hot honey rag


Hot Honey Rag-Chicago


Ute Lemper and Ruthie Henshall: Hot Honey Rag.


I’ll step on you.
I’ll sleep with you.
I’ll be a star. 

Hot Honey Rag || Nessa and Helena

She hadn’t been anywhere she could appreciate, slow down and just relax at in a while. She was either on a mission or on the tun. She had been in Russia, Boston, and the east coast of America to Georgia the past week before finally getting to sky high; the girl just didn’t have time. After five hours of Wade, followed by a day of classes, two more hours of Wade at night, another day of classes, and two more hours of Wade she needed alone time today.

Above all that all the old feelings she had pushed down for Wade over the years that had been easily exposed now she was back to him were eating her up. She couldn’t stand it, they were overwhelming her, she was acting out simply out of frustration for what she was feeling. That above anything was why she had snuck away to the pool area of the school. She had missed the luxury of just being able to lay next to a pool and not worry about a sniper with a gun pointed at you.

She pulled the history book, disguised as a new trashy novel, further up on her lap and finally glanced up. She was lounging in one of the chairs near the pool, legs stretched out with one propped up behind her book. Her blonde wavy hair fell over her shoulders in soft curls, covering the straps of her black bikini halter top. it was then, through her sunglasses, she spotted another girl by the pool.

Teeth bit down gently on her bottom lip as she watched the other girl for a moment. She was hot, that was obvious from just a look. She took a dep breath and looked back down at her book, eyes no longer wanting to read the words. After a few minutes she looked up over the rim of her glasses, keeping her head tilted down. She was in debate over sleeping with the other girl or going shopping to find out where she got her top. What the hell she could do both.

It was at this moment Vanessa was wishing for a telepath so she could figure the girl out, it would save a lot of time. no real harm though, girls usually seemed up for flirting even if they weren’t interested. She glanced up one last time, caught the girls eye with her own, gave a small smile and looked back down to her book; other girls move.


Bebe Neuwirth performs I Can’t Do It Alone and Hot Honey Rag with Karen Ziemba for the Clinton White House


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