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what rich people are like probably pt. 2

Careful... | Joker x Male Reader (Part 5)

Warnings: Wet Dreams, Sexual Tones

Words: 1547

(Y/N) POV:

After walking off stage my heart wouldn’t stop pounding. The light layer of sweat that covered my body made me want to shower immediately but the roar of the crowds applause made me want to run back on stage. Thinking about my performance made my stomach feel tight. I can’t deny I liked being too close to The Joker. When I got back to my dressing room, a guard informed me I would be moving into The Joker’s mansion. I was to be escorted there tonight.

The Joker insisted I rode with him in his gorgeous car, naturally I didn’t deny it. It was a cold night and my shorts weren’t helping.

“I must say, ” He said softly, “I did enjoy that wonderful, wonderful performance.” His fingers danced over and slowly settled on my upper thigh. I felt my heart skip and my cheeks flush red.

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Sweet As Honey 2

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6  AO3

Alya.exe was currently not working. Her brain had stalled as soon as the words hit her ears while her hands went to cover her mouth in shock. It wasn’t even a real, true proposal but her surprise was genuine and so was the embarrassment that flooded her cheeks. It was then, as her thoughts started whirling again, that she realized the eyes of other people in the cafe were lingering on them. Lingering on her for an answer.

Completely flustered, Alya’s hand went for Chloe’s to pull her outside. Meeting the morning air, Alya was leading her away from the café.

“Excuse you! Where are you taking me?” Chloé huffed sliding on her shades and large hat with her free hand, but making no motion to take back stolen appendage.

“We’re going somewhere private.” Alya responded, looking over her shoulder.

“So you’ll do it then?” Chloé questioned, brightly.

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