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For the writing meme if you're still doing it: Swoops the first time he makes out with a guy, and what's going on in his head (since you said he's made out with guys at parties and stuff)

Jeff loved Boston. Nobody knew Christopher, so nobody compared him to his brother all the time – which meant Jeff could just do his thing. He liked his classes, his roommate was chill, and hockey was… pretty great.

Overall, everything was awesome.

Which probably explained why he let loose so completely at the Christmas party. It was an ugly sweater themed affair, so he’d gone to a thrift store to find the ugliest one possible – he wanted to win that contest! And when he showed up in a nightmarish and sequined 80s monstrosity, all of his friends laughed.

Yeah, it started being a good night pretty early on. 

He wasn’t sure exactly what led to his entanglement on the sofa with Chad. It didn’t really matter, anyway, because Chad was hot for a lacrosse guy and Jeff really liked his ass. He’d liked it even more once he got his hands on it.

Chad slid a hand around the back of Jeff’s neck, pulling his head down to press their lips together. He tasted like Pabst Blue Ribbon. Jeff leaned into him, looping an arm around his waist as he opened his mouth to Chad’s insistence – and he was very insistent. 

He hadn’t expected Chad to be so aggressive. Jeff had always been the one to push for more when making out with someone. It was… different, being on the other side of that. 

It was a good different. Chad slid one leg between Jeff’s, rubbing them together. Jeff pulled in a breath, moving his lips to Chad’s neck, tasting a hint of salt.

Chad’s hand slid under his shirt, fingers curving over his stomach. He hooked them into the waistband of Jeff’s jeans before Jeff pulled back, one hand in the center of Chad’s chest. “Whoa. Wait – “ he said, “just a minute.” That wasn’t what he’d been going for. Kissing was one thing, but –

Lips parted, Chad stared at him. “What am I waiting for?” He ran his tongue over his bottom lip. “What, too many people? You wanna get out of here?”

“Uh,” said Jeff, “I – I just wanted to kiss you.” It wasn’t that he didn’t like it. He liked it just fine.

“Oh,” said Chad, pulling his hand back.

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Request: Could you do an imagine where you and Theo are in love but you find out what his real plans out and then Liam is there to pick up the broken pieces but Theo actually loved you and wants to try to get you to trust him again but the whole pack tells you not to and you just don’t know what to do.

theo reaken x reader 

word count: 920

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Before The Lacrosse Game

Before The Lacrosse Game

Brett Tobalt/(Y/N)/ Liam (sort of)

Sorry if it’s a bit late when I’m finally posting this. I wanted to post something. I don’t own any of the gifs.

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You sit in the bleachers beside Malia waiting for the game to start. You were all nerves and shivers. It was a chilly fall night and you were wearing a dress with tights and your leather jacket, but that wasn’t warming you up. Near you was Violet one of the new freshmen on campus that you had only began to recognize because of how she and her boyfriend Garrett were assassins. You shoot her a look of disgust from behind. This was going to be a game to remember if your alpha, Scott McCall, along with Stiles and Kira don’t prevent Garrett from attacking Liam, another werewolf in your pack. Liam along with the rest of the Beacon Hills’ lacrosse team enters the field and drops their bags and gear to the ground.

You immediately lay eyes on Garrett and how close he was lurking around Liam. Liam of course did not know about Garret’s actions or desires to kill him. He was joking around with the blond boy like old friends. Quickly you stand up on the bleachers and run down toward the Field. You drape an arm around Liam’s shoulders pulling him away from Garret. Garret shoots you a glare. Of course he knew what you were, your name was on the Dead Pool list. The last interaction you had with Garret didn’t go too well at Lydia’s party.

“Hey buddy,” You greet your fellow pack member, ruffling his short hair. “So have a good game and I’ll enjoy watching hot guys play Lacrosse.”

“Hey!” Kira shouts.

“And hot girl!” You shoot back at Kira.

“That’s better!” She smiles.

You bring in Liam close giving him a tight side hug. Then your eyes scan the field where the rival team in green jerseys were getting ready for the game. Liam’s eyes glared out toward the field, you see his eyes glow a golden yellow. You playfully cover them with your hands.

“Yeah you need to calm down,” You suggest. “Your eyes look like two glowing lightening bugs right now.”

“I’m trying to, but that’s the school I used to go to, the one I transferred from,” He huffed and looked down at the ground trying to clear his eyes. “The one I was kicked out of for you know…I told you this!”

“Oh.” Your mouth goes wide.

“I used to play on that team,” He looks up across the field and over toward a tall boy. You follow his line of vision and your eyes land on top of a toned bare chest. You move your eyes up until you meet the angry eyes of a tall boy with curly hair. He snarls from a distance and you hear it with your supernatural hearing. “I thought you knew this.”

“I guess I must of have missed that,” You mumble tilting your head looking down at the tall boys strong looking long legs. “Yeah I didn’t catch that, but it doesn’t mean you wont beat them.”

“It’s not beating the team that is the problem.” He looks at you with concern in his eyes.

“Oh we’ll beat them.” Garret interrupted from behind.

“Is anyone talking to you Ken doll?” You ask him. He glares are you. He’s acting so well. “That’s what I thought.”

You and Liam walk away from Garret so he wouldn’t hear the rest of your conversation.

“It’s him,” Liam nods toward the tall guy. “Brett. We have a past.”

