hot honey mustard

there’s people out there sayin cargo shorts aren’t cool anymore but they’re totally perfect for when your crush needs some condiments and you just whip out a bottle of ketchup, a jar of relish, 15 packets of hot sauce and some honey mustard outta nowhere lookin strong.


@articianne and @winterofherdiscontent made such AMAZIN’ quality goldgraves art, i couldn’t help but be inspired and messily doodle a bit of the babes (◕◡◕✿) 

ft. hot dog and scarf sharing!

anonymous asked:

So serious questions when each one of them don't do what your thinking and they each get their own deal (which they already do) and have solo songs and albums. Will you support it? Because then you are wrong about it all?

So serious question, when I turn out to be right will you eat my ass with hot sauce or with honey mustard? Hypothetical questions are fun.