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INTJ Weaknesses Examined

According to, INTJs display the following weaknesses:

Overly analytical
Loathe highly structured environments
Clueless in romance
As an INTJ myself, I will try to discuss these different weaknesses and expand on it, adding on to other weaknesses INTJs have.

Arrogant – INTJs tend to be arrogant, especially at the earlier stages of their life when their exposure to more intelligent groups is limited. Once they find more intelligent peers (if they don’t, they will likely remain arrogant for the rest of their life), the INTJ will respond in one of two ways. The INTJ will humble themselves, and stop treating others as if they are much more superior, and will only consider themselves superior in the regards they know themselves to be (which may be most things still). Or they will deny the discrepancies to keep their ego intact, losing themselves into worlds where they are superior, leading to them developing issues such as workaholism or gaming addictions. INTJs even have books on the link between their type and narcissism too. INTJs will be inwardly arrogant, but they won’t directly tell you how much better they consider themselves to be than you. Unless the INTJ is younger/more immature, they would rather imply it passive-aggressively or not imply anything at all. Why risk having ego damaged?

Judgmental – Less developed INTJs tend to assume a lot, because their dominant introverted intuition has subconsciously analyzed many different patterns before, although the problem is that it may be an incomplete analysis. This leads to intuition that is unrefined and prone to being wrong, especially with more complex situations like those involving people matters. It’s akin to learning the mechanisms of a pond before stumbling upon a river and finding out the same principles don’t apply. The problem with this is that INTJs apply their auxiliary extroverted thinking too soon when it comes to matters that they think they already have a firm understanding of, when they would be better off making sure that they know all the details before making a judgement. This could easily apply for many personality types, but can be particularly troublesome with an obstinate INTJ who is convinced that their understanding is correct as it is.

Overly Analytical – INTJs tend to over analyze a lot of things which is helpful within the logical realm of theories and ideas but it falls short when applied to the real world, especially with people. Not every human act can be explained easily, and this will annoy the INTJ who wants an explanation for why things happen. This can also lead to quick judgements to relieve themselves of the pressure of finding out the real reason behind an act, or the possibility that there was no big reason.

Loathe highly structured environments – Contrary to what most would expect, INTJs tend to actually heavily dislike school. INTJs like learning a lot, but they would rather direct their own education rather than having a separate body telling them what they need to learn. The added factor of socialization within the school environment is also painful as it serves as just another distraction from their learning, forcing them to learn how to navigate the politics of multiple people being involved in a structure. However, just because many INTJs dislike school, this doesn’t mean that they won’t play the “game” and try to win by getting the best scores possible. For INTJs, their future vision of what they can accomplish by winning the “game” fuels their desire to withstand adversity. However, the weaker their vision as a result of completing a task, the less likely they are to invest time within it. This is also applicable for most people, but especially amplified for the INTJ who spends most of their time in their head.

Clueless in Romance – For the younger INTJs, this is especially true. They will have no idea when anyone is interested. But after being caught off-guard a few times, they become acutely aware of when people are interested in them. However, after that, the INTJ is practically clueless. Their humor is very different from most other types, their flirting is abysmal, talking can be a chore at times and they aren’t often aware of social cues and people’s feelings. It can be a disaster without an understanding partner that doesn’t judge immediately or without strong personal growth from the INTJ. As INTJs are less than 2% of the population, it may not be a surprise that this type is not in abundance.

My additions:

Weirdly Emotional – This depends on whether the INTJ has a “hot” or “cool” personality. The INTJs with a cool personality tend to remain more detached and analytical while the hot INTJs will be more in tune with their emotions. This can lead to them feeling emotions more greatly but also arising poorly, leading to an emotional reaction that is often more than it should be. INTJs with hot personalities tend to have more associations with their tertiary introverted feeling. Whether any personality type is hot or cool also seems to be more associated with their enneagram type.

Just Weird – INTJs spend a lot of their time in their head or on the computer/phone gathering information. For someone who is generally very detached from the world, this can lead to them developing a very niche personality that will deviate greatly from the norm of the social groups they have access to. Pair that with their natural unwillingness to talk to many people, they can become very closed off from others and hide their real selves as a result. They can fear showing what they really think due to being ridiculed, although it prevents them from finding out who would actually appreciate those thoughts too.

