hot men in shirtsleeves


It’s official–suits are back for a glimpse into autumn

(though it’s in the 100s here, the only thing I’d be shopping for is sandals)

and I am SO happy about it!

Lee Seung-Gi does look good in full suit regalia, as well as in shirtsleeves. I’d like your attention, please, for the white-on-white detailing of that blouse on bottom. It’s a little flourishing for most men, but like Seungri of Big Bang, I feel like Seung-Gi has a certain inner Latin to him.

I am pretty wordless about the suit at the top. The fit of the jacket! The texture of the fabric! The buttons! I can’t exactly tell you what it is, but it’s beautiful.

Lee Dong-Wook, in Kim Tae-Woo’s music video… another image I found in the archives and had to post despite its untimeliness.

The thing about Kim Tae-Woo is that he lives as though he has absolutely no sense of inferiority to anyone. I mean, plenty of people have gorgeous movie stars act in their music videos–but to actually face up to them, with all the inevitable comparisons to come?

It’s something to love about him. Even if he looks like the shady mobster harrassing some well-meaning bartender. Who probably told his girlfriend to find someone less shady to cry into her appletini over.

More excellent simple, preppy-grade clothes in the shoot, but this was the only one that really stood out as a portrait to me.

It seems Seung-Gi is considered a man of autumn, he is having a renaissance of shoots, and the last ones I remember noticing were very autumnal as well.

Not going to argue with that. He has a face that’s a bit more earthy, and looks amazing dressed up like this, when I’m pretty sure if he ever emerged in jeans and a tee it would be easy to forget he was a star.

Work what you’ve got, right?