hot lamp


Tonight’s bath: Moisture city!

– Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream, for a thick and comforting chocolate orange hug
– Damaged hot oil treatment, for my thirsty, thirsty ends
– Lava Lamp bath bomb, having just made it’s long awaited reappearance at Lush Oxford Street, it would have been rude not to!

Fun new words!

Choir: Trendy throat cult
Soccer: Toe ball run fun
Tennis: Netting the whites w/o fish
Orchestra: Rub dem string
Band: Too much brass to handle
Science: Do you even vape @erth
History: DED
Math: More like meth amirite
Football: fat man suit collide: voyage
Basketball: Swoooooosh
Theater: Lick a bum hole it for art
Lion: Orange loud fur
Marmite: Salt shit spread
Hippo: Fat water horse
Jokes: Giggle triggers
Halibut: Big ass swimmy swim
Justice: The Government Tries™
Baking: Lightly burned wheat substance
People: The cause of every problem
Legs: Supportive meat sticks
Bacon: Hot butt strips
Koi fish:Angry aesthetic swimmy swim
Oprah winefry: Loud bread enthusiast
Beyoncé knowles: Creative child namer
Chris Pratt: Funniest fried rodent ever™
Aubrey plaza: Pretends to be angsty
Jimmy Fallon: Small funny man
Ellen degeneres: Gay humorer
Jennifer Lopez: Not Jennifer Lawrence
Tyra banks: Tear a bat into pieces
Fork: 3 large ones all attached
Lamp: Hot and nice on a stick
Printer: Cumin out but I wanted it
Bread: Yeast on a journey
Corn: Smol yellow nuggets
Tree: Peekin out from dat erth
Florida: Gators in my ass
Billboard: Paper but not smol
Cup: Bebe bowl
Soup: Hot thick juice in a fat cup!!
Gucci: Gastroenteritis
Kate spade: Catty Spice
Louis vitton: Loose Vitamin
Ferrari: Ferris Oil
Anne kleini: Ankle Lime
Marc Jacobs: Microphone Jacket

angry-enchiladas  asked:

Ok ok so I have a list... -Little paper roses/flowers -Paper hot air ballons -Cute things to hang from a ceiling -Those diy lava lamp things -Cute organization stuff -Wall decor -Clouds to hang from a ceiling -Birds to hang Sorry if this is is lot♡

DIY Paper Rose Bouquet

DIY 3D Paper Hot Air Balloon

DIY Lava Lamp Jars

DIY Hanging Cloud Lights

DIY Origami Swallows

Make several and string ‘em up and tack or tape it to the ceiling.

DIY Paper Birds

Another paper option for hanging birds.

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

The Hills

Song Inspiration: The Hills by The Weeknd 

Genre: Angst

A/N: This is a little something I wrote off the lyrics of The Hills. I’ve been obsessed with this song for a while and for some reason I just thought J-hope :P I’ve linked it above for anyone who wants the full experience of this one shot. I thought it’d be fun to write something off a song but let me know if you guys like this or if it sucks and you hate it! Feedback would be greatly appreciated :)  I may do another one of these song inspirations again <3

Enjoy :)

                                                                               -Ray <3

Hoseok sat at the poker table in a dank basement, a joint between his lips and worn out cards amid his hands. Some half naked girl he couldn’t remember the name of lay draped across his lap and the other he just fucked an hour ago was asleep beside him. Namjoon had tossed his cards onto the table, taking in the wad of cash with a smirk as Yoongi let out a string of curses. Hoseok threw his cards away and leaned back on the couch, dull pain at the the temples of his head. He leaned over to pick up the bottle of cheap beer and took a swig of it, only half listening to Yoongi passing out the cards and Namjoon swearing in return.  

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Dean Winchester, the righteous man with a broken crown and a withered soul, was not the kind of man people would expect to see with a journal.

Of course, it wasn’t covered in rainbows, glitter, and fluffy pink feathers; it was tan pages bound together with leather and a small anti-possession charm burned into the front cover. He never thought knowing a retired hunter who owned an antique shop would come in handy down the road, but the man was more than eager to custom-make Dean exactly what he wanted. Who knew.

It started out as simple journal entries, things like ‘Sammy and I went on a hunt today, basic salt and burn. Nothing interesting, but the motel was nicer than usual, so I guess that counts for something, right?’ Never intricate wording, in-depth storytelling, or sharing of emotions; just the simple, raw things the man had to tell.

When Cas found it, he was confused, as he and the green eyed man were the only ones who knew. Dean, being the man he is, made no fuss, simply telling the angel, “It’ll make sense one day.”

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