hot hot serkets


was going through my WIP folder…I had a lot of drawings of Aradia, because she was one of my favorites!! it was the safest, liking her as a character, b/c she didn’t like…murder anyone lol/was actually for the most part sinless compared to the others hahahah 

out of all the trolls, these 3 were my favs <3 especially vriska, that crazy lady 

Okay, but real talk, Vriska is so dumb.  She literally could’ve just gone, “Yep, just gonna use Tavros to control the god cat, on account of the fact that I, Vriska Serket, can control Tavros Nitram, who can control animals, without fusing with them, especially since I’m going to have to keep him asleep anyway.”  Like nice job there, genius.  You really solved the problem in the best way possible, which was to create a supremely powerful being that’s ALLERGIC TO ITSELF and CAN’T STOP GOD-SNEEZING.

my hand hurts 

WHOOPS, I’m so stupid I forgot about the horns but
well, fuck it.


I like to think that after Mindfang’s death The Summoner will leave her body  somewhere in the ocean, because this is where she truly belongs and it’s kind of final tribute for the great Marquise.
Okay, enough about my headcanons uwu