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Our first official EP. I sincerely hope that you all like it/consider downloading it for free. Next week we start our big shows, so we will then start charging. Get it while it’s hot! (pun)


Hot Jam Factory - So Long

So, my sister and some of our best friends released their first professional music video today. You should all check it out.

alright so we are missing two bandmates in this picture, but, this group of people… my god. we were all nearly strangers at first, and now we all are the closest of friends. 

this family vacation tour has been the most incredible and inspiring 10 days of my life. i didnt know people like this could exist. not only the bands we were touring with, but the people who welcomed a large group of strangers into their homes as well. everyone was truly inspiring. i met people who live solely off of their passions as their careers, actors, musicians, art sellers, book binders, music teachers, videographers, and the list goes on. I have no words to even begin explaining how amazing this was. i wish i could re-live these 10 days over and over again. i’ve been home for 2 days and still feel so passionately inspired and ready for life and everything that comes my way. it is such an amazingly refreshing feeling. its kind of like when you fall in love and you feel like screaming it from the top of the world, except i feel more like im flying and spelling it out in the sky. fuck. 

this was so great


Alright guys. This weekend and next week is my last big HOORAH with this amazing band, Hot Jam Factory. Also, The Shackeltons (who are amazing and have been one of my favorites for 5 years), also also, A Deer A Horse (which is actually the same band, different drummer)
we got some very tasty new grooves for you to jam with us.
Friday we will be in Chambersburg.
Saturday- Philly
Sunday funday- BROOKLYN
Monday- I’m not actually sure
Tuesday at Cambridge University
And finally Friday the 18th is the big re-launch of our latest EP at the LAUNCH music conference in Lancaster! Check out the Facebook page for more details, See you all very soon.

Cold Water
Hot Jam Factory
Cold Water

Cold Water by Hot Jam Factory (My Band)

This is probably going to end up being our single. Bear in mind that it hasn’t been mastered yet, just mixed. If anyone listens, I’d love a comment in my ask. I’ll pass any nice/negative thoughts onto the guys. You have the power to help or just pass on words if you like. :)

We’re thinking that is going to be the EP cover sans the watermark. Samantha Dove is quite a lovely photographer.

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Hot Jam Factory premiered a new song last night, EXTREMELY tentatively called Fist Pumps and Glow Sticks. Give it a listen! :)