hot nerdy dudes

my only wish this year (it’s you)


chapter 2


Bellamy Blake, nerdy stranger from the train, is in her bed. This is definitely a dream.

“Babe, what’s wrong with you?” Clarke watches in a sort of sick fascination as he reaches over to the bedside table and pulls his glasses from a little dish sitting there. Wait…where did that dish come from? And why does he do this so naturally as if it’s something he does every morning?

She looks around to make sure she’s still in her apartment but yep, her purple curtains are on the window and her father’s leather armchair is in the corner. Her clothes are visible from the closet but there are jeans hanging up that are definitely not hers and is that a sweater vest?

What is going on?!

“What is going on?!”

Bellamy visibly flinches when she raises her voice and she instantly feels like shit. But then again, this strange man was sleeping next to her all night and she certainly didn’t invite him to. Not saying she wouldn’t have if given the chance but that is so not the point right now.

“Clarke, are you okay?” Bellamy’s voice is laced with concern, his glasses now sitting askew on his nose. “If this is about Octavia coming today for dinner, it’s going to be fine. You know she doesn’t care if everything is perfect.”

Clarke can’t believe what she’s hearing right now. Like it’s just a normal conversation and he’s not some rando in her bed. “Octavia…your sister? Is coming to my house for dinner?”

Bellamy frowns and Clarke tries desperately not to ogle his bare chest when he sits up straighter. “I thought when I moved in you said it was our house? You’re not having second thoughts are you?”

Clark scowls and starts pacing the room, definitely aware of the fact that Bellamy’s eyes are following her movements. “How can I have second thoughts when I don’t even know why you’re here? I don’t know you! This…” she motions around, pointing to a man’s watch and wallet resting on her dresser. “This is a dream! You don’t live here. We don’t know each other! You’re just a hot stranger from the subway that I see every morning. We’ve only spoken twice!”

She’s breathing heavily now, her hand to her chest as she leans back against the wall. Bellamy starts to get up from the bed, probably to comfort her but she holds up a hand and he stills.

“Clarke…” He says softly but she shakes her head. Him speaking to her like this, like he knows her, it’s unnerving. “Baby, please tell me what’s going on.”

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