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Hi there! I’m a very new omgcp fan (as in just ripped through every episode in the comic and finished a few hours ago) and I was wondering if you could recommend any zimbits fics?

Oh, buddy, I hope you don’t like having free time, because this fandom has a lot of great writers. So many, in fact, that I haven’t been keeping up with all the new stuff coming out, hence most of these recs being slightly older in fandom time, but they should give you a quality place to start.

Mostly canon-compliant (some started before The Kiss, so they’re now canon-divergent in how Jack and Bitty get together, but such is the danger of writing for an ongoing piece of media)

for all of the perfect things that i doubt (series) by idrilka - The first fic I ever read in the fandom and it’s so good I read it twice in a row.

Coach Z by thistidalwave - Not technically Zimbits, since it’s pre-Samwell Jack, but I read it right after idrilka’s fic and it works so well filling in Jack’s background, they’re now inextricably tied in my head.

Something Like This by emmagrant01 - A slow-burn behemoth of a fic in which Jack’s best friend on the Falcs is an OC so good many of us have forgotten he’s not canon.

I’ll settle in and dream by stultiloquentia - A lovely, peaceful future fic, wonderfully atmospheric in the way of all of stulti’s writing.

AUs (where my soul really lives for Zimbits fic)

Mixing It Up by sinspiration - A perfect Bitty bakery fic.

A Little Bit Closer by marswithghosts - Bitty is a newly minted youth librarian, Jack is the hot hockey player who runs past Bitty’s apartment every day (who just happens to have written a new children’s book). So great.

It’s Not Quite the Parent Trap by omgericzimmermann - Zimbits single dads AU featuring Peaches the enormous and terrifying cat.

And a Halloween bonus: Take Me in Your Arms and Leave the Rest by omgericzimmermann - An injury forces Jack to retire from the NHL, and the house he buys turns out to be haunted. A bittersweet ghost story with a twist at the end.

I have absolutely left out a lot of great stuff, but my bookmarking system has been somewhat haphazard.

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What some of your favourite random facts/general things about the team this year?

In no particular order of interesting things (sorry, this got a little long):

  • Kassian likes to colour on flights
  • Benning is from Edmonton area and his father is also very famous here (for hockey) so it’s a big deal for him to play here
  • Puljujarvi spent Christmas day with Benning and his parents before his parents arrived on Boxing Day from Finland 
  • Maroon’s uncle owns a roller hockey rink. He takes his son, Anthony, there sometimes. 
  • In Maroon’s first year in the NHL (on the ducks), he cut everyone’s socks on their toes and their boxers. The retaliation was that all of his laces were cut, socks were missing, so he had to find ways to get home with no clothes.
  • Gryba and Hendricks hunt
  • Larsson claims that Klefbom (his roommate) has a blow-up poster of himself and his eight-pack abs in his room, but Klefbom denies this
  • Klefbom is good in the kitchen
  • Letestu’s kid’s favourite player is Connor, to which Letestu says  if you’re going to have heroes, make them good ones and Connor is perfect hero for a young kid growing up.”
  • Connor never had a rink in his backyard because his dad wanted a deck and a hot tub
  • Leon’s favourite food is steak with mashed potatoes
  • Eberle has been with his now-fiance since they were fifteen. He plays guitar and she sings/teaches piano
  • Nuge’s dad tried to get him into baseball but hockey “was just something he started playing seriously at about four years old and he’s never missed a day since.” 
  • Nurse’s younger sister, Kia, is an Olympic medalist
  • Talbs played for NYR, mentored by Henrik Lundqvist, and Henrik was a huge supporter of Talbs’ success. He improved much faster than anyone thought he would and was looking for a place to be a starting goalie because he knew he was good enough for another team, but not enough to upend the king
  • When Connor was younger, he said he’d like to play with a guy like Milan Lucic
  • Caggiula and Connor went to high school together

popular trope: jack is a pro hockey player with an injury requiring some rehab and bitty is a yoga instructor helping him regain flexibility

reverse trope: bitty is a pro figure skater with an injury and jack is a retired athlete turned yoga instructor helping him regain his flexibility

eric had always been open to the idea of yoga, but between early morning practices, travel, and competition he’d never really had the time. his flexibility was great as it was, and it hadn’t been something at the top of his training list when there were so many other things to develop

until the day he rolled his ankle on a landing and the bottom of his fibula snapped like a twig during a georgian drought

thankfully, the break had happened during at the very end of competition season. he hadn’t even missed any events. but it would be a long road if he wanted to compete next season; he was out of his cast, but he was trying to work his leg muscles back up to where they had been before the accident

which brought him here, to this yoga class, with his insufferably hot and surprisingly flexible instructor with beautiful eyes, a killer jawline, and an ass that just would NOT quit

he was almost certainly straight, but it was nice to enjoy his soft, pleasantly accented voice running him and the others through the cycle of positions. it was even better when they had their private session with an emphasis on leg stretches after the group class, and all of jack zimmermann’s powerful and precise attention was on bitty for a thrilling sixty minutes

the best worst was when those big, warm hands would skim over his skin, gently moving him into positions that caused a hot, slow burn to tingle through his unused muscles and a flush to rush across the rest of his body for entirely different reasons

zimmermann had been a hockey player himself, back in the day, before an injury ended his season early and he’d decided at 33 not to return for a sixteenth season with the providence falconers. he was a natural choice for a yoga instructor, understanding the skating body like he did

if their sessions were also a torturous exercise in self-control, well… that was just eric’s cross to bear, now wasn’t it? 