Self-Doubting – INTJs are so self-doubting about themselves, they are the most likely out of all the types to try researching their own weaknesses. They have to know what’s wrong with them and how they can get better. This self-doubt can be transparent when they speak because they are willing to show their level of certainty or lack of it, which can come off poorly in the workplace and in relationships because other types would prefer certainty in their explanations.

Too Serious – Younger INTJs often don’t know when people are joking, at least immediately. They will generally take many things at face value because of how often they take themselves seriously within their own thoughts. INTJs have high opinions of themselves in relations to others, “armor up” for social interactions and are constantly analyzing what people are saying, all of which leads to their solemn outlook when dealing with the external world.

INTJs have a lot of work to do when it comes to their weaknesses, but a well-rounded and mature INTJ will generally become a powerful force to be reckoned with if they are able to master these weaknesses.

Types of types (type stereotypes)

because I answered a few asks and this seemed pretty popular, here’s some:


  • The chill, friendly ENFP
  • The Unchill, unfriendly ENFP: Like the chill, friendly ENFP, but not chill or friendly….so bacically, not the chill, friendly ENFP….
  • The Deep ENFP
  • The Fake Deep ENFP: Like the deep ENFP, but not deep….still great tho
  • The Shark ENFP: Like the other ENFPs, but actually a shark.


  • The Adorable, Caring INFP
  • The Punk INFP: Like the adorable, Caring INFP, but angry at the world.
  • The Sad Bowl of Gummy Worms INFP: Like the punk INFP, but a sad bowl of gummy worms.
  • The “I have so many dreams” INFP
  • The Shark INFP: An INFP Shark.


  • The heroic ENFJ
  • The manipulative ENFJ: Like the heroic ENFJ, but not….not at all.
  • The Friend ENFJ: like the heroic ENFJ, but instead of fighting evil, they just try to set you up with everyone
  • The Mom ENFJ: Like the Friend ENFJ, but really overbearing
  • The Shark ENFJ: Like an ENFJ, but a shark.


  • The Wise, Friendly INFJ
  • The Deep, Dark Mysterious INFJ: Like the Wise, Friendly INFJ but darker…and more mysterious
  • The Spooky INFJ: Like the Deep, Dark Mysterious INFJ, but can disappear at any time….watch out
  • The Awkward INFJ
  • The Shark INFJ: An INFJ that’s also a Shark


  • The Easygoing, Adventurous ENTP
  • The Bullshit their Way through Life ENTP
  • The Argumentative Little Brat ENTP: Like the bullshit their way through life ENTP, that likes to bother people
  • The Superiority Complex ENTP: Like the Argumentative Little Brat, but much, much worse.
  • The Shark ENTP: An ENTP that’s a shark


  • The Adorable, genius INTP
  • The “aLIENS ARE rEAL” INTP: Like the Adorable, genius INTP, but gets behind some pretty interesting theories.
  • The “Oh shit I forgot” INTP
  • The “OH SHIT I FORGOT” INTP: Like the Oh shit I forgot INTP, but this time it was something really important.
  • The Shark INTP: Seems like an INTP, but is actually a shark.


  • The Cool, Confident ENTJ
  • The Super Loud and Intimidating ENTJ
  • The “Probably running for political office” ENTJ: Like the super loud and intimidating ENTJ, but probably running for political office
  • The Extremely Organized and somewhat scary ENTJ: a hybrid of all three
  • The Shark ENTJ: A shark that’s an ENTJ.


  • The Chill, Slightly Intimidating INTJ
  • The Hot INTJ: Like the Chill, Slightly Intimidating INTJ but hot af.
  • The “I hate you all” INTJ: An INTJ that hates u all
  • The EVIL INTJ: Basically any villain ever written (sigh)
  • The Shark INTJ: Like an INTJ, but a shark


  • The Life-of-the-Party ESFP
  • The NOT Life-of-the-Party ESFP: they don’t actually like partying….
  • The Overly Dramatic ESFP
  • The “We’re friends right?” ESFP: like the Life-of-the-party ESFP, but they just wanna be friends with everyone….and they’re not 100% sure…
  • The Shark ESFP: All of the above. But a shark.


