Got the Laurel back from paint.
Growing up around hot rods and lowriders, you tend to rub off some of that style onto your other cars. Even went with my all-time favorite factory color from the mid-60’s.
Can’t wait to lay some striping down on the car.
Swapped the SR20 in with the help of my friends and furry sidekick.


Proof that you can literally find anything on the streets of Tokyo, if you look hard enough.

Spotted this early 30s Ford Hot Rod sitting by itself at sundown on the backstreets of Ebisu, central Tokyo. Now, I’ve done a little internet research, and I think it’s a 1932 V8 Roadster (or Deuce Roadster?), but by all means, Ford experts, feel free to educate me on this subject.

Anyway, excuse the lack of solid information on the car itself. The point here is that Tokyo never fails to surprise when it comes to badass cars.