An Image To Protect pt.3

Matthew Tkachuk x Reader

Team: Calgary Flames

Warnings: Cheese

POV: First

part three for an image to protect!!

maybe in the next part you could have them become official?

About the part 3 to tkachuk, maybe something where you officially meet the wags as his gf or his fam?

Here are part one and part two!

I decided to go for a first “I love you” thing because I really dislike writing about meeting families and in the first part, it was a possibility the reader had already met the WAGS just not as a love interest. 

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How did I end up here? Sat on the couch, late one Saturday night, some random episode of Catfish playing on the t.v. while my fingers were playing with Matthew’s curls. The both of us were basically half asleep, Matthew even dozing off every now and then but jumping back awake. 

It seemed like just yesterday when I attended the family skate for the Flames and Johnny had dragged me along to meet his friends. 

Yet here we were.

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William Nylander - Part 6

In case anyone missed it, I now have masterposts for both my Matthews story and the Nylander one! Keeps everything nice and organized! 

After dinner we roll to a stop outside my apartment. An awkwardness comes over me and I have no idea what to do or say so I wait for him to break the silence.  

               “I’d ask to come in, but I think I hit my limit of making you do things today,” Will says, shifting into park and leaning back in his seat to look at me.

               I laugh and nod. “I would have said no anyway.” We both know it’s a lie.

               “Sure,” he humors me and our eyes meet. Instead of the tension rising, it seems to dissipate. I’m comfortable with him. It’s a shocking revelation. Just as is the fact that his hair is different shades of blonde almost, a natural highlight that I hadn’t noticed before.

               “Are you going to call me this time?”

               I hesitate a moment. “It’s possible.”

               He tilts his head down and gives me a skeptical look.

               “You never know, I could still be gathering evidence of your stalking incidents,” I tease, giving him a severe look.

               Will laughs, it rumbles in the enclosed space and my heart skips a beat. It’s a beautiful sound.

               “I guess anything is possible,” he says and we fall silent again. I don’t want to get out of the car and I don’t think he wants me to leave either.

               “Well, I’m sure my cat is very upset I didn’t spend my Sunday with her,” I start when the silence stretches on for too long, my hand reaching for the door handle. Silently begging him to stop me. He does.

               Will’s hand catches my wrist and I look back at him in question. He gives me a shy smile before leaning in and kissing my cheek gently.

               “Goodnight, Y/N,” he says, his breath raising goosebumps on my skin.

               “Will,” I say as a goodbye and lift myself out of the car, closing the door gently behind me. I don’t look back.

               The elevator dings, the doors closing after I press my floor number and I lean back against one of the walls, my head hitting the glass with a thud. The only reassuring thing that this hasn’t been a dream is the dull ache.

               “What the hell am I doing?” I ask myself aloud. You said yes to another date with Nathan for tomorrow yet you spent all day with a drop dead gorgeous hockey player and let him take you out to dinner and kiss your cheek and make your stomach do backflips and you are a horrible person. I let out a wail of despair once I’m in my apartment and Kota pins her ears back. Her eyes judgmental.

               “Don’t even start with me, Kota,” I snap, throwing some food into her bowl. I strip down in my bathroom and turn the water as hot as I can stand. Letting the water relax my muscles and steam the bathroom, I let my mind wander. It doesn’t surprise me when it lands on Will. I wonder what he’s doing. I wonder if he’s showering just like me. Oh you just had to go to a naked image, didn’t you? I scold myself and turn the scalding shower off.

               I don’t bother dressing myself, tying a robe around myself instead. Wandering out into the living room Kota is perched on her usual spot on the back of my couch. Her eyes are less judgmental now and she’s content to let me pet her head.

               “Oh Kota, two weeks ago I had no boys. Now I have two,” I whisper and she meows back. I don’t speak cat but I’m pretty sure she just asked me for more food.


               When my alarm sounds in the morning I bounce out of bed, always the morning person. I’m my most productive in the early hours of the day, hence the alarm at 6:30. I dress myself smartly, also key to being productive and twist my hair into messy bun. Kota bends between my legs as I gather my morning breakfast, nearly causing me to break my ankles twice.

