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late night when you need my love

1. hotline bling - drake / 2. let me love you - wafia (cover) / 3. here - alessia cara / 4. bed peace - jhene aiko ft. childish gambino / 5. talking body - SoMo (cover) / 6. what do you mean - justin bieber / 7. spotless mind - jhene aiko / 8. high for this - ellie goulding (cover) 9. slow motion - trey songz / 10. fantasy - alina baraz & galimatias / 11. warm water -  BANKS (snakeships remix) / 12. don’t - bryson tiller / 13. trndsttr (lucian remix) - black coast / 14. make you feel - alina baraz & galimatias / 15. lovin u - stwo / 16. one time - marian hill / 17. wanderlust (snakeships remix) - the weeknd

“toss and turn” - playlist

Ode to Sleep - twenty | one | pilots // Sleep Paralysis - Bad Suns // How Do I Tell a Girl I Want to Kiss Her - Modern Baseball // Asleep - The Smiths // Your Ex-Lover is Dead - Stars // You - The 1975 // Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms // Don’t You Ever Forget About Me - Sleeping With Sirens 

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“I feel we live in a time where it’s cooler not to give a fuck. Not to feel. It’s almost like if you’re in a relationship, and you feel something you’re weak,” Raia says, lunging forward to emphasize “weak.” She makes an effort to overcome that impulse in her music. “It takes strength to feel, and to put yourself out there.” 

Moxie Raia’s new mixtape just dropped today (with a track featuring Pusha T). Check out our interview with her now. 

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I’ll be the first man to admit, that fat ass caught my attention, but never made me faithful, A pretty face got me to commit, but never changed me, it was that funny girl with that beautiful personality, million dollar smile and a heart of gold that left me in tears begging for a second chance, I never viewed woman the same after her, she left my heart convinced that love is more about chemistry than biology.
Fanfic: Temporary Immortal, Part 1

Dropping this like it’s my hot new mixtape. It sort of is. I’ve been working on this since mid-August.

Below is 10k words of really depressing, really depressed John Laurens. Pairings are sort of Laurens/Hamilton, Eliza/Hamilton, and Laurens/Eliza.

This isn’t necessary to be read in the Hamilton musical universe, though some things might make less sense if you don’t. I’ve tried to make this as historically accurate as possible.

Content warnings on Ao3.

There is nothing between John Laurens and death. It frightens him a great deal that the thought frightens him so little.

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