hot pink pearls

the-outsiders-slut  asked:


ok let me prepare myself for this

— she’s 5, book age
— dirty blonde sandy hair
— she’s your basic little kid tbh
— actually pretty chill and quiet
— complete accident
— it’s kind of like that tiny dog you get when you’re going thru a midlife crisis or menopause
— bc your kids are old now essentially
— Bob’s mother literally uses her as a doll
— this girl will go shopping in a hot pink dress with pearls and white gloves on
— she’s a total diva
— no one wants to see this child after 15 yikes
— I’m not sure on her name but
— it’s something ridiculous for a little girl
— like when you see babies being named Walter and Harold and William
— William’s actually not that bad I take that back
— But anyways, I’m thinking Georgia
— Pronounced Georg-ee-ah not like the American state
— That or like Meredith or something
— Bob lowkey resents her
— He doesn’t really interact with her
— He’s nice to her, of course, but part of him hates how much attention she gets
— Bob will bring in his room for awkward conversation tho when their parents are bad
— He goes to her for advice sometimes
— She just gives a straight answer it’s refreshing
— She’s been used as a chick magnet before
— Ngl

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