               I pull up my schedule on my tablet as I stuff toast and eggs into my mouth. A lunch meeting with a few other editors at the office and several more manuscripts are due to be in my inbox when I arrive. They are never sent over email. Always a hard copy in my little tray in the office that I seldom use in downtown Toronto.

               With a free morning I get uninterrupted time to clean my apartment. One of my favorite things to do. There is just such a satisfying sound when the vacuum runs over my carpet, leaving that beautiful trail. My parents bought me a Roomba for Christmas, I exchanged it for a new coffee maker. Orderliness and cleanliness cannot be made by a robot.

               By the time I’m walking into the office, precisely nine minutes early, my mood is sky high. I greet the receptionist, janitor, a copy writer and three people I don’t know as I walk to the glass enclosure of a conference room. I remember now why I prefer to work from home. The ultramodern look and feel of the office is overwhelming at times. Everything too professional and cold for my liking.

               I take my usual seat, second on the right, back to the door and carefully lay all my papers and files before me in particular order. Movement to my left comes as a surprise but doesn’t scare me.

               “Here already? I thought you liked coming to meetings fifteen minutes late?” I say without looking up from my pad of paper that I always use to take notes on.

               “All good things must come to an end,” Jake sighs, placing my usual Caramel Macchiato before me before settling himself down in the third seat to the right. “Bartello said after the last meeting that I have to be good for three months and she will clear my record.”

               I scoff and shake my drink a few times before taking a sip. “I didn’t think you were afraid of Bartello.”

               “Yeah, well, I’m more afraid of having to go back to photocopying. Worst year of my life,” he replies. I finally glance up at him when he shuffles his papers out onto the table and my eyes widen. Jake’s usual unruly hair is smoothed to the side with a clean cut and his lazy attire is now freshly pressed and his tie is actually tied.

               Jake realizes I’m staring and his cheeks turn a faint pink. “What?” He asks self-consciously, eyeing me warily.

               “Goddamn Mattias,” I exclaim and his pink turns beet red. “You look fine as hell!”

               “Would you keep your voice down,” he mumbles furiously at me, busying himself with his papers while I snicker.

               “What’s her name? Is it the new receptionist? She looks like a total sweetheart, all rosy cheeks and pretty black curls. I can see it,” I nod and smirk at his obvious discomfort.

               “It’s not the receptionist,” he snaps and I press him with a stare. He knows I won’t let it go. “You’re not going to like my answer,” he says cautiously, his eyes darting to me and to the coffee in my hand.

               “What do you mean I won’t lik-“ I freeze in my words. Jake sees the revelation in my face and I can see sweat beading on his forehead. “No no no no no no…. Jacob Oscar Mattias you had better tell me that what I’m thinking is not true.”

               Jake swallows hard and glances at the exit to our left. “Jake, you had better tell me right now that you are not dating my sister,” I lower my voice and level him with a glare. He makes a noise in the back of his throat and licks his lips nervously.

               “YOU’RE DATING MY SISTER?” I yell and he jumps in his seat before grabbing my arm and glancing again over his shoulder where two of our coworkers are looking up from their desks.

               “Would you stop yelling?” He whispers, ducking his head closer to mine. “And please don’t hit me. I still have a bruise from six days ago at the last meeting.”

               I can feel murder on my face and I know he feels it.

               “You can’t act so surprised, you knew there was something there,” he says, leaning back in his seat. Clearly taking comfort in the fact that I can’t beat him over the head with my briefcase in the middle of the office.

               “But… it’s Rian… she’s my baby sister,” I squeak. Betrayal rushing over me like a broken dam.

               “She’s not a baby, Y/N. She’s barely two years younger than us. Three more months and she graduates. It’s not a huge deal!”

               “It is so! How long?” I demand, still seething.

               “Just a few days, two dates is all,” Jake answers, more tension leaving his body.

               “So after the game then?” I ask. Rian had been so nervous during the entirety of the car ride there and back, blushing at every word Jake had said. I had just thought it was a crush thing. Never did I imagine they would act on it.

               “Yes, after the game. When you didn’t answer me the next morning right away to ask how you were feeling, I called Rian to make sure everything was okay. It all kind of spiraled from there,” Jake shrugs and I press my lips into a hard line.

               “I texted you right when I woke up! How early did you call her?”

               “I was worried about you, Y/N. Nathan and Rian aren’t the only people that love you,” he snaps at me and my heart softens a little bit. But I’m still pissed he’s probably already kissed my baby sister.

               “Don’t you try and suck up to me now Mattias,” I snap back at him and he gives me a shifty grin. “So that’s what all this is about?” I ask, mussing his hair much to his annoyance.

               “Not really,” he says, shoving my hand away and attempting to smooth his black hair back out again. “Just ready for a change.”

               I give him a skeptical look but drop the topic as our coworkers slowly start filing in.

               “This isn’t over,” I mumble to him, bringing my drink to my lips. “No matter how many macchiatos you bring me.”

