hot holy hell


Gil Brodie - Strip Poker

Imagine this being your first date with Noctis.
Imagine him asking you to come join him while he fishes down by the lake.
Imagine sitting down by Noctis while he fishes.
Imagine dipping your toes in the lake and taking in the beautiful scenery and feeling the breeze on your face.
Imagine giggling at Noctis when he loses his catch for the second time and shows his frustration.
Imagine Noctis putting his rod down and turning to you, lifting you up with his strong arms, putting his hands around your waste and making full on body contact with you.
Imagine the heat building up between you both as your lips get closer to one another.
Imagine Noctis lifting you up by the waste and throwing you into the water.
Imagine his laughter when he see’s the shock on your face over what he just did.
Imagine the shock on his face when you wade up to him and put your arm out only to pull him in with you.
Imagine yourself putting your hands on his shoulders to try and steady yourself in the water.
Imagine him studying your body, secretly wishing he could see whats underneath.
Imagine yourself smiling at him cheekily and biting your bottom lip, wishing he would make a move.
Imagine him slowly moving his fingertips around your wasteline and down your thighs.
Imagine him lifting you up and you wrapping your legs around his waste.
Imagine him holding you tight while you put both your hands on his cheeks, water trickling from your skin onto his.
Imagine your lips meeting his in this truly divine moment of passion.
Just imagine.

Sorry but this needed to be done. It was a must. Tagging @airlea-sicarius, @angel-dream, @ffxvheadcanonsnooneaskedfor and @sweetchocobae. Another one for you all.