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Witches' Bottle for the Green Witch

Today I was cutting up some burdock, and the idea came to me. Traditionally witches bottles contain scraps of metal some of which undoubtedly are made of iron. Some practitioners that work with faery or natural energies like to avoid using metals that can disturb the delicate filaments of natural magic. So lets made a powerfully offensive witches bottle using natural ingredients.

Thorns (the bigger the better) include thorns of various sizes to replace metal nails. I found some thorns up to 6 inches long growing on a tree in Indiana.

black thorn would be a very powerful choice.

Also include any dried plants that are prickly, spiny, thornes. I use Datura pods which are prickly, and also pack a mean punch. Another of course is Burdock the inspiration for this post. Burdock is very powerfuk against dark magic. It is also used to get a spell to latch on to its target. Sweet gum aka witches gum is another prickly seed pod that falls from the tree. These can also be dipped in wax and rolled in dried powdered herbs then dipped again and carried for protection. I included asafoetida into my witches bottle, as a more untraditional option. Hot herbs and martial herbs such as red pepper flakes, black and white pepper, asafoetida, black salt etc.; can also be added for an extra kick.

Nettle and thisle can be included for its protective and blessing powers also helps the spell/negativity adhere to the target when it is returned to the sender.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Also feel free to add more types of thorny prickly mean looking plants to include. The more ominous looking the better!



[vegetarian, vegan]

Thin crust for the win. One whole grain tortilla is topped with some homemade vegan pesto, sliced tomatoes, red onion, broccoli, hot peppers, oregano, red chilli flakes, and an egg for some protein. Bake in the oven until the whites of the egg are cooked (of course, just leave it out for a vegan option). Finish with black pepper and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. 

Snow Be Gone! Spell

Based on lavenderwrath response to a recent ask, here is my modified version of that spell for the folks sick of snow disrupting their lives.

Pot and stove

Hot spices: red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, chili powder, curry powder, cumin, cinnamon, whatever you have on hand

Bay leaves (or another protection herb/spice)


Heat the snow until it’s completely melted. Shake in each hot spice while reciting:

“Melting ice, melting snow, no more, go away!
All along my home road, no more, go away!”

After you’ve added you hot spices, break up the bay leaves and add while saying:

“Keep me safe, keep me strong, by making the ice go away!
Keep me away from harm by making the snow go away!”

Bring the water to a boil and bring up the energy of your spell. At the boiling point, CAREFULLY (watch that wind, yo!) toss the liquid outside.

anonymous asked:

(Casually swoops in) I have this feeling that Bakugo OWNS Home Ec from his use of a kitchen knife.

i’m kind of torn between Bakugou being SUPER AWESOME at baking


Bakugou being super awesome at it until he has to wait for the food to bake and then he gets impatient and tries to rush the process and then he accidentally explodes the oven and ruins everything

either way i bet he’s goddamn amazing at cooking and the entire class is a little jealous of him for it

they always force ask Bakugou to help make dinner and he grumbles and complains and throws a fit about it, but he does help. mostly because it’s his dinner too. it’s not because he wants to help or anything. he’s not being nice here, ok. STOP LOOKING AT HIM LIKE THAT, DAMMIT

headcanon that Bakugou covers all of his food with red pepper flakes, hot sauce, and a shit ton of different spices. no one ever touches Bakuguo’s plate for fear of literally lighting their throats on fire

(Kaminari learned this the hard way. he couldn’t speak for 3 days afterwards. Izuku tried to warn him. he didn’t listen.)

(also forever laughs that his birthday is fucking 4/20)

(also awww at the “I’ll handle his character with care.” bit)

SQW Summer 2016 - Day 1: Confessions

Emma ended up carrying the rose around with her that day, after cutting off most of the stem and sticking it into the breast pocket of her red leather jacket. Mary Margaret thought it was sweet and gushed about how she wanted to be the first to know when Emma discovered who her secret admirer was. In truth, Emma was watching everyone around her for their reactions to her wearing the rose, proudly on display.

“You’re such a sap,” Ruby said when the blonde strolled into the diner for her usual mid-day grilled cheese and hot cocoa.

“Well maybe if you told me about your hunch, I wouldn’t have to resort to such measures to figure out my secret admirer.”

“Nuh uh. My lips are sealed. I enjoy being alive, thanks.” The waitress set down her order and scurried off, leaving the blonde alone at the counter. Emma rolled her eyes and took a gulp of her drink, looking up only when her spidey-senses tingled, alerting her to a certain Mayor’s presence.

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Spiral's Banishment Bottle

To banish a toxic person from your life

Wrote this to get rid of my boyfriend’s ex, who was working her way up to stalker level.

What you need:
- Empty bottle or jar
- Pen and paper
- Black pepper
- Red pepper flakes
- Chili powder
- Hot sauce
- Vinegar
- Lemon juice

What to do:
- Write the offending person’s name on the paper. Now, think of all the crap this person put you through, and channel that anger into the paper. Now vent on it, rip it up, burn it, scream at it, do what you like, just remember it has to go in the jar when you’re done.

- Put the paper (or its remains) into the jar. If you have something of theirs, like hair or jewelry or something, throw that in too. Fill it 2/3 of the way with the vinegar and lemon juice.

- Put the other ingredients into the jar, and if you wanna put some other nasties in, like bits of glass, nails, screws or even piss and spit, do so. You’re trying to get rid of this person right?

- Now close the jar up tight, and then cover it in duct tape. Shake vigorously, once again venting all your anger and irritation at the person. You can throw in a little chant if you want to.

- Now dispose of the bottle off your property. Afterwards, relax and have a nice mug of tea.

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