               The meeting goes as usual, someone gets yelled at but it’s not me or Jake so I don’t really care. I give Jake a dirty look every chance I get and he’s always quick to look away. Once everything is done and we gather our things, walking out the door together.  

               “All your dirty looks reminded me,” Jake starts once we are out of earshot of the others and in my office. “Rian mentioned you went out with William Nylander last night?” He raises his eyebrows and flops down in one of the seats across from my desk.

               I silently curse my sister for being a blabber mouth and fix Jake with a stare as I take my own seat and pick of the stack of manuscripts waiting for me. Fanning through them I reply. “Yeah, what about it?” I decide not to lie and I realize with a pang that I have yet to text Will.

               “It just surprises me because you went out with Nathan the other night and I think he mentioned something about going to a play tonight,” Jake says slowly and I smack my forehead with the stack of papers.

               “The play!” I moan and squeeze my eyes closed. I had completely forgotten.

               “Yeah…” Jake says a bit awkwardly, which I find ironic that he considers that to be awkward when I’m pretty certain he’s had his tongue down my little sister’s throat already.

               I sigh and lean back in my chair, replacing the papers onto my desk and tilt my head to look out the window.

               “I don’t know what I’m doing, Jake,” I whisper.

               “I’ve gathered that,” he nods and I look at him in surprise when he chuckles.


               He hesitates a moment, looking like he’s gathering his words first. “It’s just… so unlike you I guess. You’re a person who needs to be organized and even since high school you’ve always known what you wanted.” He shrugs and leans back as well. “I just never saw you as someone who plays the field.”

               “I am not playing the field!” I retort and glare at him. “And you seem very unconcerned that this involves your best friend and there’s a possibility that things aren’t going to work out between him and me.”

               Jake shrugs again much to my annoyance. “I never have thought of you two as a couple, you’re too similar I think,” he says slowly. “Besides, I wouldn’t really consider him as my best friend as of late, I’ve hardly seen or talked to him since the game. He’s so involved in everything at school and all of his coworkers at the hospital he’s doing his practical at… I think of you as my best friend more than Nate.”

               I turn my attention back out the window, letting Jake’s words sink in. I hadn’t realized until now that Jake is right. Nathan never even mentioned Jake when we were out the other day, all he really talked about what school and what his future hopefully consisted of. I don’t even think we talked about my own work. Glancing at Jake, I see his brow bunched together as he stares blankly at my desk.

               “I don’t think that’s true, Jake,” I say gently. “I think of you as my best friend as well, you’re the person I see the most to be completely honest. But Nathan is still your friend, he just has other priorities right now. It’s like when you and I were in our program, all we pretty much saw was each other. I don’t think we left each other’s sides for sixteen weeks,” I smile at him and he hesitantly reflects it back to me.

               “Don’t think about it too much, Jakey,” I reach forward and cover his hand with my own. “Nathan will snap out of it. You still have your best friend.”

               Jake stares at our hands and slowly nods his head. I hadn’t realized how much this affected him. A little bit of guilt flashes through me about yelling at him earlier.

               “Still going to the play tonight?” He asks after a few moments his sad expression replaced with a smirk, though he doesn’t remove his hand from mine.

               “You want to come? Rian would be down I’m sure,” I say, an idea already forming in my head. It’s not a date if your little sister comes. Jake seems to know exactly what I’m thinking and frowns at me.

               “Are you even into him?” He asks bluntly.

               I stare at him in silence, taking in his bronze skin and his even darker eyes. I can see why Rian gets giddy every time I mention him. “I don’t know, Jake,” I answer truthfully. “I really don’t. I had never thought about him in that way until recently, and even now… it’s strange. But also kinda nice?” I scrunch my nose, my mind in a million places at once.

               “But you need time,” Jake says and I nod.

               “I think so.”

               “And what about Will?”

               My cheeks heat and my heart skips a beat in my chest. My physical reaction is enough for Jake to nod.

               “Much different reaction,” he muses.

               “Much,” I agree quietly. I squeeze his hand once more before wiggling the mouse to my desktop to get the screen to wake up. “So you want a ticket for tonight?”

               “Yes, ma’am. Two please,” he winks at me and I scowl even though it was my idea.

               “Keep your damn hands to yourself when I’m around,” I growl at him as he stands and makes to leave my office. “I’m going to have nightmares for weeks now.”

               Jake gives me his goofy smile, the contrast of his white teeth again his brown skin makes me envious and I hate that he used my favorite smile against me.

               “Get out of my office.”

Nolan Patrick - We got this

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can you write an angsty nolan patrick imagine please?

Author’s Note: Again, I feel weird writing about a young player being a parent so, I made so Nolan was around 23ish, still young but not as awkward. Enjoy! -Julianne

It was a nice hot summer day in June when you first told Nolan that you were pregnant. You had your fears seeing as you two still being so young and that he was still pretty new playing for the NHL. You thought he would bolt.