“He doesn’t look so tough! He’s just a tall skinny boy!” You said almost too loudly, watching him pull on a jersey over his bare chest. Finally covering himself up. You lean in and whisper. “And you’ve got your werewolf strength. Don’t tell Scott I said that.”

You lift your head up and meet your alpha’s glare. He heard.

“Yeah I guess,” Liam shrugged. “But we used to go at it all the time. Even sat out half a season because of that jerk. I just don’t want to go back to that.”

“Maybe he has anger issues,” You crinkle you nose. “But don’t worry about that right now. Focus on containing your wolf while playing.”

“Yeah maybe both of us do. I’ve been trying to keep it under control since I saw him step off the bus.”

Brett grabs his lacrosse pads and walks over to where you and Liam were standing. He stops right in front of you and smirks. You look up feeling the heat of another body breaking from the conversation between you and Liam. He’s quite tall up close compared to his distance on the field. Also he wasn’t so skinny, just lean with muscles. Quickly he pulls on his lacrosse pads. Liam notices you looking his enemy up and down. Brett does a cocky shrug to adjust his shoulder pads.

“Talking about me again Liam? Giving me a bad rep to your new Beacon Hills friends?” Brett begins, placing a hand on his chin. “And who’s this? She talks kind of loud for someone so short.”

“Well the person who talks loud is right here so don’t act like I’m not. And I’m average height!”

“Is she your girlfriend?” Brett asks dropping his head and looking you up and down.

You start laughing at that thought. You, Liam’s girlfriend? Your face starts warming up against the chilly fall air. You were almost starting to feel a bit too warm. You hold in a long strain of babbling of excuses to give to Brett. 

“No,” Brett shakes his head laughing. “She can’t be. She looks too…I don’t know.”

“Hey!” You shout. “I’m right here!”

“Stop talking about her!” Liam snapped. “What do you want?” 

“So she is?” Brett bites his bottom lip at you. Your heart stops for a second and his eyes lock on yours as if he knew.

“Does it matter, I’m not an object?” You ask. “Who cares who I am to Liam what matters is you’re getting on my nerves and it shows you are getting on Liam’s so why not back off?”

You press a hand to Brett’s chest and give him a quick shove. It wasn’t hard enough to make him move, but he budged a little. He wraps his fingers around your wrist and removes it from his chest. He drops it harshly.

“I guess she is your girlfriend since she has quite the anger issues,” He lifts a brow. “And is sticking up for you.”

“You know everything you are saying is just going to make easier for Liam to beat you guys.” You grouch. 

“Or sit out for the game for a violation or penalty.” Brett looks down at you squinting his eyes.

“Why don’t you just go away Brett,” Liam Breathed, he was trying to control the transformation he was feeling. You grab his arm and give it a squeeze and he frowns at you.

“Why don’t you go destroy someone’s car,” He laughs. “Since everyone knows you get a kick out things like that.”

“Alright punk we’re not trying to start a fight here so please go back to your team. If you don’t I might have to be the one to throw a few punches!” You start to pop your fingers. Liam shakes his head. “So Liam wont have to fight and he’ll be able to play in the game and you can be benched with a split lip and black eye. Or would you prefer me to break a rib and not have your face messed up.” 

“The name’s Brett and by the way you were looking me up and down I’m sure you wanted me to come over here,” He smirked. “You can try to throw a few punches, but it wont do anything.”

You roll your eyes and turn your head trying to cover up a blush. Liam glares up at Brett again.

“But I wanted to come over here anyway, I was curious about you too,” He flashes a dangerous smile. “But I wanted to have some fun with my boy Liam for old time sake.”

Your upper lip goes up in disgust and you turn to face Liam.

“I told you to leave!” Liam shouted. 

“I don’t know Liam, your girl wants me around.” He glared at you.

“Alright here goes nothing, punk!” You extend your hand back and then quickly aim for Brett’s face. He snatches your fist instantly. You look up at him in shock, but then take advantage of his grip by dropping to the ground and flipping him over your back. He lands in the grass with a loud thud making everyone stand up see the action. Laughter starts roaring from the crowd. He lands on his back with a snarl and you stand over him laughing. Liam laughs shaking his head seeming more calm and ready for the game. Brett quickly gets off of the ground and gets into your face.

“That was cute,” His voice wasn’t so nice. “Really cute.”

“I didn’t even hurt you,” You shake your head. “Maybe your ego. And probably embarrassed you in front of the whole field. Because I’m a girl and what not. Have a good game Brett!”

You reach up a hand and pull out a few pieces of grass out of Brett’s curly hair and he steps back quickly. He examine you one more time, looking you up and down. He then takes a deep breath through his nose. He looks at you curiously again. Did he know what you were?

“Have fun getting your ass handed to you on the field,” You smile nicely and pick up the hat you were wearing off the ground. “And if I was Liam’s girlfriend it wouldn’t be any of your business.”

“What if I want to make it my business?”

“You wouldn’t be doing a great job by pissing me off or Liam,” You smile then walk away. 

“What’s your name anyway?” Brett asks scrunching his face.

“(y/n),” You say. “But’s it’s not important, it’s not like I’ll be seeing you around in Beacon Hills after this game.”

Brett walks back toward the field to join his laughing teammates.

“You are aware of how stupid that was for you to do right?” Scott McCall pops out of no where. “That Brett kid is probably almost 200 lbs and it should almost impossible for someone like to do normally.”

“If it wasn’t going to be me, it was going to Liam,” You shrug. Your eyes lock on Garrett who was now studying you. “I mean I can lie.”

The oufit.