  • The Free-spirited, Emotional ISFP
  • The “I’m always crying” ISFP: Like the Free-spirited, emotional ISFP, but is always crying.
  • The Terrible Flirt ISFP
  • The “I liked that before it was cool” ISFP
  • The Shark ISFP: The ISFP that’s a shark


  • The Asshole ESTP
  • The “I’LL DO ANYTHING ON A DARE” ESTP: Like the “I’m Gonna Fight that” ESTP except their recklessness is not restricted to fighting things.
  • The Nice, Fun-loving ESTP who may push your limits but really isn’t an Asshole ESTP.
  • The Shark ESTP: Like a normal ESTP, but a shark.


  • The chill af, can solve any problem ISTP
  • The “I don’t give a fuck, I’m gonna go skateboard” ISTP: Like the Chill af, can solve any problem ISTP, but preoccupied with their skateboard
  • The “yea, I’ll fix that, but I don’t want to” ISTP
  • The Uncle that built your deck ISTP
  • The Shark ISTP: An ISTP that’s obviously a shark


  • The BFF, Always there for you ESFJ
  • The “Let me make you food” ESFJ: Like the BFF, Always there for you ESFJ, but willing to prepare food for you.
  • The “Ewww Becky” ESFJ: That one character from any kid’s show about high school that was a terrible stereotype and extremely unlikeable.
  • The Best at Hugs ESFJ
  • The Shark ESFJ: All of the Above, but also a shark.


  • The Caring, Humble ISFJ
  • The “I have a Diary” ISFJ: The ISFJ who writes everything in a diary.
  • The “It’s okay” ISFJ: Like, the Caring Humble ISFJ, but too humble.
  • The Quiet Friend ISFJ: That one quiet friend you have…yeah…
  • The Shark ISFJ: They’re an ISFJ, but also a shark.


  • The hardworking, loyal ESTJ
  • The “I’m always right” ESTJ
  • The “corrects your grammar in an argument” ESTJ: Like the “I’m always Right” ESTJ but gets on my nerves to the point where….nevermind.
  • The Competitive, but not overbearing ESTJ who will probably get far in life: Like the Hardworking, Loyal ESTJ…but even more awesome.
  • The Shark ESTJ: An ESTJ that’s a shark.


  • The Reliable, Logical ISTJ
  • The Dad ISTJ: Probably your dad right now….
  • Elsa
  • The Deserves a Break ISTJ
  • The Shark ISTJ: The ISTJ that’s probably a shark.
MBTI types as things you do during summer/winter holidays

ISTJ: stay in a wooden mountain chalet covered with snow
ESTJ: relaxiwith a cup of chocolate in a rainy day
ISFJ: sit near fireplace to sense warmth of burning fire
ESFJ: walk in the street with the summer sunshine
INFJ: hear the sea waves breaking the rocks
ENFJ: sense on the barefeet the hot sand
INTJ: stretch on the coach after a series matathon
ENTJ: look at snow that falls in the window
ISTP: throw snowballs in the park, starting a battle
ESTP: call friends to organize trips
ISFP: sing songs in car with friends during trip
ESFP: play guitar to bonfire on the beach at night
INFP: take photos during a trip, to make a travel journal
ENFP: catch your breath after a mountain hike
INTP: sleep even during the day because of sleep deprivation at night
ENTP: push unespectedly friends in the pool

Not similar, not dissimilar

Person: You two are very much alike.

INTP: What a peculiar statement.

INTJ: We are as different as night and day.

INTP: Which one is night and which one is day?

INTJ: Depends on the proverbial space you are occupying on earth, at a given time.

INTP: So it is relative and dependent on a point of reference.

INTJ: That is what I said.

INTP: Merely paraphrasing; in case the gentleman has more of a physics-inclined mentality.

INTJ: How ludicrous; my words are ubiquitously comprehensible, yours target a specific demographic.

INTP: Hardly. I chose a well established and fairly known theory and merely grazed its surface; it is simply reasonable for the vast majority of people to know of it, and since he goes to this prestigious university, isn’t it logical to assume he has received the necessary education to at least be aware of its basics?

INTJ turns in askance of the person, only to find him long gone.

INTJ: We have scared another human away.

INTP: Do you think we were too… magniloquent?

INTJ: Your usage of the word magniloquent should answer that question.

INTP hums, a tad disheartened at losing a potential friend.

INTJ throws an arm around INTP’s shoulder.

INTJ: Come. Hot chocolate is on me, since you can, in principle, be declared the winner of the argument.

INTP: We were in an argument?

INTJ: … Depends on the point of reference.

INTP grins. They buy hot chocolate.