“Pull the car over, pull the car over.” You yelled as you covered your mouth with your hand.  

Nolan looked at you worried, but did as he was told. You opened the Jeep door so fast you thought you might have had broken it. You could feel Nolan’s eyes on your back. You threw up a few more times before you felt a big hand on your back. You looked up to see a very worried Nolan.

“What’s going on, love? You’ve been getting sick everyday. Maybe we should get you to the doctor.” Nolan rambled as he helped you back in the Jeep.

You kept your gaze on the window. You felt the car dip as Nolan made his way back into his seat. Yet, the car still remained off. You felt the need to throw up again, but this time it wasn’t do to the bean growing inside you.

“I’m scared you’re going to bolt.” You said still looking out the window.

“Honey, I’m not going anywhere.” He softly said placing his hand on your hair.

“I’m pregnant, Nolan.” You didn’t dare look at him.

You heard the car turn on. Here it was he was going to bolt. You didn’t move your gaze from the window, until the car stopped outside a Walgreens. Nolan, jumped out of the car before opening your door and helping you out. You two didn’t say a word. You followed him to the “woman” section before a word was spoken.

“How far along are we?” He said looking at a row of prenatal vitamins.

“Nol, what are you doing?” You said feeling confuse.

He sighed before looking up at you.

“Vitamins for you and our child, duh.” He smiled.

“Nolan.” You began to cry. He got up from the floor, pulling you in his arms.

“I’m not going to bolt, Y/N.”

*End of flashback*

It was a cold February day when you felt the pain hit you. Your hands flew up to your belly. It was time, and you were trying not to freak out. You just scheduled to be induced on Friday, so you were hoping nothing was wrong, but part of you knew it was time.

“Patrick!” Filppula yelled over the ice.

“What?” Nolan yelled back as Read smacked him with his stick.

“Donna, just called, It’s time. Get your ass to her!” Filppula smiled.

“AHHHHH! FUCK this hurts.” You yelled as another contraction hit.

“Good, news you are almost ready to get your epidural. Just one more cm.” The nurse smiled as you check you again.

“Fucking great.” You yelled again.

“I’m I late!?” Nolan asked as he ran in the room. You smiled through the pain as you saw him. He made it.

“Nope, You’re just in time Mr. Patrick. Y/N, I’ll check up on you in five minutes. I know it’s hard but try to relax.” The nurse smiled as she left the room.

Nolan, smiled before placing a kiss on your lips.

“This is it.” He said looking scared now. “We’re going to be mom and dad soon. OH god! I’m going to be a dad soon. What if they don’t like me. What if I drop them. God, I’m going to fuck them up.” He ranted as he ran his hand through his hair.

“Hey, hey, hey.” you giggled as you pulled his face closer to yours. “We are going to be fine. You want to know a secret?” You smiled.

He just shook his head at you, making you smile.

“Being a parents means never knowing what to do. We learn. Just like our parents have, and we turned out pretty good. Besides, the whole forgetting to take our pads off, before we leave the rink.” You giggled as you looked at his shoulder pads still on.

“Shit.” He laughed looking down.

“We got this.” You smiled before kiss his lips.
“We got this.” He repeated with a smile.


Valentine’s Day- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so I know this is a day late, but I worked yesterday so you get a late Valentine’s Day story from me! I’m not gonna lie, it’s super angsty. I have another story I’m writing that’s 10000000% angsty so take this while you can! Any who… there was a post recently that since Andre (on twitter) retweeted about body positivity, that maybe he likes bigger girls and as one, I will run it into the ground lol. I love this precious bean! Anyway, enjoy guys!

 Warning: Angst, lack of self-esteem

Part Two (It’s the Thought that Counts)


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hey look, zimbits.

(i’ve tried to type this on a mass of platforms and they all deleted but here i am typing this on my phone. so no read more. sorry)

i wanted to write headcanons for that trope where “hey! you can win this hot hockey player for the day if you pay an obscene amount of money!” so.

falcs!jack, no overdose, foodnetwork!bitty, the works.

