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Sketchdump 3 of Samurai Dad. This one is dubbed the “Dress Up” dump. Ever since the 6th episode with Ashi’s new hairdo and outfit, I was inspired to make nature outfits for all the girls, as well as changing their hair. You will bet that Jack would immediately scrub the “Aku” goo off of the girls. BTW, he’s not mad at them, he’s mad that toddlers were dropped into bubbling goo. Then I got the urge to draw the girls with all their new hairdos and outfits when they’re older. Unfortunately I don’t know whose name is who. Please forgive me, I didn’t have time to assign the listed names, because they never did so.

Neon-Cat-Headphones & grungy green clothes: The main tech and gear head. Tinkerer, inventor. Not a super genius, but still the main tech-head.
Blue Coat with blue eyeshadow: She takes care of all the makeup and beauty needs. Also the experimental chemist who makes dangerous makeup bombs. Her handbag is filled with things from knockout gas & acid, to humble eyeliner & blush.
Chun Li with roller shoes: The tech-head sister made those shoes especially for her. Those shoes are heavier than they look. She likes her snacks & food. 
Pink Sakura Tessen/ first one Jack killed: She loves her books and soaking up knowledge like a sponge. She’s a living encyclopedia.
The Falconer: Nuff said. She loves nature and all of its creatures. Especially birds. Can do almost any bird call.
The rebel graffiti ninja: The artistic graffiti rebel with a cause. The stunts she pulls is baffling, and she’ll get help from her sisters. The people who painted that Soviet star as Patrick Star? She’ll do that s#!t and more.
Ashi, the ladybug warrior: We all know Ashi. But I’d say she’s really dedicated to martial arts and the bushido code studiously. Still loves ladybugs.

The final pic took way long. They’re preparing and gearing up for the final confrontation. And Jack now has his sword back (FINALLY!)

I don’t know if I’ll do another Samurai Jack-based stream next week. It’s pretty much likely that I might just do that. Probably will stop after the hype dies down and the end is near.

To all the viewers who stopped by, thank you so much for putting up with my dry and boring self haha.


One fight, one excited conversation, and one large order of takoyaki later do the characters finally properly introduce themselves. Because that’s what happens when you meet people, right? You do a bunch of other stuff before telling them your name? :/

How Kid!Reigen and Hobo!Mob Met: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Two Mitsunaru short strips

These are the last comics from the mitsunaru anthology I own. 

First story: Phoenix comforts Miles after an earthquake while leaving the detention center and share a kiss outsie Miles’ office afterwards. 

Second story: Hobo Phoenix wakes Miles up from a nap with soft kisses. Miles gropes his ass  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Slightly NSFW

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Utah..Utah sucks.

The weather here is as unpredictable as a..something clever. Too tired to be humorous.
ANYWAY, Utah can’t ever make up it’s damn mind through out the year. I swear it has not been this hot at this hour for many years. It’s 82° at 1 in the fucking morning.
Even being out in the breeze it’s too hot for night time.

What tumblr has taught me about the various FE Fates cast
  • Izana: Priest in the streets. Freak in the sheets
  • Ryouma: all you can eat lobster buffet. (Warning! May or may not be a Yandere. Proceed with caution.)
  • Saizou: big bara ninja tiddies
  • Rinkah: Is the bae. She can crush my skull between her muscles anytime.
  • Charlotte: do not trust. Is just in it for the money apparently.
  • Takumi: Untrustworthy Pineapple
  • Leon: everyone talking about Kamui's incestious habits but then Leon here takes it to a whole new level smh
  • Camilla: is the walking definition of a Yandere. Is also terrifying.
  • Elise & Sakura: precious cinnamon rolls to pure for this world
  • Odin: Puberty hit him LIKE A TRAIN. HOT DAMN
  • Selena: is nicer now. So that's a plus.
  • Lazwald: who the fuck thought your name was a good idea
  • Asugi: My husband is now my son. SMH
  • Caeldori: literally just Cordelia.
  • Zero: Sinnamon Roll.
  • Flannel & Nishiki: well shit. Looks like I'm a furry now.
  • Aqua: the only actual incest relationship. Shit.
  • Xander: Too hot. Hot damn. Make a dragon wanna retire man.
  • Kanna: my sweet child. Can do no wrong. Precious <3 <3 <3
  • Joker: If your names not Kamui then he could give not give a fuck.
  • Flora: 🎶And she fell into a burning ring of fire🎶
  • Ashura: Hot skunk hobo
  • Benny: Big teddy bear
  • Gunther: Grandpa. Is probably a better dad than Garon
  • Mikoto: MAMA NO
  • Garon: DAD STOP
  • Rhajat: Hello Tharja. Your not fooling anybody

i’m sorry it’s just

hilarious to me that people find hobo phoenix hot????? like…….i don’t know what yall see but i see a scruffy depressed man in a ratty sweatshirt and sweatpants who isn’t eating properly or healthily, has unkempt stubble, and probably hasn’t showered god i WISH that was hot because that’s me except for the stubble

modelshadow  asked:

Would you rather give a hobo a blowjob or give a tiger a blowjob?

Well at least the hobo would be the same species, and you didn’t say that the hobo want hot or that we couldn’t give them a shower.