The Differences Between INFJs and INTJs

Whew, boy. This is a mixup I see often, particularly because of the oversimplification of the MBTI system and it’s typing standards. In general, it’s much more accurate to type via cognitive functions rather than by going down the list of letters, and choosing one or the other. However, I understand that the functions are difficult to get to know at first, especially if you’re new to MBTI. That’s why I’m going to break it down for you right here.

First Function - Introverted iNtuition (Ni)

INFJs and INTJs actually share their first function, which is one reason why it can be difficult to tell them apart. This function is very broad, theoretical, and conceptual. It looks at the big picture, and is adept at using current ideas, clues, and facts to look into the future. Ni is a function that says “this hypothesis / relationship / invention won’t work out” before anybody can implement them. Ni is also susceptible to “falling down the rabbit hole.” That is, taking an idea and imagining it’s implementation, fruition, and downfall, and overall taking it way too far {btw this is a lot of fun to do, don’t hate.} 

Ni is also great at following through on plans, because it will only pick one to follow. In general, this function will also assist the type in their focus which is typically people for INFJs, and ideas for INTJs. Beware of stereotyping, for artistic INTJs and STEM-oriented INFJs do exist. Do not reduce the types or functions to generic ideas. That is lazy typing. 

Second Function - Extroverted Thinking (Te) vs Extroverted Feeling (Fe)

The second function in the stack is where we have some fun! INTJs utilize extroverted thinking, which is a very authoritative and strong willed function. Te looks at facts, organization, and hierarchal status. Te typically leans towards the STEM side of academia, but it can really succeed in any area, especially if there are medals to be won. They will create concrete goals and place personal importance on success. Moreover, they tend to have a very definitive view of success, such as referring to their GPAs, diplomas, or earnings, though it’s certainly not limited to these things. Te is very persuasive in dealing with people, particularly if there’s a goal to be achieved. Extroverted thinking will have an idea for successfully creating a thermonuclear weapon out of corn {cheap and organic wow}, put together a presentation, and get the President of the US to sign off on the budget. In other words, Te is good at winning. 

On the other hand, INFJs employ the use of extroverted feeling. Fe is a very people oriented function, and not necessarily a feeling function per se {INFJs are so out of tune with their feelings it’s wack.} This is a function that takes in the social setting, doesn’t like to rock the boat, and knows just how to communicate with every person Fe comes across.  This is why many INFJs are perceived to be extroverts, because they’re chameleon-like and tend to do well in any social situation. Fe is very empathetic, almost to an extreme, and will do almost anything to avoid confrontation. Extroverted feeling will also drive the user’s main purpose in life towards the “greater good,” whatever that is perceived to be. Fe is the force behind writing holiday cards, remembering birthdays, and just overall giving people what they need. 

Third Function - Introverted Feeling (Fi) vs Introverted Thinking (Ti)

The third function is where things get a little less developed, for all types. Therefore, these bottom functions can either not be “present” or show themselves in extremes. These are your hot mess functions. INTJs have introverted feeling, which is a function that highly values authenticity, personal morality, and being honest. Fi is unabashedly itself, and can be lacking in empathy at times. Introverted feeling will “say what everybody else was thinking” and be super upfront. When poorly developed, Fi will absolutely lack tact {and politeness oops}. The plus side is that Fi users will stick to what they believe in, even if nobody else does. 

INFJs use introverted thinking, which is a highly analytical, precise, and categorical function. The Ti user will have an exact use and name for everything in their lives. Ti will search for consistency and strength in logic. However, a symptom of having Ti low in the stack is that INFJs can be unnecessarily meticulous in their wording and have a soft spot for weird ass conspiracy theories {yes it’s funny to think Oprah Winfrey and Michael Cera are the same person but why.}

Fourth Function - Extroverted Sensing 

And in the end, we’re back to sharing the same inferior function, extroverted sensing. Se is adept at being in tune with the real world in present time. Extroverted sensing has aesthetic, rhythm, and lots of fun. This is precisely why it’s hilarious to see low-Se users in action. Both INFJs and INTJs are capable of being artistic, dancing, and catching a football. But it’s not something that comes naturally to either type. They’re prone to walking into walls, dropping knives, falling from great heights, and twisting ankles. 

Overall, INFJS and INTJs are both going to talk about how to take over the world with only $20 and trip over their own feet while doing it. The only difference is INTJs will threaten persuade Putin with a very shifty taser, and INFJs will charm their way to getting a list of nuclear codes {the money was spent on mascara, duh}. Ta - da! 