  • falcs are hosting a charity event for kids with mental illnesses which includes a “auction for a falconer!” portion
  • jack originally didn’t want to go since he’s not exactly known for sociable events. (tater: zimmboni! if you not go i’m will get very sad((((() but, the cause hit a little to close to home so he decides to suck it up and go. it’ll only be for a few hours, right? (lol no) and he heard eric bittle, the host of bittle’s bites is gonna be there (i’m not creative forgive me)
  • bitty, on the other hand is so excited for the event. he cancelled all of his plans so he could go with lardo. and sneak a peek at jack zimmermann. same thing.
  • the original falconer was gonna be poots, but something came up (his bf called) and had to cancel abruptly.
  • so, as the “face of the falcs” it’s jack’s time to shine!
  • when isn’t it though with that ass
  • jack very reluctantly agrees after heavy persuasion (and bribery) by the rest of team. especially tater, who now owes jack a couple of nights of history docs.
  • meanwhile, mr. eric bittle is taking part in chatting up some falcs with lardo and graciously sipping champagne
  • it’s time
  • since this is a public/private event there are many suburban white moms there
  • linda from the bake sale decided she needed a hot piece of ass for a day
  • so she’s like “$500!” and you can see jack’s face sink.
  • bitty sees this and he’s like O No i can’t let this happen (he’s drunk)
  • so he bids like $650 but linda is Not Going Down
  • everytime bitty bids jack gets this little surge of happiness in his heart
  • a/n it’s love
  • jk she just gives up amd runs out of money but bitty ends up donating 10 grand cause he can and he’s rich
  • jack goes up to bitty after and he’s like “uh. thanks for saving me back there,” while his hand is behind his head. “don’t know what i would’ve done.” he laughs
  • bitty is half blushing because it’s JACK ZIMMERMANN but also because he’s still a little tipsy even though he’s sobered down a bit
  • “it was nothin’, always happy to donate for a good cause.” he says but really most of it was for jack
  • they exchange numbers and they both go home a little warm inside
  • fast forward to tommorrow jack wakes up and he’s thinking of bitty
  • he gets up, takes a shower, do jack-like things
  • then he decided to text bitty but his anxiety is creeping up on him
  • but he decides, fuck it he’s cute and if i have to spend the day with him might aswell get that out of the way now
  • jlz: good morning, was wondering what time i should come over?
  • he debates putting a smiley face but decides against it
  • he gets a text back pretty fast and he’s almost suprised
  • erb: good morning jack! about 12ish would be alright with me, wear something comfortable :)
  • jack is confused as to what they’re doing but he sends a text
  • jlz: falconers shirt and sweatpants okay? usually people tell me i have a bad sense of fashion haha
  • erb: that’s good, as long as you don’t bring your yellow trainers
  • is he chirping me? jack wonders as he defends his shoes
  • jlz: hey, those shoes are near and dear to me and i will never give them up.
  • erb: maybe i can take you shoe shopping one day hun :)
  • jlz: can’t wait for that day. i’ll just buy another pair of trainers
  • erb: i gotta go get ready! have a big day ahead of us! seeya later mr. zimmermann :))
  • jlz: bye bittle, make sure you get enough protein :)
  • bitty puts his phone down and just takes in the moment
  • finally he decides to get out of bed and actually get dressed
  • he puts on a faded samwell shirt and a pair of shorts (not the blue ones, he thinks, i don’t want to kill him)
  • he eats eggs for breakfast thinking about how jack told him he needs to eat more protein
  • soon enough, jack is at the door to his apartment
  • bitty opens the door and immediately looks down
  • he’s wearing the yellow trainers
  • so bitty is like “jack zimmermann, you are not stepping into my apartment wearing those.”
  • and jack says “my shoes are perfectly fashionable!”
  • bitty chirps him, “they were right, about your sense of fashion.”
  • so jack takes off his shoes and finally walks in
  • he looks at the mass of baking supplies on the countertop
  • “i’m assuming we’re baking?” he asks
  • “well you’ve assumed right! we’re gonna be baking a maple-crusted apple pie today.” bitty explains
  • so jack is like “is that because i’m canadian?” and bitty is like “well, somewhat, i thought you would enjoy it. we can do something else if you like?”
  • and jack quickly is like “nonono, this is fine, i was just chirping you back there. the pie sounds great, eric.”
  • bitty blushes and then says “well that’s my fault then, and please, call me bitty.”
  • jack then is like, “did you play hockey in college?”
  • bitty answers him “yup! i got a scholarship and played all through college and i was captain my senior year!”
  • jack asks him, “why did you stop? you must have been good enough to go professional.”
  • bitty says “it wasn’t something i wanted to do for the rest of my life yknow? baking was and still is something i love and want to do everyday.”
  • bitty then hands jack an apron and puts one on himself and starts cutting apples for the filling
  • he asks jack to take out the dough he made last night and to flatten it out
  • jack needs a bit of help as the dough is hard and he hasn’t baked in 15 years with his mother.
  • it’s a comfortable silence between them with the exception of the music bitty had put on (beyoncé - XO)
  • jack asks him, “who’s the artist? she’s really good.”
  • bitty is MORTIFIED and stops mixing the apples into the pan and stares at jack.
  • jack’s confused, “did i say something wrong?” he questions
  • “how could you not know who beyoncé, my queen, is? have you been living under a rock?” bitty says
  • “i don’t listen to alot of pop music,” jack admits, “i’m more of a dad-rock person.” he says while shrugging
  • “i would have guessed, you seem like you listen to a lot of indie music.” bitty then throws a bit of flour at jack just to play with him
  • jack’s feeling playful and throws some in bitty’s face
  • this starts an all-out war between them, full of laughing and blushing
  • they then put the pie in the oven
  • (a/n i have no idea how to make a pie)
  • while it’s baking, bitty asks jack what he wants to do now
  • jack suggests a history doc and bitty agrees (this boy,)
  • it’s like 3 pm now and they’re both a bit tired
  • bitty falls asleep on one end of the couch and jack looks at him fondly
  • the timer on bitty’s phone goes off and jack is snapped out of his daydreaming session
  • he contemplates waking bitty up but decides against it.
  • he looked tired, deserves a little more time
  • he takes the pie out of the oven carefully and puts it on the countertop to cool.
  • after a few minutes, he wakes bitty up gently
  • “have a good nap?” jack teases
  • bitty is a bit embarrased and says quietly, “i didn’t mean to fall ‘sleep, just was a bit tired 'mself.”
  • as soon as the pool cools down bitty wraps it up and sends jack on his way.
  • at the door, jack says “i’ll text you later, we still need to go shoe shopping.”
  • bitty then decides, he’s cute god DAMN, and kisses him on the cheek before saying their goodbyes and shuts the door
  • they both go home with a good feeling in them. (i know bitty’s already home shhh)


