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so i got a prompt from @shouvley for nurseydex that was “Nursey starts breaking things on purpose just to see if Dex can fix them” and i loved it honestly…plus it gave me an excuse to write one of my very favorite nurseydex tropes, which is nursey having not even a little bit of chill. also, it reminds me a whole lot of that story from holes where the handyman tells the schoolteacher “i can fix that” and that’s one of the most iconic love stories of our generation so??? enjoy this story about two dumb boys who like each other


The first time it happens, it’s an accident. Really.

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Period tips

As someone who has suffered for almost five years with extremely terrible periods, here are some things that have worked for me.

For making your life easier.

-Get a pair of black pants. It’s SO nice to not have to worry about stains showing.
-If you wear pads, get a looser fitting pair of undies, it’s way nicer.
-If you feel gross at school/work/wherever, unscented baby wipes are a miracle.
-It’s seriously worth tracking, that way you aren’t caught unprepared. I use a calendar but there are lots of websites + apps.
-If you think it’s close, wear a panty liner. That way you don’t have to deal with stains! And you have the reassurance.

Owww. I know! It hurts. Most people turn to painkillers. If that works for you great! But sometimes it doesn’t, so here are some alternatives:

-Heat. A hot pad, hot bath or hot shower are all lifesavers.
-Tea. A blend of chamomile, mint, raspberry leaf and ginger will help, especially with the other PMS problems (headaches, nausea, etc.)
-Sleep really does help. If you have time take a nap! Or at least try to crawl into bed early.
-Foods. Try to avoid processed foods. I tend to go lighter, with more fruits and soup. Dairy is good to avoid. And alcohol! It’s thins the blood, which will increase the flow + the intensity of the cramps.
-Movement. Go for a slow, gentle walk. It doesn’t have to be far. Just enough to get blood flow going.
-Stress. Being stressed can contribute to every PMS symptom. And it’s not something a lot of us can realistically avoid. So try to find a little while at least where you can do something that relaxes you, mentally & physically.
-Water. Drink it. All the time. It can only help!

If you have any questions, message me, and I will do my best to answer them!