MBTI types when it's hot

Air conditioner becomes new BFF: ISFJ, ISFP, INFJ, INFP, INTP, INTJ, ISTP, ISTJ


Stay in bikini/swin suite even inside home: ESFJ, ESFP, ENFJ, ISTP, INTP, ISFP, INFP

Organize water balloon, so they stay outdoor at least: ISFP, ESFP, ENFP, INTP, ISTP, ENTP, ESFJ, ENTJ, ESTP, ESTJ

Fight with bugs/flies/mosquitoes all summer: all types

You know how when you mix up colors, even if they’re really pretty to begin with, they get all ugly. Not really black or brown or green but something nasty. I think politics is like that. You get all of these unique people and try to mush them into one instead of creating swirls.
—  I think my 6th grade self was on to something
An ENFP and INTJ Relationship

INTJ:“Did I tell you my science puns yet?”
ENFP:“Oh god!!!”
INTJ:“The name’s Bond,Ionic Bond ;)”
ENFP:“I guess your science puns make you a fungi ;)”
INTJ:“Your Biology puns don’t stack up to my Chemistry ones.”
ENFP:“You look hot in those genes ;)”
INTJ:*blushing* “What have I done???!!!”

INTJ & INTP Quality Time

INTP curled up on couch when INTJ walks into the room.

INTJ: here put your head back and close your eyes .

INTP: *narrows eyes suspiciously* Why?

INTJ: Oh come on, I want to try something.

INTP: *tentatively complies with requests*

INTJ: *promptly shoves hot pepper up INTP’s nose*

INTP: *jerks away* Ouch! The hell was that for?!

INTJ: I was just conducting an experiment to see if a hot pepper, when inserted into the nose, would burn.
INTJ: Naturally, I couldn’t use myself as a test subject. It might hurt.

INTP: *rubbing nose*well it doesn’t burn, it just hurts!
INTP: If you want it to burn, you must cut the pepper to release it’s oils.
INTP: *Grabs knife* here, let me show you

*INTP chasses INTJ around the house with pepper*

itsreganlynn  asked:

Me and my best friend/roommate have the same match up! I am an INTP and she's INTJ, how do you deal with the hot headedness of an INTJ?

Lock them in a matson container and ship them to Antarctica for a few days. 

Or be super chill and hope it spreads. 



things i associate with mbti types /// INTJ

red-hot embers, newspapers, marble sculptures, deep sea creatures, dark hair, minimalism, silver chains, crumbling petals, the sound of pouring rain, chinese checkers, déjà vu, dystopian fiction, bathing in the dark, merlot, barbed wire, overgrown lawns, antithetical statements,  blizzards, dry anger, bitter baking chocolate

Based on this post

anonymous asked:

I JUST BONDED WITH AN INTJ! I casually aproached them and complimented their intelligence and gave them food. You just need to observe them like a wild animal and they will get attached to you and treat you nicely! -Entp

[harsh Australian accent] “now as you can see, the wild INTJ is engaged in its work. it can do almost 500 homework assignments in 1 day. now, the INTJ also needs nutrients, so it feeds off of lesser human souls and also hot pockets.”
[INTJ Turns its head] “dude what are you-”
“WEVE BEEN SPOTTED! the INTJ may seem very sluggish, but in reality, it can quickly pouce on any susspected victims. we’ve got to get out of here run go move move move”

The ENTP third wheels again (xNTJ edition)

ENTJ and INTJ walk in the restaurant all badass-like with matching color palates.

ENTP: Well if it isn’t the Grim Reaper and Lady Death herself.

ENTJ: I still don’t understand why we invite you out with us.

INTJ: He is the one that got the two of us together.

ENTJ: Ah, yes. Thank you for that.

ENTP: Well, I couldn’t help but meddle when I heard this one *points at INTJ* gushing about this “super hot but super scary girl” he met at one of my parties. When I heard “super scary”, I had a feeling he was talking about you.

ENTJ: INTJ, you thought I was super scary? 

INTJ: “Super hot” too. ENTP, you really paraphrase badly.

ENTJ: *aggressively cuddles INTJ*

ENTP: God, all my friends are getting domestic.

ENTJ and INTJ aggressively glare at ENTP like the mama and dada snakes from Rikki Tikki Tavi.