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Junhoe singing “MY TYPE” B.I’s part

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Really?! REALLY?!

anonymous asked:

Can I get a senario where you're playing the too hot game with Junhoe of iKon please? And I love your blog *sends kisses from California

18+ Enjoy!!


Your friends were acting like children. Truth or dare was a stupid game to play in the first place. You were young adults, not some horny 13 year olds.
First, it was Junhoe’s birthday party, so he should have chosen the game, not the rest of the iKon guys, and second, they were grown ass men and there were only 2 girls at the party, you and Junhoe’s sister! Nobody wanted to play a stupid kid’s game like that! But…still…nobody was really brave enough to say no to BI’s suggestion besides Junhoe, but he got dragged into it anyways when no one else spoke up. And, when it had become BI’s turn …of course he chose Junhoe.
“Truth or dare?” The fearless leader asked. You couldn’t tell if Junhoe was pissed or if it was just his face, but he was ready to take whatever BI was going to throw at him.
“Dare.” He replied firmly.
“Since you have chosen ‘dare’, then I would like to see you play a game of ‘Too Hot’ with Y/N!”
Junhoe should have realized it was all a plan to make both you and him feel uncomfortable. You and he had a spark that neither of you were willing to do anything about yet. He tried to refuse, but BI would have none of it.
“What is wrong? Are you too scared? If it’s that bad I could pick one of the guys instead…or your sister…”
BI was a fucking bastard.
You and Junhoe slid into the center of the lopsided circle on the floor and kneeled across from each other. You both touched your lips gently to each others at first but it suddenly became more passionate. Junhoe could barely restrain himself from grabbing you and pulling you into the bedroom, the way you began panting and moaning as his kiss deepened. It was just a game, he had to remind himself, just a game, just kissing, no hands, it’s just a game…
“Remember loser has to take a punishment from the winner!” BI yelled over laughter, distracting you both for a moment.
“J-Junhoe…” you breathed, making Junhoe panting harder as you saw him knotting his hands into the fabric of his pants. Junhoe wasn’t sure if he was blushing so much now because of the onlookers, or because of the feelings stirred up by the kissing.
“Mmn…Y/N…” he mumbled softly, gasping softly when you pressed your tongue against his lips, as though asking for permission to continue. He let his lips part, and you eagerly slid your tongue in, wet heat escaping from your own lips as they drew closer, bodies still separated but faces far too close together. Junhoe let his tongue trace your bottom lip, stomach tightening when he heard you moan something. But no, he couldn’t have heard right, there was no way…
“Junhoe…t-take me…” Did you really just say that?
Junhoe decided that he couldn’t have heard that right. Absolutely not. He continued to kiss you in silence, pretending, forcing himself to believe that it had just been someone trying to tease him, when you grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him closer, staring him in the eyes.
“Y/N,” he whispered, his tone demanding despite your clear lack of oxygen. “Bedroom. Now. That’s your punishment.”
Before you could register what was happening, Junhoe was on his feet, your wrist in his hand as he nearly ran to the bedroom, the heat of the game finally getting to him as he swung the door open and pulled you inside.
“Have fun!” Bi called out teasingly, but Junhoe was beyond the point of caring. Once again, his lips were against yours, you were moaning as he pushed you to the bed, pulling off your dress in a heartbeat and moving down to kiss and lick at your nipples, loving the way you squirmed and moaned beneath him. But fuck, he needed more, and he needed it now!
In one swift motion he slid your underwear off, not even caring as you blushed and stammered, taking in the sight of your beauty.
In a few moments, his own pants were off, and he was eagerly thrusting his hips against yours.
“Junhoe– a-ah!!” you moaned, writhing and thrusting in time with him, creating even more friction between you as his cock rubbed against your entrance. Junhoe moaned as you grabbed him and kissed him again, both of you breathless as you kissed and thrusted, lost in the heat of the moment.
It seemed all too fast when you both finally hit their orgasms, climaxing in time with one another and moaning much too loudly - you were sure all of the other guests would hear you, but at this point…who cared?
Junhoe sighed as he lay beside you completely exhausted and out of breath, grinning at you happily.

“Too hot?” he teased, kissing your nose. You grinned back, kissing his neck.

“Nope, I think I’m just right.”