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The Price of Wanting Children - Killian Jones One-shot

Request: 40 & 37 Killian Jones
40 - “The kids, they ambushed me.”
37 - “Welcome to fatherhood.”
Title: The Price of Wanting Children
Pairing: Killian Jones x Reader

Killian and (Y/N) had been together since before the first curse was created by Regina. However, they ended up being separated right before the curse was cast. For Killian, the worst part was that he had to leave his two children behind as well, Brennan and Eva. Brennan was the oldest at 8, and Eva was 6. When the family was reunited, it was certainly a site to behold. Though there was a little humor in the situation as well. When Killian had spotted his wife, he had begun to run towards her, actually sending Emma and most of the other townspeople into a panic, afraid that he was going to hurt someone. Yet when the woman was embraced into a warm hug, the whole town froze, and finally, the two were one again. The children seemed to accept him fairly quickly, since they did have their memories, and knew that someone was missing in their lives, and now they had him back. 
It was now about 3 years later, and now they had another little girl named Reyna, and another little boy on the way. Though Killian didn’t know about that. 

(Y/N) was currently making dinner for their growing family while Killian was outside, making sure the kids didn’t do anything they weren’t supposed to. That evening was fairly calm up until Killian came busting through the door with three giggling children right behind him. The pirate stumbled into the kitchen, panting softly. 
“The kids- they ambushed me!” He gasped out. His hair was a total train wreck, his clothes were tattered and the worst part was the marker and glitter all over his face. 
“You’re the one who fell asleep!” Brennan said with a smirk as his little sister couldn’t stop giggling. 
“Daddy’s a princess now!” Eva said happily, clapping her hands. 
“Honey, daddy has always been a princess.” (Y/N) smirked. 
“(Y/N) no, you’ll give them idea-”
“DADDY WEAR DRESS!” Reyna shrieked happily and began to pull her father up the stairs and into his and (Y/N) room, where there was a large assortment of dresses. 
“Oh god- (Y/N) help!”
“No.” (Y/N) said simply and smirked as she watched her husband disappear up the stairs. 
“Mummy, is daddy going to be alright?” Brennan asked innocently. 
“Probably not, but it was his fault for wanting children.” (Y/N) smirked.

30 minutes later, Killian finally came down the stairs wearing a frilly pink dress, and a Batman mask. Why in the world Reyna decided to put the mask on him, was beyond any of them, but it looked amazing either way. To join the mask, there was also make up all over his face. His face was nearly pure red, with hot pink lipstick, and multicolor eyeshadow all over the mask. 
“We are not having any more kids,” Killian muttered to his wife later that night. 
“Heh, about that…” (Y/N) coughed awkwardly. 
“Welcome to fatherhood, love.”

<3 Elizabeth

Moulin Rouge! // Min Yoongi


the prompt: do you think you could write a yoongi x reader fic? Something with a situation/plot like Moulin Rouge?

words: 6636

category: moulin rouge au

disclaimer: all references and rights of moulin rouge go to it’s original creators.

author note: right so I watch the whole movie and there are like 7 different angsty plot twists. i skipped only a few. anyway this is a lot like the movie since it was fresh on my mind so i hope you don’t mind that. I also took a few things that I wasn’t comfortable with writing out. I hope you guys enjoy this because it’s my longest scenario yet at 6k+ words.

- destinee

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And on that subject: I can wear a skin-tight, barely-covers-my-ass dress, titties bustin out, glitter eyeshadow, hot pink lipstick, stiletto heels, and still not be femme or feminine. I get to decide that. I get to class myself. Not you, the rando onlooker. Especially not YOU, the rando onlooker trying to convince me and yourself that I’m consistent with your monosexual orientation.