hot jesse


[There ain’t no heaven… 
-  Only hell exist… ]

    Wooyee !! This one is for @ssaravinter​ for the permission to use her design of Young McCree with skull mask , it’s so beautiful that it stung me with a concept ! So I asked if I could use the design to develope it, more correctly, to combine with my Sniper McCree canon [==> COLLABORATION YAY ~! ] that got a lot of support recently ! And yes there we are ! The result [ that took my 4 hours of dubstep music and cringes * cries* ] 
    About this ? Imagine that McCree got in Talon early, after the Deadlock gang made an agreement with Talon to join their force because they offer a change to make Deadlock the most fearsome troops in the world. McCree, serve under Talon that got his prosthetic eye for better shot, a very dangerous sniper that kill target with only one bullet and no more.
  Codename: Skull Vulture.