say we put a little background music to our strategizing?”

“Reading my mind,” Tony stated. Star Lord pulled out a tape. “Got a cassette player somewhere?”

Tony laughed. “Those things have been outdated for a couple decades now,” he stated. “I’ll provide the music, thank you. JARVIS, Back in Black.”

“Very well, sir,” JARVIS replied, before starting the song.

“But I wanted to play Hooked on a Feeling,” Star Lord said with a bit of a pout.

“Got the track list on the tape?” you asked, wondering if you could find a song they both liked.

“Yes, but I’m not handing you the tape. Not even cute girls like you are allowed to touch it, just me. I’ll let you touch anything else, though.” He winked. You shot him a glare, as Tony gave an approving nod.

“Just hold it up, and I’ll take a look,” you said flatly. He did, and you leaned in to read the tracks. “How about the Pina Colada song?” you suggested.

“Now that’s a song I can get behind. JARVIS?” Tony said. Soon the song started playing.

“Alright, so we got Kree incoming. Time to get to work?” you prompted. You were starting to regret agreeing to be the babysitter of these two.

However, Star Lord seemed to not hear you, as he was too busy singing along.

“Okay, I gotta show you what I’ve been working on,” Tony said, shifting through files.

“Invasion!” you again tried to remind them.

“I’m a genius. I probably already have something that will help. But I want to show Star Prince and see what he says about it,” Tony stated.

“It’s Star LORD!” he corrected. Tony just smirked.

“Alright, children, behave,” you sighed.