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Yes, I’d be a hero, and if my wish was granted / Life would be enchanted, or so the stories say / Of course I’d be a hero, and I would scale a tower / And save a hot-house flower, and carry her away / But standing guard would be a beast, I’d somehow over whelm it / I’d get the girl, I’d take my breath, and I’d remove my helmet / 

Why The Holmes Parents are Perfect for Sherlock

The moment I saw them I had the sinking feeling that Mr and Mrs Holmes are irreparably wrong.

Then I realise that this was only my own narcissism getting in the way of logical analysis because if one looks at them from an impartial perspective Sherlock’s parents are surprisingly right, in every sense of the word.

I explain:

  • Why the Holmes Parents fit perfectly into Sherlock and Mycroft’s background. They had to be ordinary in order to explain why Sherlock and Mycroft are extraordinary.
  • How normal loving parents can produce such eccentrically maladjusted offspring

  • What we can tell about the Holmes Brothers’ childhood from their parents.

Hot House Flowers


The Holmes parents’ apparently banality appears to have spoilt many deeply held fan beliefs regarding “Mummy”. The truth is I also fell into the horrific logical trap of assuming that just because Sherlock has arrested emotional development – his parents must be utterly eccentric, over medicated, psychologically unstable, adulterers who evidently neglected him something terrible.  

What we all lacked was a sarcastic voice of reason to interject with a perfectly time “really?” and an elegantly raised eyebrow.

The age old belief that parents pass their problems onto their children is definitely true but the way these problems manifest in children can be surprising and counter-initiative. 

For a doctor who has been surprised too many times to actually be surprised – I really should have seen the Holmes parents’ coming because actually they fit perfectly into Sherlock and Mycroft’s background.


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anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity, what race is Em? I headcanon them as black because I am but I'd like to know the canon.

We’re going to do something we almost never do and crack open the LongStory story bible so this post can be canonical as heck. Also we’ll include some early sketches of Em done by our fantastic artist Noreen Rana:

Em is a transgender pre-teen living in a tight knit female dominated family of Caribbean descent. Em’s mom is raising Em and their little brother while teaching at the local college and working part-time at a retirement home. Em’s grandmother has been the primary caregiver because Em’s mom has been both working and studying since as long as Em can remember. The family has been raised on a steady diet of “when Mama is finished with school, times will be better.” Em has watched their mother struggle to achieve her dreams and make ends meet for years so fame and financial security are big priorities for them.

Music is where Em disappears to dream and scheme for the future. Em’s uncle Trevor introduced them to the music of Prince and Michael Jackson at the age of seven and Em often defines themselves in relation to those two watershed black performers. Since elementary school Em felt unlike both the boys and girls in their class, and identified more easily with the gender-bending theatrics of Prince and the king of pop. One day while reading a music website Em discovered the performer Antony and decided that they were not going to use a gendered pronoun anymore.

Em’s mom has always been supportive of Em in a distracted way. She is glad her child is not bullied for their choices, but hasn’t done much research about queer identity. Em’s grandmother is also more worried that Em stay safe and focus on their studies. For both women, Em’s safety is ultimately the biggest concern. This is very antithetical to the extended family especially those still living on the islands. As such Em is a bit of a hot-house flower. Mother and grandmother edit out conversations they have with Em’s extended family regarding Em’s inability to be a “regular kid” and only Trevor—who loves Em wholeheartedly—is allowed to visit the house to spend time with the kids.

So, there you go, that is Em in a nutshell, and yes they are black :) 

* LongStory is an LGBTQ friendly dating sim about surviving your teen years. The first three episodes are available now on IOS and Android.*

Trying Not To Love You Part Two

A/N Part two of the two-shot that is based on the imagine “Imagine being in love with Fíli but you’re too afraid to tell him”. Enjoy!

[part one]

A week has gone by since Fíli told me he was thinking about settling down and I had ran away, hiding like a coward. I hadn’t seen him as I had stayed far away from public areas and my usual spots. I didn’t wish to see him with some dwarromdam. I couldn’t handle the idea, let alone seeing it with my own two eyes. I was a coward, I knew that. I should have had the guts to tell him my feelings. It was too late now.

He had probably some dam from the Longbeards in mind and would court her. A strangled, sorrow-filled whimper escaped my lips. I clasped my hand over my mouth to silence myself. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut as they burned with tears. I missed him. I missed his smile, his laugh, his mere presence around me.

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How Do You Preserve Stunning Flowers That Die Fast? Huge Blocks of Ice

“Hot house flowers bloom extravagantly, but quickly wilt. Unwilling to accept the short-lived nature of lilacs, Japanese florist Azuma Makoto has managed to keep blooms beautiful by freezing them inside of massive blocks of ice.

Flower arranging is a usually thought of as a stuffy pastime, but Makoto has managed to splice the ancient art of Ikebana with high technology to create a hybrid form of gardening. Previous experiments include a deconstructed vase which suspended bouquets inside of cubic aluminum frames, like specimens aboard an alien space craft, and a series called Exobiotanica, where Makoto lifted sprays of flowers 30,000 feet into the stratosphere by way of high-altitude balloons while photographing the extraterrestrial terrariums using GoPro cameras.”

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