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Mom: did you wish your father a happy Father’s Day?

Me: @ harrystyles happy Father’s Day daddy

The Sun on Her Lips//H.S

Here’s a little piece I wrote! I hope y’all like it! Don’t be afraid to shoot me a message or something! My masterlist is linked in my bio! Lots of love!! XR

She smiled just like everyone else, teeth bared, cheeks risen, lips pulled tight. But there was something different about her smile. Her smile never quite reached her eyes and the glint, that sparkle, was never really there. Harry made it his life’s mission to make her smile.

The first time he did, he felt his heart flip. They had been snuggled up on his couch, her head on his chest while his arm wrapped securely around her shoulders. They were watching some 80’s rom-com when a classic pop ballad began to swell behind the main characters. Before Harry could stop himself he was belting along, punching the air in time to the beat. When he spared a glance down towards her, her lips were pulled upwards and a twinkle that rivaled the stars, shone in her eyes. He wanted to, ney needed, to see that again.

The second time was when he first told her he loved her. They were supposed to have left for the gala ten minutes ago but they had gotten so caught up in their conversation surrounding whether or not the new Footloose was a suitable remake or not. When they had glanced at the time, she had a let out a shriek he had never heard leave a human being before.

“I need to be pretty now.” She yelled, running up the stairs to his bedroom where her gown and makeup were. He let out a chuckle and jogged up after her.

He was surprisingly ready before her and was waiting down by the door, scrolling through his phone when he heard her clear her throat. When his eyes met hers he could’ve sworn he died and went to heaven. There was no other excuse for the angel that stood in front of him.

“I love you.” He breathed out, unable to contain it any longer. Surprise etched itself onto her face until she had realized exactly what he said. Then her cheeks reddened and plumped, her smile shining brighter than any light in the room. Her eyes beamed as she walked slowly towards him.

Her arms looped around his neck and his hands sat comfortably at the groove of her back, her smile had diminished in size but stayed just as radiant as when it first appeared. She leaned up, her lips dancing by his ears, whispering the words he already knew but had never heard, “I love you, too.”

The third time nearly stopped his heart. They were in bed on a Saturday morning, nothing out of the ordinary for them. Her arms were wrapped firmly around his torso and his around her shoulders, their legs tangled up, limb meeting limb, flesh meeting flesh. He had been staring at the planes of her face for some time when her eyes slowly fluttered open.

He wasn’t prepared, in fact nothing could have prepared him, for what he saw that morning. He wasn’t prepared for the galaxies in her eyes. He wasn’t prepared for the sun on her lips. He wasn’t prepared for her smile.

He never was.

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