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Nerris, watching Harrison prepping for a new magic trick…

Nerris: *mumbles under breath*

Nerris: …good luck.

Harrison: [turns around]

Harrison: What did you say?

Nerris: *panicking*

Nerris: Ahh…I SAID YOU SUCK!!

Nerris: [walks away speedly]

  • Jace: Hey, everybody! I got some awesome news. We have a new crew member today, Clary. So I thought it would be fun if we all went around and said our name and a little something about ourselves. I'll start. My name is Jace, and I like to party. All right, Hodge, you're up.
  • Hodge: Uh, hi. Uh, my name is Hodge, and uh... I like to party.
  • Jace: Uh, no, Hodge. I just said that I party, so maybe you could do something different from me.
  • Hodge: My name is Hodge, and I... am the leader.
  • Jace: You know what? Let's move on. Izzy, you're up.
  • Isabelle: Uh, hello! I'm Isabelle, and I like to party.
  • Jace: Yeah, uh, Isabelle, what did I just say to Hodge?
  • Isabelle: Who?
  • Jace: Hodge!
  • Alec: I like to party. I'm Jace.
  • Jace: No! You're Alec!
  • Alec: Right, Alec. I party.
  • Jace: No, no, you don't. Okay, nobody parties but me.
  • Hodge: Yes, and we party.
  • Jace: No!
  • Isabelle: Yeah, just Jace...
  • Jace: Yes!
  • Isabelle: ...and me!
  • Jace: No! I'm the only one who parties!
  • Alec: I'm pretty sure I've partied before.
  • Jace: No, Alec, I know for a fact you don't party. Okay? You do not party!
  • Alec: You're right. Hodge's the party guy.
  • Hodge: Haha, sweet!
  • Jace: Oh, my God, shut up!