thank you so much to all of my followers who have stuck with me up until this point!!!!! (especially to those of you who have been around long enough to know why people call me rockets.. or the people who have been here since before my blog got deleted…. like, wow) i kept saying that i would do this if I hit 1k, so…

(if youre on mobile im sorry also get a fucking computer)

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Is There a Goalie In the House? (Alex Galchenyuk)

Anonymous said:

First your writing is amazing. Second, Could you please do an Alex Galchenyuk imagine where he is dating a female hockey goalie and she surprises him at one of his games by being announced with the team during line up or something? Maybe some fluff? Thank you!

Word count: 2398

Author’s note: I don’t often enjoy my writing, in terms of me reading it again after I’ve written it, but I really enjoyed this one. This goes out to all my ladies out there. You can do anything, so long as you think you can.

Originally posted by b-gallagher11

You were a little self-conscious about dating Alex. You loved him, of course, but it was just weird to you to be dating a hockey player when you, yourself, are also a hockey player. You worry that people think you’re dating him to get a spot on the team, or other such fears. Even though you know they’re baseless fears, you can’t help but to worry at least a little bit.

Alex, however, thinks it’s totally hot that you’re a hockey player. He thinks it’s even hotter that you’re a goalie. Goalies are the ones who take all of the hits and carry their teams on their backs. Alex loves how tough you are on the ice, how you never flinch, no matter how many pucks you face on a given night. He always jokes how you could beat Carey in a shootout easily. Although you’d never tell Alex, you’d love to play on the same team as him, one day. Even though you know that it’s obviously never going to happen, you can’t help but to dream.

That is, until you get the call.

You’ve just gotten dressed in your street clothes after a really productive practice. The team worked really hard today and you all feel ready for the game tomorrow. As you gather your things into your bag, you notice your phone start to go off. Even though it’s not saved in your phone, it’s a number from the Montreal area, so you answer it. You always worry that if you don’t answer the phone, it’s going to be from a trainer or a hospital telling you that Alex is hurt.

“Hello?” You answer, waving goodbye to your teammates as you head out of the locker rooms.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” A deep voice asks. Your blood runs cold, assuming the worst.

“This is she. May I ask who’s calling?”

“(Y/N), this is Coach Julien. Let me just start off by saying that Alex is perfectly fine.” You breathe a sigh of relief at his statement, letting out a shaky laugh.

“You know hockey girlfriends too well, Coach. What’s the reason for this call?” You ask politely.

“Well, Montoya’s sick and he’s not going to be able to play tonight. Our emergency goalie’s wife just had a kid, so he’s on leave, and we can’t get anyone from St. John or Brampton up here fast enough. Would you be able to fill in as backup goalie tonight?” Coach Julien asks hopefully. Your eyes widen as you silently squeal.

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adamsgirl42  asked:

Who was number 1 in the survey?

i answered that yesterday

Segs was the winner by an overwhelming majority! no matter which way you interpret the data, according to hockey tumblr (well the sample size surveyed, which, 90 in three days for a survey is actually a pretty decent spread), Tyler Seguin is the hottest player in the NHL as of 2017, beating out second place by 110 points and five votes and an average hotness rating of 9/10! 

he also got almost 40 ‘10′s’, which is more votes than about 97% of the other players in the survey received at all.

What I’m Reading: September


1. We Should Get Jerseys (orphan_account) - Harry is a hockey player, and Louis is his slightly melodramatic boyfriend.

New Reads:

1. One Day (sarcasticfluentry) - Louis giggles at him. “Hazza, I’m not even up the spout yet, love.”

“Yeah, but…” Harry trails off, pinning Louis with his intense stare, and Louis locks eyes with him and feels a hot wave of anticipation wash over him because the implication is obvious: tomorrow you will be.

