hot rod king


For centuries they defended our world, but on June 21 our alliance is over. Watch the new #Transformers International Trailer now!


Mooneyes X-mas Party 2009 by Alex


This is my special needs bird Spike! He’s a very good boy and he does his best even though he has a muscle disorder that means he can’t fly

Flyboy?? hu?? Flyo in the skyo is for CHUMP watcha this dude 10/10 *rolls it up in a Big Ol Hot Rod* we king of the road

(submitted @fucktrecool)

Fic Prompts: Transformers Tuesday

Now, when he’d fled Cybertron and the Functionist takeover, young Hot Rod hadn’t been thinking of much besides “find the fabled Optimus Prime and save Cybertron”.
He probably should’ve thought of where he’d hide and how he’d begin his search.

After a series of nearly fatal adventures, he found a derelict ship floating in space and made his way inside for refuge. Only to discover that it was inhabited after all. Four Decepticons stared down at him.

“He’s tiny,” said Starscream.
“He’s shiny,” commented Knock Out.
“Query: intended course of action?” asked Soundwave.
The next thing Hot Rod knew, Breakdown had lifted him off the floor and over his head. “Let’s adopt him!” he announced.