hot kool aide

Hot Kool-aid
  • Rin: Nya, morning Maki-chan.
  • Maki : *sigh* hello rin.
  • Rin: I made a pot of kool-aid.
  • Maki: you don't make a pot of kool-aid.
  • Rin: I - I did,Nya.
  • Maki: is it hot?
  • Rin: maybe, maybe not.
  • Maki: it's hot isn't it.
  • Rin: n'Yeah!
  • Maki: Hot Kool-Aid?
  • Rin: I can put some ice in it if you like?
  • Maki: oh no. I'm not thirsty.*sips water*
  • Rin: Maki!
  • Maki: I'm not gonna drink it.
  • Rin: *whispers* I made this for you...Nya.
  • Maki: No!
  • Rin: Drink it.
  • Maki: No.
  • Rin: I want you to drink it.
  • Maki: I'm Not Drinking it.
  • Rin: drink this right now or I'll pour it on the floor and I'll blame it on you!Nya!!
  • Maki: oh yeah real mature.
  • Maki: know why don't you grow up.
  • Rin: I did this for you.
  • Maki: well I'm not gonna drink it.
  • Rin: I Hate You!
  • Maki: that's all I ever hear anymore. "Maki try this. Maki try that." Remember that..what was it cinnamon toast and uhh... What was it?
  • Rin: mayonnaise.
  • Maki: mayonnaise.
  • Rin: it was a good idea.
  • Maki: you didn't make a single pound.
  • Rin: I made a pound of cinnamon toast with mayonnaise.
  • Maki: and don't forget Rocky roller tobasco. Right. What was that 3 hospitalized. Yea. 3women hospitalized.
  • Maki: drink your own hot kool-aid.
  • Rin: there's so much left of it what am I gonna do with all this hot kool-aid,Nya.
  • Maki: Drink it.
  • Rin: NO!
  • Maki: Yes.
  • Rin: No! maki..
  • Maki: yes?
  • Rin:
  • Maki: ok.
  • Rin: ok, Nya.
  • Maki: alright. *takes sip*sighs* yup, it's uh. Pretty good. Yea I like that.
Dear Humans

As of this morning there’s 15,006 humans following the blog now.

3 years ago I got a tumblr blog to prove how awful the site was. I ended up meeting some really great people and decided to stay.

My name’s Peter Webb, I’m a Christian, husband and teacher.

I live in Michigan. (That’s in ‘merica.)

Here you’ll find:

“I love Jesus” posts
“Jesus loves you” posts
“You should read your Bible” posts
“You should pray” posts
“Go to church” posts
“Don’t gossip.” posts
“Freedom/conservative values” posts
“I don’t know if that’s a cult” posts
“No, you shouldn’t date an unbeliever.” posts

The rest is just snarky filler. But some say that’s the only reason they’re here.

And don’t worry, I’ll try to avoid being relevant, emerging or contemporary.

This summer I hope to get to know many of you here on tumblr, and hopefully meet in person. If you like the idea of a meet up, inbox me.

I’ve got a side blog that used to be called peterdwebb2. Now I rename it randomly to mix things up.

Live long and prosper.