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Mom: did you wish your father a happy Father’s Day?

Me: @ harrystyles happy Father’s Day daddy

One direction tag thing including Zayn


When Yixing returns from the war this blog will come out of zombie mode. I’m preparing. I need exo to bring life in my life. I have never waited this long for a comeback before everything hurts.
Send help. If you can’t send help, send me Yixing.


Of what you may ask???? (no one is asking Sara) Well I will tell you! This fic right HERE is… I have no words.. I just read it and I need more! Do you hear me @vckaarrob ????? Are you listening??? I. NEED. MORE. Go read this fic! Stop what you are doing and read it! NOWWWWWW! The queen has delivered and I am howling! 

that "talking" stage..

i love that “talking” stage where everything is still new and exciting. & 99% of convos are flirtatious & there’s no stress!