… or, Louis goes off of his suppressants and Harry goes into rut.

2. We’ll Be Seamless (waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee) - Louis spends all his spare time scrolling arty nude blogs on Tumblr but amongst them all, Green is his favourite.

3. All We Do Is Drive (justaboat) - It doesn’t make sense, the way Louis can have such an effect on him. From one look, or one stupid bet, Harry’s now street racing, apparently. He hates it. Doesn’t know how to control it, every time he sees Louis looking at him - it comes like an impulse. Without a second thought. No rhyme or real reason to it. He’s just Louis.

4. All The King’s Men (sacredheart) - Louis is an arrogant, self assured prince who falls in love with a charming thief named Harry during his youth. However, years later, a revolution is sparked amongst the frustrated commoners… and Louis’s former teenage romance is leading it.

5. Baby We Could Be Enough (orphan_account) - Harry is a photographer who’s trying to find his place. Louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home.

More Fic Recs

anonymous asked:

omg u should totally continue the NHL AU for nurseydex!! i really really enjoyed the parts that u wrote! could u write about when nursery gets hit by that one guy & almost gets concussed? thanks!! love u

(all stories in this universe are tagged nhlau)

Dex is at home on a rare day off when it happens. He’s watching the Leafs and the Sens, texting Nursey dumb shit like, “just watched u trip over the blue line i’m divorcing u,” and “beauty of an assist, babe,” that he’ll read after the game. Nursey does the same for him when he catches Dex’s games, though his are always packed with god-awful innuendos that really shouldn’t make Dex as hot as they do. Whatever, he’s a hockey player that’s married to a hockey player, he’s allowed to be turned on by slap shots.

He’s thinking about maybe ordering a pizza or something when Nursey breaks away, streaking up the side of the ice and carrying it into the zone. He’s got Neil near him, but there’s no way he’ll catch up. Nursey sauces the puck across to Gardiner, but Dex isn’t watching the puck, because Neil is still moving in on Nursey, looking like he has no intention to stop. Nursey doesn’t see him, and Dex’s breath catches in his throat as Neil lays Nursey out, late and high.

“Fuck,” he curses, “Fuck, Nursey, get up. Get up, baby. Please get up.”

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freakin babes

anonymous asked:

Oh wow okay help a sister out then pls! I’d love to know other aussies that are into hockey, as I definitely don’t know any :( :( I saw a mustangs thing on here the other day and was like hello AIHL this is unexpected !!


there are the aihl specific blogs:

@whatthefuckistheaihl @melbournemustangs @adelaideadrenaline @themelbourneice @newcastlenorthstars 

((#bleedorange #gomustangs! i’m volunteering next year and so excite!))

then the woho awihl blogs

@awihlfan @adelaiderush 

((i don’t know if any of the other teams have other (unofficial) blogs????))

then the other aussies i know as hockey blogs are

@backstrom (avs, bruins, caps. shit poster extraordinaire) 

@austmatthews (leafs, so many other teams if they have hot players, thirst queen) 

@fuckalainvigneault (other thirst queen, rangers, wild, stars) 



@nugentthopkins (leafs, oilers, vgk)

@daddy-wheels (jet, habs)

@seanmcnahans (habs, oilers, flames)

@justhockey (habs, leafs, stars)(also runs the adelaide team blogs)

@itsahockeynight (caps)

@ryankeslaf  (pens, stars)

@theleafssuck (leafs, caps, oilers)

@steffishly (pens, caps, stars, leafs, avs and also another fucking kiwi :P)

@joffreylupulseyes (leafs, aihl)


NOTE: i know i’m forgetting people, okay. let me know if you want to be added or removed or whatever? but, you know, aussie pride (and saltiness? we’re salty af and i love it?)

Sebastian Aho #1

Requested by:

1. Anon:  PROMPT: you work in a store inside the teams building (vendor/merch store whatever you choose) you’re dating a player on the team and he always comes to pick you up/wait for you to close up the store and all your coworkers are super casual about it. how you two met and ended up dating??? i have no ideas but i’m sure you’ll make this great haha!! you’re very much appreciated *bear hugs ya*

2. @koppolove:  could u write something about sebastian aho? something cute, he is a little shy, but very out-going type when u get to know him :)

*Love you both! Thank you so sooo much! I decided to put these two requests together since you requested at the same time and I guess it suits Sebastian Aho? I hope you like this. I love me some Finn.

Word count: 830

Originally posted by nhl-canes

The tap on the counter made you look up from the register. You grinned at the hockey player trying so hard to hoist a duffel bag on his shoulder, “ready?”

He smiled, “yeah, you?”

You raised one finger, “give me a minute.”

He nodded and plopped himself on the stool nearest you. You continued to balance the inventory for today as one of your workmates went over to him and handed Sebastian Aho a bottle of water.

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